are we really living in innovative times? - materials that absorb water

by:Demi     2019-08-22
are we really living in innovative times?  -  materials that absorb water
Fareed spoke to Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, Facebook's early investor, and author of "from zero to one" about whether we overestimate the level of innovation.
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You 've been writing for a while, and you actually think we may not be as innovative as everyone thinks.
Well, this is the two-track story about innovation in the past 30 or 40 years. we have made great innovations in the computer, the Internet, the mobile Internet, and the bit world.
In the fields of atoms, energy and food technology, biotechnology, medicine, space travel, supersonic aircraft, we have much less innovation. . . Right.
It's even a plane.
I mean, if you think about it, it takes about the same amount of time to fly from point A on Earth to point B as it did 50 years ago.
Yes, or with the low-tech airport security system that we have installed today, it may be slower.
So the concept of technology, technology, has been reduced.
In many cases today, the word technology means simple information technology.
I do think that if we expand this area again and see the acceleration of technological progress across all of these areas, it will be good for our world.
From the events of the past week, we need to focus on social innovation.
In terms of race or enlightened thought, we obviously did not make progress as I thought.
In terms of technology, Thiel is absolutely right.
We can download at hundreds of bits per second in a fraction of a million, and store tb on our table, however, in terms of transportation or better nutrition for our health, we don't do much for our bodies.
Dietary supplements are unregulated.
Travel is still dangerous and slow.
Most people in the world live in poverty.
Are we innovative? Correct. We can. But we don't.
We can make things within amazing tolerances, but generally not.
We build and buy garbage, build and buy more credit.
We humans have amazing abilities, but what we choose to make our children recognized is not who they are, but how big their handheld devices are.
Or press the number after the play station
You become a robot.
Now, it's not wrong to spend a little time from point A to Point B!
Everyone is in a hurry and they don't have time to enjoy or appreciate the surroundings!
Unless you stop for gang attacks between two points, as in your India.
When solar cells first appeared, they had about 8% of their power.
Enough for NASA to power planetary exploration.
However, now the Germans find that different materials absorb different wavelengths and the efficiency is soaring.
We are working hard, but the obstacles to the modern world are politics, culture and business.
There are a variety of stories about oil and energy acquisition technologies that make engines run better to prevent them from affecting the market.
I don't think this is progress.
Let's talk about the concept of transportation in India.
The traditional model is donkey cart.
Ideal flat case for Raiping.
Tie a few Hindus to the front and increase the power of the donkey, and you will have it.
No airborne vehicles are required.
Those are civilized people.
Enjoy the journey when you smell the rose.
What's urgent?
Flying is like having a donkey pull a Ferrari on this day, time is designed to kill each other.
Spy on each other.
We live in Orwell about 1984.
Even these forums were designed as hunting grounds such as the CIA.
There is no goal to improve human beings.
Speed of travel.
Yes, speed is the most important thing when it helps people achieve their goals.
The impact of technological progress is crucial to its application of democratic principles.
Just as we let Puerto Ricans decide their fate, Kashmir needs to hold a referendum under the supervision of the United Nations to let these people decide their future.
This is the full meaning of democracy.
So the only technology transfer India needs is how to hold a referendum in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
Russia's Putin spent a week holding a referendum in Crimea.
India has been unable to achieve this for 70 years. YES, 70 YEARS ! ! RUB YOUR EYES ! ! !
Therefore, India should import this technology from Russia as soon as possible, from point A to point B as soon as possible.
This is a good thing.
After arriving at the destination, we can smell the rose and enjoy it.
In Indian-occupied Kashmir, blood and genocide are everywhere.
As a Norwegian citizen born in Kashmir, I commend your tolerance in this matter and let the world know the pain of our people.
I have no impression of Farid Zakaria who I think is suffering from Alzheimer's.
I believe he is the agent of RAW and his soul has been acquired by Western intelligence agencies for several crowns.
I followed chrissy's advice and India was criticized by experts while walking slowly in Bangalore.
They hang me on the mango tree and wait to die.
I posted this on my last breath.
No, I'm not a blue saffron. Evening all.
I saw the troll stealing his name again. Hi dazzle.
Good Morning, everyone. Yes.
We live in an era of innovation.
I made an innovation for the perfect receipt left by Turkey.
You need frozen pie crust, flour, peas, carrot cubes, chicken soup. 1.
Put everything together.
Bake it in stoveIt is a Turkish pot pie. Yes.
I like Turkey.
I like to visit my family in India. we have hot pot pie and red wine together.
To make the taste better, we held a referendum.
We always enjoy it.
Innovation is the key to success.
