bp's shocking, spurious action "plan" - oil spill containment

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bp\'s shocking, spurious action \
Professor Peter Lutz, as a national wildlife expert, was included in the BP 2009 response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
He passed away on 2005.
Under the heading "sensitive biological resources", the program lists marine mammals including walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals.
No one lives near the bay.
The names and phone numbers of marine biology experts at Texas A & M University are wrong.
The same is true for the number of Marine Mammal Stranding Network offices in Luis Anna and Florida, which no longer serve. BP PLC's 582-
Regional leakage plan in the Gulf region and its 52-page, site-
According to an analysis by The Associated Press, the specific plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig is filled with omissions and obvious errors, which details how BP officials make up for it as they move forward.
Before BP drilled its illness, the federal government approved a lengthy plan last year.
It is destined to greatly underestimate the dangers posed by uncontrolled leaks and greatly exaggerate the company's readiness to deal with them.
British oil exploration and production Corporation
Having the ability to respond to worst-case emissions or significant threats to such emissions from activities proposed in our exploration plans, to the extent that it is most feasible, "The oil giant said in its Deepwater Horizon plan.
In the leak scenario detailed in the document, fish, marine mammals and birds escaped serious damage;
The beach is pristine;
Water quality is only a temporary problem.
These are predictions of leakage, about 10 times worse than the calculation results of the disaster that is occurring.
President of prakming parish, Los Angeles, Billy Nager
Says there are "3,000 acres (of wetlands)
The life we know is dead, and we lose precious swamps every day.
"There are other very wrong assumptions.
The calculation method of leakage volume based on oil gloss darkness proposed by BP is out of date.
The international accepted formula is estimated to be 100 times higher.
The Gulf circulation is expected to help eventually deliver hundreds of miles of oil on the southern tip of Florida and off the Atlantic coast, neither of which is mentioned.
Sites listed for ocean leak response company--
One of the two companies BP relies on to clean up the leak. -
A link to a Japanese who has closed downlanguage page.
At the beginning of May, at least 80 Lewis Anna state prisoners were trained to clean birds by listening to speeches and watching videos.
This is a labor force that has never been conceived in the plan, and there is no detailed reference to how birds are washed with oil.
While BP officials and the federal government insist that they have attacked the issue as if it were a bigger leak, it is not obvious from the changing nature of the response.
This week, after BP reported on the seemingly good news that the helmet installed on the wellhead delivered some of the gushing crude oil to tankers on the water supply surface, BP launched a brand new plan, the main purpose is to get more oil.
The latest incarnation requires the construction of a larger lid, the use of a special incinerator to burn some recycled oil, and the introduction of a floating platform to handle the oil sucked from the gushing oil well
In other words, on-the-
Continue the flight plan. ------
Some examples of BP plan failure :--
The beach where oil is washed within a few weeks of the oil spill should be safe, as BP promises that it can bring enough ships together to collect all the oil before any deep water spill reaches the coast--
It seems ridiculous to recall.
"The vessels concerned maintain the necessary leak containment and recycling equipment to respond effectively," one of the documents said . ".
BP claims that a combined reaction can remove 20 million gallons of oil from water, oil absorption or otherwise every day.
But that's how much it leaked in the past six weeks. -
According to Hans Grabel, director of satellite sensing facilities at the University of Miami, the oil slick now covers about 3,300 square miles.
Only managed to skim a small part of the leak.
Also, the undetermined part of the leak has sunk to the bottom of the bay or is suspended somewhere between the two.
The plan uses computer modeling to predict that within one month of the oil spill, the likelihood of oil reaching the coast of the state of Luis Anna is 21%.
In fact, just nine days after the April 20 explosion, a flash of oil reached the Mississippi Delta.
Followed by a heavy globe.
Within weeks of the explosion, other areas where oil was washed away were described in BP's regional plan as safe from any oil hazard. --
BP website plan for birds, turtles or endangered marine mammals (
"No adverse effects ")
It turned out to be too optimistic.
While the exact number of deaths from Bay wildlife may never be known, the impact is clearly devastating.
More than 400 oily birds have been treated, while dozens of birds have been found dead and covered with crude oil, mainly in the state of Luis Anna, as well as Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.
