bp gulf oil spill: local politicians plead for help - oil containment boom

by:Demi     2019-09-13
bp gulf oil spill: local politicians plead for help  -  oil containment boom
In the Jefferson Parish of Luis Anna, fishermen are now fishing and laying containment facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, not only desperately trying to save their work, but also desperately saving their way of life.
"I didn't see BP doing anything new, I didn't see him protecting our fishermen, and I didn't see him protecting our homes," said a local politician . ".
Fear spreads as wide and deep as ever
In the 43 days of BP's oil spill, it was getting smoother and smoother.
People are very concerned about the health of the coastline and the people along the Gulf Coast.
Chris Como of ABC News spent the day with Jean Lafitte of Luis Anna state, and Mayor Tim Kner saw what he called the thin line of prosperity, this is the only line of defense for the people of his community and vulnerable swamps that produce 30% of the country's shellfish consumption.
Shellfish is the economic lifeblood of this community.
Under the water is not visible.
The water looks clean, but the grass in the swamp is oily. soaked booms.
Many people along the Gulf Coast are scared and frustrated.
Kerner said his community and others in the Gulf region did not see the sense of urgency of BP that they wanted to see.
"I don't think anyone is aware of how many swamps we have here," Kerner said . ".
People on the Gulf Coast are not alone.
Today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that a criminal investigation into the oil spill has been conducted for several weeks.
Holders will not say which companies or individuals are targeted when investigating the biggest oil spill in the United StatesS. history.
Many in the region are frustrated that undeployed BoomPart is due to a 2 million-foot undeployed boom in 17 staging sites around the bay.
Boom is the sailing term for changing the direction of the sail.
In the waters of the bay, the boom is used to encircle the sludge until it can be removed from the water.
The best estimates suggest that only a third oil slick can be controlled by prosperity.
Back ashore, ABC News called BP, the company responsible for the oil spill, and soon Kerner sat down with BP personnel who had previously rejected his request for more prosperity.
He made progress this time.
"Today they really will, and we will submit the map in Homer later today," Kerner said . ".
"Should be approved within 24 hours.
"The mayor also said BP will start a hazmat class that will provide 40 hours of safety training for cleaning workers.
In addition, he said, BP vowed to send a slag skimming machine to restore prosperity.
"Today is a positive day, a good day," Kerner said . ".
The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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