ancient fossils question human family tree - where can i buy super absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-28
ancient fossils question human family tree  -  where can i buy super absorbent polymer
At the family gathering of our species's direct evolutionary predecessors, there will be a lot of debate about whether the southern ape enters the door.
The southern ape is the name of an ancient species found in South Africa in 2008.
Researchers now have a lot of evidence, published this week in the journal Science, the southern ape may be a direct ancestor of humans, and humans are part of it (
We are wise people).
If this is true, it means that our family tree may have to be redrawn, with the southern ape on the stem of the human line.
But it is only a possibility and a controversial one.
The researchers studied two partial skeletons, a young male named Karabo and an unnamed adult woman found in the wreckage of the collapsed cave.
The meaning of "southern ape" is "Southern ape" and "sediba" is "natural spring" or "fountain" in Sotho language ".
On 2010, the team announced the discovery of previously unknown species.
The discoverer of "lucky": why do I study human evolution? Scientists have several theories about what these bones might mean for human evolution.
The earliest undisputed member of the Homo sapiens is Homo sapiens, and researchers estimate that Homo sapiens is about 200,000 years younger than the southern ape, so Homo sapiens may theoretically be a direct evolutionary offspring.
Or, the southern ape may be a direct ancestor of the able, considered a tool manufacturer, because its hand bones are found next to the stone tools, or next to the ludov people, A modern man of controversial evolutionary origin.
The southern apes may be associated with both, and perhaps their current label is not accurate.
Or, of course, it could be a dead end, although the researchers say that the bones of humans
Like other features.
Species, as an experiment in evolution, appeared to have changed many anatomical forms in evolution about 2 million years ago, says Lee Berger, an ancient anthropologist at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, who led the discovery of fossils.
"When you start to feel the pressure and pressure of environmental change, and what's happening in Africa in about 2 million years (ago)
"You will think that many experiments will come up, and Sediba is just one of them," he said . ".
However, there is only one species that produces Homo sapiens, and Homo sapiens is our direct ancestor.
To prove more robust evidence, archaeologists must find fossils before and after the deposition of the southern ape in their evolutionary lineage, Berger said.
According to the various forms of southern apes that have been discovered, Ian tatsar, an anthropologist and curator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, did not participate in the study, saying that he believes that the southern ape may not produce humans.
Instead, it represents the context in which our true ancestors appear in any form: there are many different forms of upright creatures in this era. About 2.
6 million years ago, with the emergence of more grasslands, great changes have taken place in the fauna of Africa;
These environmental factors may determine the evolution of different species.
"In some groups, some genetic novelty has been established, which basically sets patents for generic species in a short period of time," Tattersall said . ".
"I don't think what we're going to see is that over the course of millions of years, Australians have become gay.
"According to the two bones studied so far to explore the bones, the southern ape sediba represents the human-
Like and original features.
Consider the brain, for example: the skull of the southern ape shows a skull capacity of 420, while the skull of the chimpanzee is about 380.
The Homo Sapiens is about 200,000 years younger than the southern ape and will have a head capacity of up to 900.
If the southern ape is a direct evolutionary ancestor of Homo sapiens, this suggests that the expansion of brain size is faster than previously thought during evolutionary history.
In addition, the overall shape of the brain seems to be more human than a chimpanzee.
Then there's the problem with the feet.
The great ape of the South is mainly human-
Like the ankle joint, but most of the bones are apes. like.
This is amazing because of the famous 3-million-year-
The old skeleton, classified as the southern ape, has a more advanced heel than the southern ape.
If Berger's bones evolved from Lucy's species, it would mean that the anatomy of the heel would go from advanced to primitive to advanced --
This is impossible.
Alternatively, Lucy's species may be more of a close relative of the southern ape and our genus on the evolutionary tree than an immediate family member.
"If that's the case, then it's likely that there will be a ghost bloodline," Berger said . ".
In other words, there may be more fossils that can explain where these species come from.
