anex09+ since09: it's china's turn as demand for nonwovens grows in china, the rest of the world heads east. - super absorbent fabric manufacturers

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anex09+ since09: it\'s china\'s turn as demand for nonwovens grows in china, the rest of the world heads east.  -  super absorbent fabric manufacturers
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Asia will become the focus of the world's non-woven industry, because it started in Shanghai, China in 09.
The merger of these two very successful exhibitions provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors--
Including non-woven manufacturers, raw material suppliers and machinery and equipment experts, as well as other non-woven industry stakeholders--
Showcase their latest innovations and networks with other companies.
The event will be held in May 20
In two separate exhibitions-
Connected by a special walkway.
A total of 16,000 m² will be covered and organizers hope to attract more than 12,000 visitors.
More than 300 exhibitors will be present to showcase their latest innovations, services and innovations. to-
The latest non-woven fabric technology using fiber fabrics and high performance fabrics as raw materials, for processing and conversion equipment, for non-woven fabrics and technical textiles.
Organizers say basically all the world's leading suppliers will be part of the exhibition.
In addition to the Expo, ANEX will also provide technical presentations where exhibitors can showcase their products and services in specific areas of the showroom. Hour-
A long-term technical demonstration will be held every day of the exhibition, and all visitors can watch it for free.
In the Chinese market after global economic integration, the world economy has generally shown an upward trend in the past few years, especially in Asia.
In Asian economies, China, India and Vietnam are shocked by the world's gdp growth of more than 8% a year.
China's GDP exceeded 10% in 2007.
Therefore, the non-woven industry in Asia is obviously continuing to grow at a high speed.
In 2006, the total output of non-woven fabrics in the world exceeded 5 tons, and the output in Asia exceeded 1-third of them (or morethan 1.
85 million tons)
The world is number one.
Although the Asian economy is expected to continue to grow at a high speed in the future, the large population growth in Asia provides a huge market for non-woven fabrics.
With the continuous growth of the economy,
With the improvement of living standards in China, the demand for non-woven fabrics is also growing.
Last year, China produced nearly 1 million tons of non-woven fabrics, and more than 2000 non-woven production lines were used in China.
There are two in the production line
Thirty of equipment (
Most of them are imported)
Upgrade or modification is required.
China's production of non-woven fabrics is difficult to meet the needs of China, and some products are still dependent on imports.
This increase has created an increase in demand for booth space in 09 years, and the exhibition has expanded to two separate exhibition areas, INTEX and Shanghaimart, with a total area of 16 thousand square meters.
Therefore, it is expected that starting from 09, anex '09 will provide an excellent platform to showcase a variety of new products and innovations, equipment, new technologies, materials and services designed to help non-woven companies around the world enhance their image, establish new connections and look for new businesses.
At the same time, it also provides a good opportunity for professionals from the non-woven industry.
From the beginning of 09, anex '09 will certainly become the main focus of the world's non-woven industry.
This will help reshape the new structure of the global non-woven fabric industry and further promote the healthy and rapid growth of the industry.
Exhibitors are already planning what they will show at the show. A.
Seley non-woven fabric is an expert in the hoist and wind.
Like Slittopack,.
Celli Nonwovens will have a booth at ANEX.
The company also produces an automatic knife positioning system, which is split;
Shaft processing/core cutting systems, core Matic and airlaidweb forming technologies for Wingformer.
Advanced fabric (SAAF)
More textile liquid medical fabrics will be presented, including the addition to the medlon series of alcohol products/antibacterial products and target performance fabrics.
These fabrics provide the best value for different medical standards around the world.
In addition, the company will display lightweight textile-glued fabrics on its latest series.
Cotton is the richest natural fiber in the world, and anexhiitor cotton is committed to improving its position in non-woven fabrics.
One of the features of cotton is soft, natural and sustainable, and can be updated and planted on a global scale every year.
Cotton is hydrophobic in the original state;
After washing or washing.
This fiber is biodegradable at the end of life.
At ANEX09, the cotton company plans to share the unique advantages that cotton can bring to non-woven fabrics and the application of technology and best practices.
Our booth will showcase products and development ideas that are commercially available.
Elsner engineering company conversion machinery specialist Elsner engineering company design and manufacture conversion and packaging machinery to convert the mother roll of non-woven material into a consumer rolling or flat plate
Folding products such as consumer, personal care and disinfection wipes, adult and industrial wipes, baby wipes, surgical curtains, fabric softener sheets, surgical sponges and speed sheets.
Special supplementary machines such as bathtubs and tank loaders for folding and rolling wet wipes are also provided.
Erhardt lebih is an international operating company and a market leader in network guidance, tension control and surface inspection systems for non-woven transformation and processing industries, operating successfully in local and international companies
As the product continues to be developed and improved, it is reported that working with customers to help Erhardt lebih deliver the best technology at a very competitive price.
