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by:Demi     2019-09-08
born in the u.s.a.  -  oxygen absorber
New products can show real creative talents at work.
If you think of how difficult it is to create a truly new product, you can start to appreciate those who are creative.
In the past year, I have talked to all kinds of American friends. S.
Entrepreneurs with products or services that I think are creative and unique.
Here's a brief introduction to several of these asnapshot.
Cleveland, Ohio (Arabica coffee and tea)216)579-
More than 1030 of these
Location cafe offers a unique, refreshing approach to the coffee industry--they have fun.
The quality of coffee, freshly baked pastries, sandwiches and ice cream is excellent, but what is truly unique is their creative menu.
David Ritchie, president of Arabica Cafe
There is always a slightly different approach to his mixed coffee and his coffee drinks.
For example, the red eye is a popular drink on the menu, with a Espresso in any delicious toffee.
"Their gift basket has the name of wicker burrito and the best of the day and night.
If you are in the Cleveland area, it will take a lot of time to stop in time.
JAVA Jacket in Portland, Oregon (503)497-
4501 when you think of all the ways to have a cup of coffee, a new product is introduced.
The Java Jacket, named the best new product launched at Seattle's 1993 coffee shop, packs a cup of coffee to prevent burns to consumers' hands.
According to the company information, it is "cheaper and more effective than double cupping and is made by the rear
The jacket is recommended by consumers for 8 to 20 ounces of cups.
Eliminate double
There are white or natural roll-edge dribble, as well as printing.
New York, New York, Linda's lollipops (212)447-
6740 is right-
Handmade lollipops for adults.
What makes this product unique is a variety of flavors, including lollipops for coffee.
Flavors include risotto, Irish cream, and German chocolate. . . .
This list is endless and I can imagine anyone of them being a blender for a cup of coffee or cappuccino.
Washington, Seattle (206)762-
1222 An original latte is a Espresso shirt packed in a coffee bag.
Company jersey, long sleeve T-shirt
There are shirts and aprons of various coffee-related designs. With so many T-
Outside the shirt company, it's great to see a company that can come up with a new twistfor for an old favorite. GREGORY K.
Seattle, Washington (photographer Clark206)328-
3499 if you have been in the coffee industry for a long time, you will see the work of Gregory Clark.
It is beautiful, precise and artistic.
He has a range of works suitable for burning and can decorate the home of any coffee shop, business or any devotees.
Image Design of Washington Tacoma206)572-
6784 any booth set up by this company is my favorite spot at the trade show.
Rosa Linda Ramos and Dean Hanmer made beautiful and unique coffee jewelry in silver and gold, the first company I have ever seen specializing in coffee jewelry.
Their wearable art works are visible from the coast to the coast and can be instantly identified.
I have a pair of their coffee earrings that I wear a lot and intend to add as many pieces as I can to my coffee jewelry collection.
This old bus from Bellingham, Washington206)738-
2294 would like to see a truly unique Gary Baker use the "selected vintageLondon double-decker bus to make the most unique and versatile espresso car ever made in the world.
"The upper deck seat 20 plus and the lower deck are designed for high-speed, high-capacity espresso service.
Although I didn't see the real bus, the picture was fantastic.
Shopping carts like this will have an impact in any one community.
Tacompkins, Washington (206)627-
8161 would you like your thermostat to advertise more than the name of the thermostat manufacturer?
There is an answer for PumpSkins.
They sell wrapping paper for your thermos, what you want to print on it, and the coffee spill slides right away.
You can coordinate the color of the store directly to the color of the thermos.
Coffee Express
Kitley, Maine (207)439-
5699 would you like a mobile coffee and espresso?
This one is mounted on a full size pickup truck and you can move.
Everything you need to make coffee and espresso has been loaded into this unit and aesthetics has not been ignored.
In addition to the equipment, the equipment has a beautiful wooden finish, nothing more attractive than this.
This company is worth a try if you are interested in mobile catering.
Kerriol Products Co. , Ltd.
New Iberia, the state of Luis Anna (318)229-
8464 this is the best coffee in the state of Luis Anna.
It has andno chicory in a beautiful colored bag.
Joelwaltham, the owner of Cajun Creole coffee, developed a coffee with an irresistible unique influence.
It will expand the menu and pack for a variety of gift baskets.
Victor Allen Coffee & Tea Co. , Ltd.
Madison, Wisconsin608)274-
4666 I found this coffee company at a trade show.
Aughtmy is interested in sealing the 16-oz. bag of coffee.
The packaging of coffee is bright and attractive.
Safety valves and tin-
There are colorful designs on the package, but that small package caught my interest.
When I was asked about this, I was told that Victor Allen was the only company to take this extra step to make sure it was fresh.
You have to admire them. . .
Find a way to go beyond the freshness of the valve bag.
Washington, Seattle (206)623-
2490 Fergy works in the food industry
In recent years, he has provided consulting services in services, espresso bars, trolleys, etc, and managed his own retail business.
He realized that the shopping cart phenomenon will surpass Seattle, and people need help in the shopping cart business.
He is one of the first people in the Seattle area to specialize in espresso business consulting.
Mariposa coffee Co. , Ltd.
California, malposa (209)742-
The 7339 mountain cap is a mixture of Gourmet drinks in the form of powder.
It blends the flavor of mocha coffee and cappuccino, both in retail and in commercial bulk packaging, and can be mixed evenly with cooked coffee, milk, water and/cream.
Gerry Caputo is the owner of the Mariposa coffee company and the owner and designer of this drink.
He sent me a sample of this mixture a few months ago.
When I tried, I just scooped a small portion in a cup of black coffee and had a drink.
It is smooth and has a unique Mocha taste, not sweet, I like two cups very much.
The beverage mix contains a blended coffee that Garry baked using high altitude technology, which does not allow coffee to come into contact with the air to maintain its full flavor.
What I can say is that it has a unique and wonderful taste.
Washington, Seattle (zio ricco)206)467-
8616 Zio Ricco is a cafe in the heart of Seattle, where you can be transported to other times and places. No . . . really!
You walk through the streets of the city and suddenly discover warm leather furniture, pastel Woods, Italian marble, classical music, pastel colors and original art.
There is no noise in this beautiful oasis and relax quietly.
The coffee was great, the menu was varied, but mainly, it was the most beautiful cafe I 've seen in a long time.
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