At the same time, the pelvis of the southern ape is the most human.
Berger said, as found in the southern ape.
While women of the Lucy species have wide and stable platforms with delivery exits, the human pelvis is more like a bowl-
Like the curve around the body, the pelvis of the southern ape is closer to this.
The researchers have good evidence from their hands and feet that the southern ape has been climbing on the tree for quite a long time.
The hand with the ability to grab is more advanced than the hand of the expert, indicating that it is also an early tool --user.
"Sediba and other early bipedal apes are relatively small creatures that retain a lot of climbing features, especially the upper half bones, tattersall said: "So they spend a lot of time on the trees, even though they walk on two legs when they come to the ground. ".
What caused the death of these possible prototypes?
A human being studied by the Berger team?
Berger says they seem to have fallen in search of water.
But further investigation will reveal more accurate details.
Judging from other evidence that has not yet been discovered or tested, Berger has promised that his team may also find the eating habits of the southern apes and whether they are hairy.
The researchers may have found evidence of soft tissue.
They have more bones to explore from the same area.
"What's really exciting is that this opens up this question about where humans come from. examination.
What they have is a very good individual sample, which we do not expect to find in the human fossil record.
"It's rare to have only one full bone, not to mention a bunch of people," Tattersall said . ".
Let me tell you a secret that God created a secret at the beginning, but at the beginning it did not say that God evolved and that God created Adam and Eve.
At the beginning, there was this book.
The book is incomplete.
It is revered by blind.
Only people with no brains will say that.
The Bible does not hide the fact (
Corinthians 1 18-30).
Love is the greater good.
Those arrogant people respect logic very much.
At the time of Noah's preaching, there was no evidence of any pending floods.
His generation rejected God's love and was condemned only for choosing evil instead of evil.
Noah entered the ark by ethnic minorities.
He withdrew from the Ark by majority.
The meek will inherit the earth. C. f.
Blessed are the meek men of Matthew 5:5, for they will inherit the earth. Galations 6:7. . .
God cannot be laughed at, there is nothing wrong with my statement.
If I don't notice that this book makes no sense, imagine that followers are more meaningless than I am.
Well, the flood never happened because it was not in the geological column, stupid.
If this is the case, there will be a lot of evidence to prove this, such as the large rubble piled up on the last glacier, which, by the way, happened much earlier than the imagined flood, A lot of evidence left behind.
There is no evidence of global flooding or ark at all.
Obviously, it's all fictional. believe;
He did not know until modern science appeared.
@ How strange it is for atheists to copy the Bible in many works.
I know the Bible very well and I see many agnostic quotes from their later works, which apparently originated from the Bible.
The original source cannot be quoted due to ignorance.
I also noticed before (God fearing)
Generations pass on ideology to unbelievers who unconsciously imitate its moral and social values.
@ Your ignorance is ahead of you.
According to the Bible, there are floods all over the world.
Many years after the floodpangea)
It's a breakup, c. f. Genesis 10:25.
This affects some of the evidence you point out.
"You are ignorant before you . "
According to the Bible, there are floods all over the world.
"Does anyone else find bitter irony in this person's letter?
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Bedouin tribes wandering around the Arab world.
Along the way, they collected some cultures and adopted and changed them.
So the flood came from the Gilgamesh epic.
In short, the flood is a story of renewal or fertility.
This renewal comes from the recognition that large rivers pour abundant deposits into the banks of the river every year, so that humans do not have to move around every few years to grow crops.
This eventually created civilization.
The Bible is full of these "stories"-they are not literally people.
@ KB flood account in the history of Genesis (
When an event occurs)
Before the Gilgamesh epicMoses (later)
He recorded the accounts dictated by God.
There are many flood legends (
Including the Gilgamesh epic).
It can be said that an event did not happen and there were several accounts that recorded it (later)in text?
@ XO: Gilgamesh's epic is not the only story that the Bible has copied from Sumerian who believe in many gods, mainly because they are trying to understand the world and explain them because they don't have modern science, so we can't do that.
