bp clean up underway for fuel leak at port newark - fuel absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-09-03
bp clean up underway for fuel leak at port newark  -  fuel absorbent pads
It is reported that this summer, jpgA fuel found thousands of gallons of leaked diesel at a BP plant in Newark port. ((Star-
Photos of Ledger documents))NEWARK —
Staff at BP's Newark port facility are cleaning up diesel leaks
Some of them may have entered Newark Bay.
According to officials from the company and the National Environmental Protection Department, since July. The U. S.
The Coast Guard investigated several reports of fuel gloss found in the Newark port Strait and determined that rain discharge on properties owned by the Port Authority and leased by BP may be the cause, charles Rowe, a public affairs official in New York, said.
Investigators found that the fuel entered the drain from the saturated soil and traced the leak back to 6 10-
BP spokesman Scott Dean said the company is used to deliver diesel-inch pipes at the facility.
DEP spokesman Larry Hania said about 7,500 gallons of fuel had been recovered from the facility, which had been cleaned up for several weeks.
It is not clear how much fuel is coming into the water.
"Emissions have stopped, but investigations and remediation continue," Hajna said . ".
According to Dean, the staff deactivated the leaking pipe and dug a trench between the pipe and the edge of the water to intercept more fuel.
In order to prevent fuel from entering the rainwater pipeline, a recovery well was installed and an absorption pad was placed in the drainage pool, he said.
The boom still exists to capture any fuel that eventually enters the channel, and no additional losses have been reported in recent weeks, Rowe said.
He said the Coast Guard classified the incident as a minor incident because the recovered fuel was less than 10,000 gallons.
But Jeff tittle, head of the Sierra Club in New Jersey, said that because the leak may have been going on for weeks or months before testing, it will take time to determine the damage caused.
"Remember, a quart of oil will pollute millions of gallons of water," he said . "
Debbie manes, director of the Baykeeper environmental group in New York/New Jersey, said the leak was "too common" in New York and New Jersey ports ".
In addition, "it is not possible to completely recycle all oil or fuel unless immediately discovered and cleaned up," she said . ".
Hajna said the leak of this size occurs once or twice a year in New Jersey and the leak area is highly industrialized.
The ecological impact appears to be "minimal", he said, but after the initial emergency phase, BP will be required to conduct a formal environmental assessment.
"They solved the source of emissions a few weeks ago, so there's nothing new on the ground," Hajna said . ".
"But you do have pollution in your soil, which needs to be solved.
"The emergency response bureau is monitoring the clean-up work," said Hajna.
He said it was "too early" to determine whether the company would be punished by any country ".
"We focus on remediation and cleaning --
He said, "come up first. S. P.
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Correction: Earlier versions of the story incorrectly state how often a DEP spokesperson estimates a fuel leak in New Jersey.
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