EPS/Shanghai extended Light Industry Machinery Co. , Ltd. Shanghai extended Light Industry Machinery Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. (EPS)
It is a professional enterprise producing air freight production line.
Provide market consulting, technical development, engineering design, mechanical manufacturing, project implementation and customer technical services.
Provide comprehensive and professional turnkey engineering services and customer operation services.
EPS mainly produces air laying production lines, air laying equipment and water Thorn Equipment.
ZGJ clean paper production line--
The product is developed by the company's own technicians.
The result is a line with high performance and low power consumption with a width from 800 to 3000mm and a speed of 40-
300 per minute
After decades of hard work, EPS has become the leading manufacturer of China's aviation production line.
The zgj100/200 airlay production line, designed and manufactured by Tianjin fiber web EPS, China, focuses on all the advantages of the second generation airlay production line.
On this basis, EPS developed the third generation airlaid production line with faster, greater capacity, lower consumption and better process optimization.
Fiber Tex is a Danish manufacturer that produces a wide range of non-woven fabrics, and fiber Tex will be atANEX.
The company produces light textile non-woven fabrics for sanitary applications in Denmark and Malaysia, and produces needle-type non-woven fabrics required for various industrial applications for factories in Denmark and the Republic of Cech.
The main industrial markets include cars and geotextile.
Ginni non-woven fabric, India's largest water Thorn manufacturer, will showcase the equipment on its production line, which is supplied by rieter Perfojet in France.
Starting in 2007, this waterthorn line has produced products for many of the world's leading converters.
Facility is ISO 9001-
2000 and ISO 14001-2004 certified.
The factory is located near the western port of Mumbai and enjoys a great location. Huntsman Ltd.
Huntsman Limited is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals
Will be present at ANEX.
Huntsman Textile effect is a leading provider of integrated textile solutions that provide hundreds of effective chemicals for non-woven fabrics, adding value to non-woven fabrics.
Product groups include Phobol--
Innovative fluorine chemicals for medical treatment, filtration, wallpaper and automotive non-woven fabric surface treatment; Flovan--
Free, eco-friendly and automatic light spraying for various applications; and Dicrylan--
Compounds for coating applications.
NSC non-woven nonwoven non-woven fabric design, manufacture and supply turnkey non-woven wire for water Thorn, needle binding and hot bonded non-woven fabric.
The production line is equipped with a supervisory control assist system which includes production formulation, maintenance and line management assist.
NSC non-woven fabric is a major supplier of cards, crosscuts, pick-up draf, knitting machines, hoist and sorter in the world.
Reiconhauser reiconfil will present its textile and composite system, two-component technology, reiconfil fusion spray system and breathable film composites.
Project planning, process development, production line manufacturing, customer training, process and product knowledge are provided by Reicofilhow.
Rieter Non-Woven Systems will showcase its range of non-textile technologies such as water spurs and spinners at ANEX, as well as the latest water Spurs technology.
Described as a combination of on-line spinning and spinning techniques, the spinning does not require a calender or a needle cloth to provide the advantage of spinning without the need for thermal bonding through a pressing machine,
High absorbent fiber (SAF)
Manufacturer TAL will seek to increase awareness of its technology in the Asian non-woven and technical textile industry and attract interested companies from major market sectors.
TAL is owned by Blue Star Fiber Co. , Ltd.
This is a complete one.
Subsidiary of China Blue Star Group Company-which in-turn iswholly-
Owned by China Chemical
In addition to the production of SAF, TAL also produces non-woven fabrics, yarns, woven fabrics and finished consumer goods
All armed forces of Sudan.
This is the result of its relationship with some of the world's leading professional fiber converters, coil product producers and end product manufacturers.
It is now working to develop a similar network with Asian companies to strengthen its route to markets in the region.
Dave Hill, TAL business development manager, explained: "When we were on display at CINTE in last October, we gained a lot of interest from many different markets . ".
"We hope to build on this success.
We are proud of our ability to create new and innovative absorption solutions, so I would like to talk to anyone looking for this technology.
TAL already has an agent in Shanghai and will also show helpanswer the position if there is any problem.
There will be three different display areas on TAL's stand.
It will show different fiber grades, a range of converted fabrics and Janos that are suitable for different applications ---e. g.
Clothing, hygiene, dentistry, medical care, food packaging, cable yarn and tape, and technical textiles. -
There are also some finished products.
"We want to promote our participation in all areas of the supply chain," he continued . "Hill.
"Thanks to our excellent industry knowledge and engagement, we are able to work with many different departments to develop new products and markets.
It is hoped that our position will help us to convey this message clearly.
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