"God of the gap ".
Now we know how it happened.
The Bible was created by human beings, who did not even know what bacteria were, for the benefit of human beings.
A long time ago, religion had achieved the goal of consolidating authority through fear.
If we stick to it, we can't make progress as a whole --dated beliefs.
Now is the time for science to take over.
Let us stick to facts and evidence, not false unproven beliefs that are used as grounds for injustice.
There has been a lot of flooding in the local or regional area, and there is evidence that the Black Sea is expanding rapidly and fundamentally, covering human buildings.
However, there is no evidence that worldwide flooding covers all mountains within the scope of human existence.
Even if we ignore the problem of how the Western Hemisphere animals on Earth get to the Middle East, board a ship that can't get close to all the birds, we have a problem here
At least one flood has ended the local civilization, which may be true (
Like the Black Sea.
At least once, this may be the root of the legend.
Normally, the flood is spreading all over the world.
Because it did destroy the world of survivors.
The world floods, however, are like creation stories, either they do not happen as the Bible says, or God does his best to provide overwhelming evidence that they have never happened.
This means that God is the most dishonest creature we know, or that the Bible is not flawless. I agree.
The Big Bang needs a big bang.
What is created requires a creator.
Many people suffer from their conscience and are given delusions.
In the lab, science has shown that it is possible to have a woman from the bone marrow.
But the Bible's description of God leading Adam into deep sleep cloning Eve from the ribs is a myth.
People are not honest with themselves intellectually.
Sausage is not needed for the Big Bang.
You assume that things are "created" and therefore need a "Creator ".
Even assuming your flawed assumption, who created the creator?
My God created your God. Its clear.
Your God needs to be created.
He can't start from scratch.
He's complicated, so he needs a creator. That is my God.
I will write you a book about what my God wants you to do because the God he created is disappointing.
Where do you get the idea that every creation needs a creator?
It's not science, it's a sound bite.
And very plausible.
In your own words, you have proved that God does not exist.
If every creation needs a creator, where did your God come from?
Why is he an exception to the rules?
You make a rule and break it in the same sentence.
The most terrible side of your argument is that you don't even see it ridiculous hipocry yourself.
@ Brobin services some logic. love it.
God was not created.
It is impossible to create God. . .
Just as it is impossible to create life (without seeds).
God, like energy, cannot be created or destroyed. . .
God is always there. . .
He created the Big Bang, he created the life, he created the material, all out of his own energy, it didn't come out of nowhere. . .
We are not here by luck. everything is designed by God. . . Amen!
PS: Please, is this really hard to accept?
Do you prefer the explanation of monkey/fish/microorganisms?
Come on, a fish with arms? ? ? @brobinNice!
Scientists do not believe that life comes out of thin air.
But it's interesting that you have an issue with that and think that God is there all the time.
So there is nothing from scratch, but God is always there.
Is that okay with you?
By the way, energy has been created.
Play a game and see for yourself.
@ John can you put things in a conversation environment?
I am talking to a believer here, and here is the basis of the religious text.
I believe everything human beings can observe is created.
Beyond this believer dialogue, we can understand that what we are talking about does not mean anything in the scientific community.
We are obviously having a metaphysical conversation.
Not just science).
You and I have just shown the limitations of logic and science in another article (above).
Stop introducing the position of the Scarecrow, please put things in the context of the root Post.
@ Brobin, you're right.
As pointed out in my other sub-post, I am making this assumption.
Note: This is not the root Post.
My browser does not load all the HTML and the corresponding script code. This post was (meant)
As a reply to a believer
@ John many scientists are suggesting that the universe is spontaneously formed.
This is almost the same in my opinion.
I have no problem with it.
I think it looks like this (
They assume correctly)
A scientist who does not believeHebrews 11:3).
Evolution proves itself.
On the one hand, it says that it takes a very long time for the smallest change to occur, and on the other hand, it does not explain how fast we break our necks from monkeys to humans.
