bpcl to start work on rs.5,000-crore project - super absorbent polymer manufacturers in the world

by:Demi     2019-08-31
bpcl to start work on rs.5,000-crore project  -  super absorbent polymer manufacturers in the world
Oil refinery of Bharat Petroleum Company (BPCL)
All of this will start working on the petrochemical complex in Kochi and all green permits are in place and make sure Rs. 4,000-
National Bank of India's crore loan commitment.
"We have all the permissions of the Ministry of Environment and other regulatory agencies for Rs. 5,000-
Crore petrochemical complex in Kochi.
We hope to resume work and complete work on schedule on 2018, "S. , chairman and general manager of BPCL.
Said Varadarajan.
The chairman also said that the Kochi petchem project was part of the Rs.
Lakh crore plans to spend capital over the next five years, including Rs.
The increase in refining capacity alone will cost Rs 40,000.
Chief Financial Officer P.
Balasubramanian told PTI that the company has obtained Rs. 4,000-
The National Bank of India has promised a crore loan for the project.
"We will withdraw the money when we start working," he said . " He added that although the loan is not strictly linked to the project. The Rs. 5,000-
As part of the Rs, the crore Kochi petrochemiclas project was announced on December 2011. 20,000-
Expansion of the Kochi Refinery will help the country end its dependence on imports of specialty propylene derivatives
The company claims that basic products such as acrylic and acrylic used in plastics, paints, coatings, adhesives, inks and textiles.
However, due to the South Korean chemical giant LG Chem's withdrawal from the joint venture in August 2013 and large-scale investment on the grounds of an unfavorable international environment, the project suffered a lot of setbacks.
BPCL and LG Chem signed an agreement in July 2012 to establish an SAP specialty chemicals plant in Kochi.
After that, BPCL tried to completely acquire key technologies for the production of specialty propylene derivatives and SAP, but in vain (
High Water Absorption Polymer
Because only five companies in the world own the technology.
The third-largest oil marketers and refiners said they are still in talks with all participants in the hope of completing the joint venture agreement as soon as possible, and adding delays in this regard will not affect the overall work of the project.
The upcoming petchem facility, adjacent to the Kochi Refinery, will produce 0. 25 billion tons of professional propylene derivatives products, which are now fully imported, once completed.
The Petchem project is part of over Rs. 20,000-
Crore expansion BPCL is working to upgrade its refining capacity from 9 to 9.
5 million tons to 15 tons.
5 million tons.
This expansion alone will cost Rs. 16,500 crore.
Kochi Refinery currently produces petrochemical raw materials such as benzene, toluene and propylene. Post-
Expansion and technology upgrade, it will be able to handle Europe-
Gasoline and diesel.
There are currently four refineries in BPCL
In Mumbai, Kochi, Bina, and numalgarh in Assam, the central state.
Last week, BPCL announced its investment in Rs, expanding its refining capacity from 50 million tons to 30 million tons.
As part of its planned Rs, it will reach Rs 40,000 over the next five years.
1 lakh crore capital expenditure under Sankalp project.
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