area man's pop-culture references stop at 1988 - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
area man\'s pop-culture references stop at 1988  -  absorption of water
According to sources, Scott marchanne, a 37-year-old local resident, lives in a state of pop music.
Culture is stagnant, never mentioning movies, music or TV shows after 1988.
Rob petrokis, a 36-year-old friend, said: "It's strange . ".
"Whenever he quotes lines from his favorite movie --
Caddyshack, Wall Street, plane, train, car
It never showed up after 1988.
Always "I feel like speed is needed" or "greed is good" or "those are not pillows "!
I don't know which part of the human brain controls the absorption of pop.
But 1988 is clearly the year Scott was shut down.
"Marchand, a real
A real estate agent of a corderwell banker, graduated from Arizona State University in May 1988.
That fall, he married college lover Irene Wells and moved to Flagstaff, where he has been living in pop music.
Cultural consciousness since then.
According to Petrakis, marchanne's knowledge of current music is as limited as his knowledge of other media.
"Scott's favorite band is U2, and they have been together since we stayed together in the dorm," said peterlakis . ".
"Hey, I also like how they look in college: boy, Joshua Tree, October --
All the albums are great.
But strangely, even his favorite band, his familiarity declined after 1988.
I went through his CD collection and his most recent U2 album was [1988’s]Rattle And Hum.
You think he will have at least a baby, but I have never heard of him.
Marchand's isolation from all contemporary pop cultures is particularly confusing as he has 11-year-
An 8-year-old sonyear-
Both daughters are immersed in today's movies, video games and music.
"I want to steal a car: the Vice City of Christmas," said son Jordan . ".
"Instead, dad collected me some very old games like Pac --
Dude, juste, dig the better way he said.
Then he said, "Let's put that box in so I can teach you how to capture Pac-Man fever.
He doesn't even know the game is on the disc now. He’s so weird.
"Marchand is not exposed to the current pop culture.
On his way to work, he passed through billboards promoting the latest movies and albums.
Many of his real
Colleagues at the real estate company are in their twenties, and their desks are very close to his desk.
His children talk about their favorite TV shows at the table.
Anyway, it seems that he managed to avoid absorbing any media that was actually imposed on him.
"I'm not like keeping up with all the latest stuff," said wife Irene . ".
"I mean, I'm busy working and taking care of kids, but it's hard to wonder about new Matrix movies or American idols.
But for Scott, this is quite another story.
He will see 'n syn' on TV and call them a new kid in the block band.
It's like he subconsciously throws a switch after graduating from college, letting him ignore anything related to pop culture.
For him, Miss Church and Moonlight were the pinnacle of Western civilization.
When asked about his habit of limiting his citation to 1988 and a few years ago, Marchand admitted that he was ignorant. “Do I do that?
Asked Marchand.
"I think I never really noticed.
But even if I do, I don't think it's a big deal.
I mean, if that's what I like, that's what I like.
As I often say, don't worry, be happy.
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