I am a believer, but I don't think it is necessary to understand Genesis literally.
How do you explain genetic engineering and quantum physics to a 3-year-old?
You will come up with a simple explanation that they can understand.
This is what God did in my opinion when he explained to Moses the creation of the universe.
In terms he can understand.
@ STLBroker I often want to know this too.
On the time scale of evolution, we jump very fast.
We have only recently crossed this world.
On a large time scale). Sort of odd-
We have just made great progress in knowledge, spanning the world.
The scale of this dwarf is ridiculous.
If you want to support your statement with science, please use it correctly.
It is impossible to clone a female from a male.
Cloning means that all genetic material is the same, and there are different chromosomes for men and women. . .
Are you kicking me out?
Sorry, this is a public discussion board.
I will comment as I see fit;
I don't need your permission.
Who is this scarecrow you have been referring?
Everything I say is a direct response to your own argument.
Maybe you need to refresh your memory of the fallacy.
"I am a believer, but I don't think Genesis needs to be seen as a cry of despair.
When logic, reason, and science contradict your beliefs, change your beliefs and let them support you.
Please show me the script that says: don't understand it literally, . . . . . . .
"How would you explain genetic engineering and quantum physics to a 3-year-old?
Moses was not three years old.
Are you telling us with all his power and wisdom that "God" cannot come up with a way to explain how he created the world?
Can even use the broken fingers to increase Moses's intelligence?
What more religious people will say to keep their original superstition.
@ JohnI never suggests it's science
: "Where do you get the idea that every creation needs a creator?
It's not science, it's a sound bite.
"This is obviously not a scientific statement.
In my previous reply, I mentioned that my post was for a believer.
Note: Christians do believe that everything in the universe and in the universe is created --hence creation.
You constantly pick comments and misrepresent them (straw man).
You're right.
Thank you for your correction.
Higher points still exist.
This is special (Genesis)
The account was copied in the lab.
If your theory is correct, then who created God?
What created God?
XO: Thank you for your classification.
No need.
You made a public comment on a public forum and I chose to respond.
This is my profile.
Please let me know where I put the words in your mouth.
You say that every creation needs a creator. I just say that's nonsense. Because it is.
No matter what you mean by "creation", it's still nonsense.
Perhaps for a caveman, the sudden appearance of the mountain may convince him that it is a product of some invisible hand.
But the wild man knew nothing about plate technology.
It seems logical to him;
It's just wrong.
I also made another comment that you declined to make.
On the one hand, how can you say that every creation needs a creator, and on the other hand, how can you say that the rules do not apply to God?
Why is God the exception to this creation? up rule?
Even if you mean "every creation", "everything", isn't God part of everything?
Why does he not ask the creator to exist?
@ Lillianne Tehologically (
Not scientific)
God was not created.
According to the Bible, God always exists.
Moses asked for his name.
Reply: I am me. Christ (later)
I call myself.
God exists forever and forever.
From a philosophical point of view, this is very consistent with the people who have the eternal nature.
God existed before all things.
Everything starts from him to the end.
If he does not create it, nothing that exists will exist.
The words I use to talk about him now don't even exist.
He was before everything.
He created everything.
There is no discussion about his non-existence (
It's a bit silly to even think about it).
Note: Moses did not ask if he was "eternal" or "who created him ".
He just asked him a name.
God only replied to him with a seemingly nameless reply, which shows his nature.
He is so eternal that his name is like this.
He is "I am" and eternal.
He can't exist.
How can things exist before they exist?
Isn't God a thing?
I am particularly curious about your comments, and the idea is "very consistent with people who have an eternal nature ".
How many of these timeless things can keep it "aligned?
If God is the only "eternal" thing in the universe, I think you are trying to say, "don't think about it ".
How do you explain that God is the only exception to this rule?
@ John coincidentally, I'm just the last request that we reply to Lillianne.
