big brother will be watching with greater efficiency - best water absorbing material

by:Demi     2019-09-02
big brother will be watching with greater efficiency  -  best water absorbing material
New Zealanders are likely to be bound by their families.
Make laws to ensure that the property generates its own energy and recycles its own water within 20 years.
Robyn Gunston, a futurist, said that while there are no rules and regulations, in 20 years he expects that the main foundation of the building is to minimize the financial and environmental costs of two things --
Energy and water.
At that time, Mr Gunston felt that, due to the need to reduce carbon use, as a natural follow-up to the emissions trading scheme, builders would have to comply with the legislation.
"At the moment, it's all optional, but I'm sure you won't be able to build a house in 20 years unless it's entirely energy --efficient.
It will take so long because there will be a big debate.
"At the annual CEATEC Expo, the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Tokyo was held in October
The famous brands show their future plans and attach great importance to the research and creation of ecological environment.
Friendly appliances.
Homes that detect your room and adjust lighting and heating accordingly are expected to become normal within 15 years.
Gunston said he did not expect New Zealand to lag far behind.
"As Kiwis, we are a huge consumer of two [
Energy and Water
Compared to many other places in the world.
"So we will have things like walls to absorb the sun and then return the heat to the house," he said . ".
"You won't add solar panels to the roof.
Basically, it will be solar when you want to put the roof material on --
The absorbing material that is then used to heat the water.
"I believe that every house will completely net all the waste as much as possible.
"I don't know if we're going to compost the toilet, but it's possible. . .
I think we're going to get a big trend of fully recycling and purifying all of our ash water so that every family puts it in the garden sprinkler system.
So we have a lot of energy. Efficient House.
"As exporters, we will also connect all our housesso]
If because you have a house that is very energy efficient, so you generate more energy from your house than you consume, it goes into the grid and you get credit for it.
"Mr. Gunston believes that it will be a common occurrence to use the internet or mobile phones to monitor home safety, air conditioning and lighting in 10 years --
All of this is connected to a central control panel that tells users how much energy their home consumes and which appliances are used.
Robot aid is also more likely to be health-related as the population ages.
Robot-based robots are being developed to enable older people to stay at home longer by helping them get in and out of bed and around the house, carrying heavy objects and reminding them to take medicine.
Mr. Gunston says there will be more prisoners at home. Based on detention.
"We will see more attention to your equipment and more equipment that basically provides you with education --
Call what you want [do]
"As part of your sentence plan," he said . ".
He said there will be more big brother elements in twenty years.
"The government will know more about you.
"The moment you put all these metering devices and stuff at home, you're connected to a great central computer, this computer will know all your power consumption your gasoline consumption the more we use the Internet to deliver this information, the more people can see what you are doing.
"This is the inevitable result of the future.
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