Hey, Blue takes Turkey from point (your mouth)to Point B (your stomach)
You use red wine.
Why don't you drink the national drink of hindoos cow urine, because of the better viscosity, it will make the turkey transport to your stomach faster! Ahhhhh. . . . . . .
Technological progress in India. Hi dazzle.
Thank you Blue.
4: 06 posts are greatWell banasy.
Thanks for the recipe.
This is the rest of my turkey idea: eat tortillas.
Set Fire to chickens, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.
Season with salt, garlic and pepper. Walla!
Perfect Turkish taco. Hi folks.
When it comes to lettuce
Got one for ya.
What did lettuce say to the crowd?
"Lettuce treats you. "ROLFLMAO.
Nice bobcat.
Thank you. Hi mom.
Thank you for your suggestion.
Ketchup can indeed relieve hangover.
My dad, a great professional chef, gave me the rest of the recipe for this great Turkey.
Buy a frozen cheese pizza from the store.
If the turkey is chopped on it, put a layer.
Bake in the oven. Preston.
The turkey pizza is perfect. Not any of us.
You must be hungry and fat.
Innovation in food is a good thing.
In my home country Norway, we have a Turkish feat on the last Thursday of November.
Here is the receipt for my remaining Turkey.
Shred the turkey into a pie.
Keep warm on the grill.
Put in the middle of two slices of burger bread.
Add vegetables and mustard. Really good.
Good cooking ideas.
We eat turkey salad on Thanksgiving in my country. Wow.
What some people can do with Turkey is amazing.
People will gain 10% more weight during the holidays.
* Facepalm * that's right.
What's urgent?
Why do we need technology?
Why do we need medicine?
So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Ayurvedic solutions. Enjoy.
Indian waiter serving French onion soup: "Waiter, would you please take your thumb out of my soup?
"I'm sorry, madam, I cooked a pot and the expert told me to keep it warm.
"So why don't you stick it on your a ss?
"I did this, Madam, but I have to serve the customer once in a while. . .
"There are two types of India. . . . .
Neanderthals and ancient times.
One is advanced in technology and the other is advanced in technology.
You can see the raraipes invented by hindoos to speed up nirvana.
But they will move the bus faster from the start point of Lapu to the end point of Lapu B.
In doing so, they killed 3 birds with a stone.
Enjoy raipe in the month.
Hurry up and get Rapp.
Arrive at another destination due to unexpected consequences. GENIUS ! ! !
I am not 4: 06, 6: 17, 6: 23.
The agholis are members of a Hindu sect who worship Shiva, who consider Shiva to be the highest god.
Because they believe that Shiva has created everything, they think there is nothing bad about it.
For this reason, they are engaged in various religious activities, drinking, taking drugs and eating meat.
Nothing is taboo.
But what makes their old tradition strange is that they are also practicing the cannibal, and their temple is a fire.
Aghoury lived in a crematorium where he was able to feed himself-his clothes came from the dead, his firewood came from the funeral firewood, and the food came from the river.
When a person is cremated, agholi will wrap himself in the ashes of the body and meditate on the dead.
One of the most shocking aspects of the life of the agholi people is their cannibalism.
Bodies floating in the river are collected and meditative.
The limbs were then removed and eaten by Aghori.
The problem is that as they grow older, their rotten teeth cannot chew dead human flesh.
So the Indian Foodman Association invented a kind of fried food.
From point A to Point B it cooks faster while making it more delicious.
Farid, that's what we're talking about. Gud 1 sir ji! You from India?
I settled in America.
I like fast food and Rai.
Happy and fast.
I like technology, but I think it's a bit too Indian to eat people of the same kind.
Openly gay priests are members of a national religious organization that used to be one of the richest organizations on Earth.
But it is now bankrupt and unable to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in lip service to boys families issued by the American gay priests Association.
I like express trains.
It was faster from point A to Point B and the journey was very pleasant.
I own a Ferrari. Yup. Fast cars.
Even faster women.
A woman who likes Express runs her legs like peanut butter on bread.
Slip marks were also left in the back seat. Seriously.
As scientists have told us, a loaf of bread does not cost 5 cents, nor does NASA.
The lies about the space shuttle program made it cheap for us to ship goods in space.
We have exquisite machines and cheesy body and mind.
We live in a fast time when people are passing.
These damn Indians are almost as many men, women and boys as the leaders of the American church.
What they need to do.
I like technology because I find Americans fat and stupid.
Slow unless they are driving an ugly big SUV with plastic flag duck on the bumper. Yes.
Obesity in the United States adds weight every Thanksgiving. What of it.
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