Add this: illogical (and non-scientific)
Think that God has always existed.
It makes no sense in the notes of theology and philosophy.
The Bible is clear that logic and reason are cross-cutting.
This also explains why this is done.
Love is the greater good.
Don't deceive yourself.
If any of you think he is wise by the standards of this time, he should be a "fool" so that he can be smart.
19 for in the eyes of God the wisdom of the world is foolish.
As written above: "He caught the wise man in their cunning "[a];
20 and he said, "the Lord knows that the minds of the wise are in vain. "[b]
Then, stop bragging about men!
Everything is yours, whether it's Paul, Apollo or Cephas [c]
Or the world, life and death, present or future-
Everything is yours, 23 you are Christ, and Christ is God's.
Thank you for your sermon.
However, I do have a Bible that I have read.
There's no point in your answer.
On the one hand, you acknowledge that there is no logic in your argument, and on the other hand, you claim that the Bible has its own unique logic.
To prove this, you cite it as if the Bible had some special importance as a reference.
You quote Corinthians that God hates thinkers.
Well, it's a miracle that he will make us like that.
Sorry, there is no reason for your idea of "love is better than logic.
I still love my children. I love my dog. I love pizza.
When I look at the sky, I think it is green.
No matter how much love I have in my heart, the sky is still blue.
@ JohnYou venture into theology now.
God is outside the universe.
He existed before creation and time.
2 Chronicles 2: 6: can't hold him even the highest sky!
Besides, God is never alone.
Or, God is not alone in eternity.
The scriptures are clear, God-
The head consists of three creatures (
Son of the Holy Father).
God loves his son very much, so he wants to create more things like him.
Eternity does exist (
According to science).
You are a being created, created in l x w x h.
You exist in time and space. God does not.
@ John the Bible is full of logic.
Casual reading of preaching books and proverbs shows this.
Let's start with the definition of sin.
The sin is, the mark is lost.
Here is the biblical definition of Romans 14: 23 (
Not everyone tends to refer to scripture, so I include txt here)
"Everything that comes not from confidence is sin.
As I suggested in Corinthians txt, God confused certain people --
Wisdom is preferred.
The wisdom used by man in his rebellion against God.
God is looking for someone suitable to live with him in eternity.
The character of Will Smith did something similar at a price of 7 lbs.
Here is another txt, which explains this further: 2 9-
12 he will use all kinds of power to show by the signs and miracles that serve the lies, and all the ways that evil deceive those who are destroying.
They were saved because they did not love the truth.
11 thus God sends them a powerful illusion that they believe in lies 12 and that all who do not believe in the truth but are happy with evil are condemned.
Love is relative.
People who lost their lives in the flood also love their children.
They love them so much that they drag them into hell with them. (
Note: I use hell in the traditional sense that most Christians think is misunderstood).
Some mothers love their children so much that they kill them before they commit suicide.
We should not deceive ourselves.
Most people use science as a tool against God.
Just as the people of Babel try to make a name for themselves, science is used to establish human names. In the same (rebellious)
We are sending satellites and telescopes into space to determine the origin.
We are looking for life.
Enter the same preset of fun life (
Statistically speaking)
The existence of the universe can be used to assume a creator.
Can't laugh at God. (
Do not be deceived, do not laugh at God.
A man reaped what he planted).
People just cheat themselves with cherries.
Picking verses and creating complex figsleaf red-
The herring argument. to hide behind.
I mean, it's obvious why people resist the Bible (
Not religion).
They do not want to be responsible to God.
When I talk about responsibility, I mean simple sin: sexual immorality, killing (abortion), lust.
Be honest with yourself.
Don't be a coward anymore. admit it.
Curse God now in this forum.
What are you losing?
I know you won't curse God in this forum, you don't have enough faith in your belief system to do so.
XO: It's hard to take you seriously.
On the one hand, you say that there is no creator and nothing exists; on the other hand, you say that "God" is an exception to this rule.
He and his friends
Whatever it is, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit)
Outside space. time.
