arthur kill oil spill: diesel cleanup continues, 'luckily' it's not crude - oil spill absorbent materials

by:Demi     2019-09-02
arthur kill oil spill: diesel cleanup continues, \'luckily\' it\'s not crude  -  oil spill absorbent materials
During the peak of super storm Sandy, a storm was raging and violent.
In some parts of the Bay of New York, the moon is rising at the same time, the sea has risen by 13 feet, which is unprecedented.
Thousands of gallons of diesel oil leaked into Arthur Kiir amid growing damage, a narrow waterway separating New Jersey from Staten Island.
The Coast Guard National Strike Force, which is overseeing the cleanup, reported that four tanks were damaged at a fuel facility in N. Sewaren. J.
Owned by Shell and Saudi oil refinery joint venture Motiva asiises LLC
According to the Coast Guard, two of the tanks appear to have released diesel, although it is not clear how much diesel the tank had spilled as of Thursday afternoon.
The initial report showed that about 350,000 gallons of refined petroleum products leaked into the water.
Before the storm, 336,000 gallons per tank.
The extent of the risk to public health of the leak is also unclear.
However, an environmental sanitation expert pointed out that diesel leakage is less worrying than crude oil leakage, which is the fuel leaked during Exxon Valdez and the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
James Shane, lecturer in Aquatic Chemistry at Harvard's School of Public Health, said: "Anytime you release a large number of potentially toxic compounds into the water, it's not a good thing . ".
"Fortunately for this mixture, it has some properties that dissipate faster than crude oil.
"Despite this, diesel contains dangerous chemicals that are highly toxic to marine organisms and plants, so quick cleaning is the key.
In addition to about 130 responders on site on Thursday, Larry Wagner, director of press at the New Jersey Ministry of Environmental Protection, said a truck of absorbing materials, five slag skimming vessels, and two separate barges, 18,000 feet of the hard boom was recruited to try to control and clean up lost fuel from Arthur Kiir and two local waterways, Smith Creek and Woodbridge creek.
So far, the crew has recovered about 39,000 gallons of oil and water mixture, Ragonese said.
They also recovered 30 birds coated with fuel.
"We are very happy with the response," he added . ".
"They are doing what they need to do.
"While there was no response on Thursday to a request to comment on preventive measures taken before Hurricane Sandy, Motiva's website suggested that preventive measures were a priority for the facility.
"Employees at all levels of shell and Motiva's operations, from offshore platforms and refineries to terminal and retail gas stations, are working to continuously improve preparations for the hurricane season," the website wrote . ".
"We are also working to anticipate new issues by continuously working on hurricane drills and simulations to test all emergency response and recovery systems.
"Motiva continues to conduct a thorough inspection and damage assessment of the oil terminal located on the path to Hurricane Sandy, and Shell spokesman Kayla Macke told Huffington Post in an email on Thursday.
Generally speaking, concerns about the health impact of diesel oil are usually related to its exhaust form-
Large trucks and buses make disgusting smoke.
"This is a highly volatile material, which means it prefers to be in the air, not in the water," explained Shine.
"So, he suggested that the diesel oil leaked in Arthur Kiir should evaporate into the air and be naturally dispersed and degraded in the environment, at a fairly fast rate.
In fact, as the Huffington Post reported earlier, there was a pungent stench in the air leaking from the scene on Wednesday night.
The Atlantic commandos conducted air monitoring of the community near Smith Creek, where staff were working to clear pockets with fuel.
The reading returned to normal.
Breathing in diesel steam is unhealthy, says Shine.
But he added that what bothers public health experts most is the continued presence of oil spills.
He said that the heavier components in the diesel oil may stick to the particles and be trapped in the mud around the overflow area, adding that some potential toxic particles may also enter the food chain, accumulate into higher concentrations in fish that people may eat.
But these threats are relatively small and short-lived.
Compared with long-term life
The long-term threat from the oil spill.
Concerns in the Gulf of Mexico continue today.
"It's apples and oranges," says Shine . "
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