b.c. fish farm fuel spill still spreading, and there's no way to clean it up: fisheries - super absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-08-27
b.c. fish farm fuel spill still spreading, and there\'s no way to clean it up: fisheries  -  super absorbent pads
The federal Fisheries Department said that a fuel leak at a fish farm in northern Vancouver Island was smaller than originally thought, but the brightly colored luster continued to spread and could not be cleaned up.
Canadian Coast Guard spokesman Michel Reina said in a statement that Canadian Coast Guard staff were still on site on Monday and that more equipment was heading to Echo Bay.
The department initially estimated the leak to be 900 to 1,000 liters, while Cermaq, Canada, said the leak could be as high as 1,500 liters.
The staff of the port Hadi coast guard 70 kilometres away arrived at the scene on Sunday morning, and in the afternoon the contractor of Cermaq in Canada, Western Canada Marine reaction, joined them.
She said they surrounded the site with a fence and used a water suction pad to recycle most of the fuel inside the fish farm fence.
However, a colorful glow continues to spread outside the farm.
"There are some reports of rainbow shine outside the farm grounds; on-
The site reaction staff have determined that this gloss is not
It can be restored, "said Rainer.
She said priority protection is under way in sensitive coastal areas.
But in response to First Nations concerns about fuel contamination of shellfish, she said many areas were shut down before the leak due to biotoxin concerns.
Although Cermaq, Canada, earlier claimed that it was under control, the spread of this luster prompted a first-nation leader to question the responsiveness and readiness.
Nearby kwikwasat 'inuxw haxwa' mis First Nation elected chief MP Bob Chamberlin said he was told in a conference call with the respondents on Monday morning
Radius km
Chamberlin said he is concerned that diesel will reach some of the 50 beaches in the Burdwood islands, which are critical to the local clam fishery --
Cultural, economic and food sources. Clam-
Digging is a major source of income for the community and a staple food, especially when wild salmon are not in the area, he said.
The first country deployed its own ships and a helicopter to monitor the oil spill, about 45 kilometers east of the port of MacNeil on the Broughton Islands.
"I looked at the archives of some of us who have been monitoring the situation there and the report I got was very frustrating in terms of the company's response.
They don't have all the necessary equipment to control it, and the government admits 150-
There is no rice part of the boom to hold oil.
So this is a huge and important window for oil to enter the environment, "Chamberlin said.
Chamberlin also said that this shows that there is no "world in the province-
Prime Minister Christie Clark promised a "class" leak response.
After the incident was reported, it took 10 to 12 hours for provincial authorities to arrive and additional containment and cleaning was carried out
Well, he said.
"It's a pretty big window for a region with a lot of tides.
We were lucky that there was not much wind in the area yesterday.
But even if there is no wind, it is a very huge oil slick from the fish farm, "he said.
Independent biologist Alexandra Morton says because of teen pink and chum salmon --
Eating insects from the surface
It will pass through the area soon.
"We were very lucky that this didn't happen in a few weeks when all the underage salmon had just come out of the river in that area of the Burdwood islands," she said . ".
Morton, who in the campaign called for attention to the spread of viruses from fish farms to wild populations, said weather conditions indicate the relationship between open and open
Net Pen fish farm and its marine environment.
In the case of almost no wind, the distance of diesel transmission is very long, largely caused by water flow.
Morton said the same could happen with the spread of viruses, sea lice and other bacteria from fish farms to wild populations.
On Sunday, Cermaq issued a statement saying staff at the fish farm had introduced absorption pads to absorb fuel, most of which were contained in the fish enclosure.
The fish showed "normal behavior", the company said ".
A statement from the federal Department of Fisheries said the Coast Guard received a report on biology Sunday morning
At the salmon breeding base, diesel oil spills from the fuel tank.
It says diesel oil spills into the water when the fuel pump is placed overnight.
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