Have you really figured it out?
Please tell me how everything in the universe exists except for an omnipotent, omniscient, ubiquitous existence, but it controls everything in the universe.
What evidence do you have to prove this extraordinary assertion?
Please stop quoting the Bible to me.
For this discussion, it has no more significance than quoting Paul Bunyan or any other novel work.
In other terrorist events, the Bible contains clear instructions from God on how to use the enemy's children as slaves.
The Bible has no authority in science or morality. I'd admire you.
You are obviously a smart person, a thoughtful person.
I also respect your insistence on ending this debate.
But I am sad that a thoughtful person like you will look at the Bible with any authority.
@ John and the questions you asked were good.
All of this is my own.
In this forum, we have received the attention of many people.
I admire you too, John.
I believe we all agree that there are limitations in uploading ideas in this forum.
Everything I say is material creation.
God is invisible.
In this case, the material, that is, he is not made of atoms.
I would like to apologize for the stubbornness that I have shown in this discussion.
You are a good man with complete honesty.
I don't mind if you would like us to continue our discussion by email or phone.
I don't like persuasion. I hate religion.
Like you, I question God with everything I have.
I admit, I don't like a lot of things I hear.
I'm close to fantasy if I can say it accurately.
Other times I ask for death, the truth is so painful.
Your view of the Bible is also correct.
It's its own, just txt on paper.
There is no authority in itself.
There are shortcomings in human grammar.
Read it without God and you will get religious beliefs.
How could God expect a blind and deaf man to come to him. xoneill-at-hotmail-dot-
Com @ John would like to comment on your point of view that children are slaves.
There are many words in the Bible that can shake your head in disgust.
It is difficult to understand how God ordered the baby to be cut out of the human womb. (Very disturbing).
The understanding I get is accompanied by great pain.
If so, why create us?
I am not a man who gives in easily.
The first few years of my life have prepared me for the answers I will eventually get.
According to the most conservative model, the planet's population was about 1 billion at the time of the flood.
Only eight people reached the other side of the flood.
I have been scratching my head for a long time.
I am like STOP, there is a problem with this photo.
I can't live for many years.
Take 8 out of the gold block! ! !
I don't want to meet such a God in a dark alley.
I do understand things better, but I have to be dragged back to hell in order to make things reasonable. Signing off. . . xoneill-at-hotmail-
The biggest problem with creationism is the one they never answered. Where Did GOD (
Or God and Goddess)
Where did the first thing come from?
Through a fairly clear definition and research process, it is easier to believe that complexity is rising from a big band, rather than assuming that it is the case for a powerful, all-knowing creator?
Did God evolve somewhere else?
Is God part of God's civilization?
There are possible answers to this, but they are not suitable for the traditional translation of the Bible.
Some possible answers1. God(dess)
Created the universe so it looks like it's 4 billion years old because he's copying another universe or because it needs to get it to work. (
Although this does not solve the problem of the origin of the whole God. )2.
The universe is chaotic, and everything happens in chaos, but until God is created by chance and powerful enough to hold his body, then it becomes wise for millions of years. 3.
It is strange that there is some evidence to support this, such as quantum physics. 4.
God is a computer left over from the last explosion, crashing the cycle.
There is no point in God.
"Most people use science as a tool against God," XO said.
"I have found new ways to treat cancer with science.
I don't think XO understands science. Or scientists.
@ John T-"energy has been created by the way.
Play a game and look at "LOL-it's not creating energy, it's changing energy. . .
In fact, we have a certain amount of energy in this universe.
Nothing can be created or deleted.
This is the basic thing!
If you are going to defend a case, be sure to know the facts.
You should try to read a book that is not called the Bible.
We will have you in reality.
Some people say that the Bible is static, just like the Ten Commandments.
Don't kill, don't steal, don't worship ideals, don't love your enemies, don't love you as much as you do yourself, and don't pray for those who hurt you
I think Hitler and other dictators like him are not convinced in terms of expulsion and science, and think that those old laws do not apply to them.
