beauty tips and tricks from miss universe 2017 - water absorbing gel

by:Demi     2019-08-28
beauty tips and tricks from miss universe 2017  -  water absorbing gel
MANILA, Philippines-
It could also be a holiday in the Philippine capital, where beauty contests are considered a national sport.
When the official announcement is that this year's Miss Universe competition will be held in the country, the beauty pageant is something anyone can talk about on Earth's side.
There are still a few hours before Miss Universe's 2017 live broadcast, and soon a new queen will be crowned.
The preliminaries are over and at this point this is anyone's game.
When contestants are beautified by the team of makeup experts for MAC Cosmetics, there will be tension, excitement and anticipation in the background.
Resident Artist coach Jaycee Matias reveals how contestants prepare for the competition.
She also shared tips and expert tips for creating a Crown worthy face. PREP THE SKIN.
"Make sure the skin is moisturized and moisturized.
You can start with oil.
Free Moisturizing Lotion and oil absorption primer.
We instantly enhance hydration using the mineralised charged water glue, and then use the Prep Prime skin to eliminate skin tone while creating brilliance.
Hypnotized eyes.
"In applying eye shadow to keep the tone looking fresh and vibrant for a few hours, we always consider the shape of the eye, and we use the Prep Prime 24 eye Bas.
This will prevent color pigments from fading or wrinkle. ”PUCKER UP.
"Most candidates are made up of strong eyes.
That's why we need to balance this with a pink Brown, nude or neutral lip color.
The shades we love to use for Miss Universe include Mehr, Cosmo, Velvet Teddy, a little sexy, Tan, wig, and please me.
"Before applying lipstick, we first moisturize with MAC lip balm and then smooth the surface with Prep Prime lip balm.
To emphasize the shape of the lips, we use the lip pen under similar shadows.
Outline and highlights.
"Contour and create highlights balance the proportion of the face.
Depending on the shape of the face, you can create shadows and peaks.
The peak is the part of the face you want to highlight, such as the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, the chin and the forehead.
To do this, you use powder that is lighter than natural skin tone.
You will want to create a profile along the chin and under the cheekbones.
This means using a darker powder.
The finish of your powder is also important.
Matte and satin finishes are ideal for shaping the profile, while rainbow finish is ideal for creating highlights.
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