On the far island full of birds, an obvious oil flavor tarnishes pelicans, seagulls, gulls and herons, as described in the AP Photo
The impact of the leak is distressing.
Such a scene is no longer unusual;
The response plan did not anticipate such a scale.
A dead turtle was wrapped in red in baratari, Luiz Anna.
The Dragonfly buzzed and the brown oil spread.
More than 200 lifeless turtles and several dolphins were also washed ashore.
There are countless fish.
Since this place is far from the coast, there should be no problem with the coastline.
"Because of the distance from the coast (48 miles)
"The responsiveness that will be implemented is not expected to have a significant adverse impact," the site plan said . ".
But this distance does not protect valuable resources.
Last week, a group of environmental research center scientists released a computer model that showed oil could travel in ocean currents around Florida and North Carolina before summer. --
Perhaps the most obvious example of the failure of BP's plan: The company insists that the scale of the leak is not important because it has been reacting to the worst --
Case scenarios have always been.
However, with the estimated size of the leak per day increasing from 42,000 gallons to 210,000 gallons to 1 gallon.
BP was forced to emergency 8 million gallons-
Create potential solutions in flight, add more ships, more prosperity, more oil-skimming, more workers.
Containment dome, top kill, top hat. ------
While a devastating disaster like a major oil spill can cause problems that cannot be solved or even foreseen in advance, BP's plan does not even anticipate the most obvious problems, solving problems that have proved overwhelming in a large number of languages.
In response to a lengthy list of questions from The Associated Press, BP and Interior Ministry officials responsible for the oil drilling regulator's Mineral Management services, it appears that there is a problem with the two oil spill response plans.
"Many of the questions you raised are exactly the ones that the presidential commission will review and answer, as well as other investigations into the BP oil spill," Kendra Barkoff said . ", Spokeswoman for Interior Minister Ken Salazar
She added that Salazar has made a transformation reform of MMS.
Daren Beaudo, a spokesman for BP from Robert, Los Angeles, said.
: "We expect that as part of the overall incident investigation, a comprehensive review of the regional response plan and planning process will be conducted so that we can identify which work is going well and which needs to be improved.
So far, we have implemented the biggest oil spill response in history, many of which are effective.
However, we are very disappointed that oil has landed and affected the coastline and swamps.
The situation we are dealing with is clearly complex and unprecedented and will provide us with many things to learn from.
"A key failure in the plan to clean up the terms is the scarcity of prosperity ---
Floating lines of plastic or absorbing materials placed around sensitive areas to transfer oil.
From the beginning, local officials along the Gulf of Mexico complained about the lack of supply, especially the heavier ones.
Called prosperity of the ocean
But even BP said in its regional plan that prosperity was ineffective in waters over three to 4 feet kilometers;
The waves in the Bay are usually larger.
Even in calm waters, oil has flooded important wildlife breeding grounds isolated by multiple levels of prosperity.
BP plans to provide comprehensive resources for all;
There is no need to share the topic.
Still, the state of Alabama
Bob Riley said that when oil threatened to land there, the Coast Guard decided to move the boom to the state of Luis Anna, which made his coast vulnerable.
Meanwhile, in prakming parish in the state of Luis Anna, Nungesser and others complain that the prosperity of the miles in the water is not properly anchored now.
AP reporter saw evidence that he was right. -
Some of the boom lines were broken, and they hardly prevented the oil from advancing towards the coast. Some out-of-
State contractors who do not know the local waters ensure that it does not work properly where tides and water flow cause prosperity.
However, the breakdown of the organization hindered efforts to use local vessels. In Venice, La.
Near the flow of the Mississippi River into the bay, a large group of charter captains are thought to be sitting on the dock all day, earning $2,000 a day, but never attacking oil.
But perhaps the most obvious mistake in BP's plan involves Professor Lutz, who is one of the dozens of experts recommended as a resource in the oil spill.
Lutz is listed as go-
Wildlife experts at the University of Miami
But famous turtle expert Lutz left Miami nearly 20 years ago as chairman of the department of marine biology at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.
Four years before the plan was announced, he died. ------
AP writer Brian skolov is on Grand Island, Los Angeles. , Harry R.
Webb in Houston and Jason brownness in New Orleans contributed to the report.
According to New Orleans, it is lush.
Pritchard reports in Los Angeles.
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