Because our ancestors were monkeys, white people were smarter than others.
If you say to any part of the Bible, how God explained hygene, the universe, and the people who created it to them, you call it idiots.
Just like they gave him clothes at Jesus's funeral.
If you can read the Bible, please do not read it unless you are afraid of whtas for your people.
The Noah did not repent, Sodom did not repent, and the Israelites and others did not repent.
We can express our views, but it's great to keep our facts correct.
The theory of expulsion and the fact of expulsion confused me. Fact or theory.
Is it reality or fiction? that's it.
Many smart people express their views.
Atheists can't even say 100% if they are God because the possibility that they spend eternal time searching for the universe is impossible for any of us.
The evidence of evolution within a certain range is undeniable.
This does not mean that God was not created through evolution.
It also does not eliminate the possibility of miracles.
Don't take such a tough stand.
You may be right, but you can easily state your case of a lack of scientific knowledge that hurts you.
You can defend your faith without denying all science.
Trying to deny that all science is a proposition of failure because many scientific discoveries reveal the truth.
It's not always easy to distinguish the wrong science, but you need to make statements more picky and wise, as you are doing.
Jerry, you are one of the most impressive works I have. . .
Completely retarded, but there are still some people who can breathe on their own.
Don't let you use a fork, afraid you will stab yourself in the face when you eat. . .
I was hurt here! Too funny.
Who are you on the path of science? Amen to that.
Why are you creating people like Jerry?
Do you have no heart?
Do you have no soul? And G)
What have I done that makes you want my life to be so miserable? (
Sidd, please let those of you on CNN know that if they don't want me to post the same comment twice, they should close the comment window when I click "post. )
Surprisingly, there are so many gullible brainwashing fools who really believe in some imaginary "God" or even exist, not to mention actually creating anything.
That's pure nonsense.
What's more magical is people like you who believe everything is created purely by chance, and life "magically" evolved from a molecule without life to a complex creature.
@ Commentator: it's even more magical when people like you make unreasonable assumptions about other people's beliefs.
Because capnmike doesn't believe we were created by an invisible, bearded sky Dad, it doesn't mean he believes it all happened by chance.
This is not necessarily the case.
For the existence of this universe, there are other explanations besides the creator or random opportunity. Think. Please!
More likely: The Earth has a history of billions of years and is backed by testable evidence.
Or a garden, two humans, and a talking snake started it all.
You're not very smart, DUHJerry.
According to the Bible, how many people did God kill?
Old Testament: drowning due to evil
Genesis 6: 8-7 million (
The world population is estimated to be 3000.
Source: Colin mcvidi and Richard Jones, 1978, Atlas of World Population History, New York, ISBN 0-7139-1031-3. ).
I will use 7 million as Bishop Usher [for the sake of safety [1581-1856]
It is calculated that Noah's flood occurred at 2348 BCE, and the population of 2400 BCE was more than that of 3000 BCE.
Sodom and GomorrahGenesis 19:4-5 -
An estimated 2400 lot's wife turned into a column of salt in order to look back. Genesis 19:26 -
Ye the eldest son of Judah, for he is wicked. Genesis 19:26 -1Onan (Er’s brother)
Because he planted the seeds. Genesis 38:10 -
Because of Pharaoh's behavior, the eldest son of Egypt-Exodus 12:19 -
I do not know that the Egyptian army refused to obey the orders of Pharaoh. Exodus 14:28 -
Because of the strange fire offered to God, I don't know about the answer and the abbihu. Leviticus 10:1-3 -
Low morale-Numbers 11:1-3 -
Eat quail-Numbers:31-35 -
Following the unknown of KorahNumbers 16:35 -
Complaints about two previous mass murdersNumbers 16:49 -
Complaining about 14, 700 of the quality of bread-Numbers 21:4-9 -
Unknowable and sexual immorality of Moab womenNumbers 25:9 -
24,000 For looking forward to the Ark-1 Samuel 6:19 -70 or 50,070?
