bp begins 'top kill' action on gulf oil spill - oil spill containment

by:Demi     2019-09-13
bp begins \'top kill\' action on gulf oil spill  -  oil spill containment
BP launched a deep sea operation this evening to stop oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.
However, President Barack Obama has warned that there is no guarantee that the move will work.
BP is under tremendous pressure from Obama to end five quicklyweek-
Old leaks that threaten environmental disasters.
Submarine robots are used to deliver heavy fluids and cement for about a mile (1. 6km)to the sea-bed well. The so-
Never tried the so-called "top kill" program in this depth.
Obama said that if successful, BP's plan to close the wells would significantly reduce or eliminate the flow of thousands of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico.
We won't rest until this well is closed, the environment is repaired and cleaned up, he said.
Tony Hayward, BP's chief executive, said it would take a day or two to determine whether the top kill process is working.
The oil spill threatens some of America's richest fisheries and has destroyed more than 100 km of the 644 km-kilometer coastline of the state of Luis Anna.
Oil has been leaking since the Deepwater Horizon rig sank last month after an explosion killed 11 people.
S. Coast Guard approved the killing operation after U. S. government scientists said it was safe ".
At the same time
Part of the Alaska pipeline owned by BP, the British energy group, was shut down by workers cleaning up oil leaks flowing into the safe area.
According to Alyeska Pipeline Service, which manages the facility, the leak estimated to be "several thousand barrels" occurred during the testing of the fire command system at the gas station.
He said that there were no casualties. At present, the pipeline has been closed and the accident management team has also started to manage the situation.
Alyeska is owned by a consortium of oil companies including BP, which owns 800 miles.
Alaska's daily oil production is about 10% of America's daily oil production.
BP is at the center of a catastrophic Deepwater Horizon leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
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