bp ups gulf oil spill costs again - oil spill containment

by:Demi     2019-09-13
bp ups gulf oil spill costs again  -  oil spill containment
BP, the British energy giant, spent $11.
In response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, when new boss Bob Dudley started his first day, the company said today.
The cost of the response is about $11.
BP said that 2 billion, including the cost of leakage response, containment, relief drilling, static wells and cement, grants to Gulf states, claims paid and federal fees.
The cost is $9.
Updated 5 billion last month
The company expects the leak to eventually cost $32. 2 billion.
BP said it would pledge some of its assets to the Gulf of Mexico as collateral for a $20 billion compensation fund for residents affected by the oil spill.
The news came on the first official day of Dudley's role as chief executive of the group's central London headquarters.
The oil spill is the worst environmental disaster in the United States, causing a major blow to BP, forcing former boss Tony Hayward to resign, who was attacked by the media for dealing with the clumsiness of the oil spill.
Dudley, who was previously in charge of Bay cleaning-
Earlier this week, up operations announced a series of measures aimed at improving security and restoring the company's damaged reputation.
On Wednesday, he announced a major
A strong new security department was created and the structure of the group was overhauled.
BP will also assess how it motivates employees to strive to improve safety and risk management and will review how it manages third
Dudley told British media yesterday that after cutting dividends after the disaster, the company may resume shareholder dividends early next year.
BP, under great pressure from the US government, canceled its dividend in June in search of billions of dollars in clean energy.
Cost and compensation.
The oil disaster was triggered by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig.
Leased by BP and operated by Transocean Energy-
11 workers were killed in April 20.
The broken well was eventually blocked but not until about 4.
9 million barrels of oil were injected into Gulf waters.
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