Nabal is not good for David-
1 Samuel 25:38-
Touch 1 Uzzah of the Ark-2 Samuel 6:6-7 -
David and the baby boy of Bathsheba punished David. 2 Samuel 12:14-18 -
Because David did a census, there were all kinds of Israelis.
Samuel 24:13-
70,000 An unknown prophet who eats bread-1 Kings 13:1-24 -
The son of yeroboan punished yeroboan1 Kings 14:10-18 -
A man who did not want to be named because he refused to attack the Prophet1 Kings 20:35-36 -
1 King Ahaziah sought medical attention from Bali-1 Kings 22:51 -
-One soldier was rude to Elijah-2 Kings 1:9-12 -
Laughing at 102 young people who are bald in Eliza2 Kings 2:23-24 -
Some foreigners do not worship God. 2 Kings 17:25-26 -
Unknown Soldiers fighting Israel2 Kings 19:35 -
106,000 elodeon rebelled against the king of abiya
13: 20-
1 Jehoram is a bad mo fo-
21: 14-19 -
1 New Testament: Arizona and zafilah lieActs 5:1-10 -
The law does not praise God-Acts 12:23 -
Predict that a large part of the Earth's population will be killed in the future.
Since the Bible is the word of God, he has admitted at least 7 million murders (
I may have missed a few hundred thousand)
With the promise of billions of dollars in the future.
Adolfo will be very proud.
Adolfo tried to completely destroy the race, but failed.
God will succeed if you destroy all mankind, except for a few genocide on board.
They executed Timothy levy for killing only 168 people.
People fear this self.
Admit that serial killers are their gods?
Perhaps there is a good reason why Christians say they "fear the Lord.
According to the Old Testament and New Testament books of the Bible, this is a complete list of people killed by Satan himself.
He is far behind God in this matter.
The children and servants of Job (Could be a slave. .
Satan thinks job is not as good as he looks, and he will give up his faith when trouble and death come, so God tells him that he can test him.
God allowed Satan to kill job's children and servants to test job and see how upright he was.
Yes, that's all, the children and servants of a person, and even those are based on the contract, so that God can test the work.
Not so good for all evil princes.
Or perhaps the title of the king of all evil is given to the wrong God.
Yes, but all these murders are just part of God's great plan.
This plan is a mystery to our brain, but rest assured that there is a plan, OK.
Of course, when good things happen to us, there is no problem in understanding God's plan.
In fact, turning on the TV at any time of the day, you will find that many evangelists tell us what God thinks and expects of us.
It's usually money.
As George Carlin said, he can create planets from scratch, but he is not good for money and needs endless money.
Irony aside, if one believes that the Bible is a factual description of real events, then he must come to the conclusion that God is a mean, jealous Holocaust murderer who manages problems with anger. John T Draper -
Hitler had a great plan, and Bishop Usher was a 17th-century man who tried to calculate the age of the Earth with biblical stories.
Serious but flawed.
He has no tools to calculate molecular evidence of rock or bone age.
He had limited fossil evidence at the time.
His calculations are very flawed.
According to your calculation, all Egypt of 3,000 BCE will be destroyed.
We know from recorded history that while there are times when floods occur in the Nile and some people are destroyed, this does not happen.
To say that the whole world is submerged in the date recorded in the Bible, it is assumed that the author of the Bible knows the whole earth.
There is scientific evidence that a huge natural disaster occurred in the Middle East near the date of the Bible flood. Like Katrina.
But it is a very wrong idea to assume that when we know that civilizations in America and Egypt still exist during and after that time, that the whole world is flooded and the population is wiped out.
From the stories of Hansel and Grette, children should know that leaving alone is to incur disaster.
This is a wonderful fable.
But that doesn't mean that witches live in gingerbread houses in European forests.
It turns out that science is poor.
The usher should be good-
Refers to individuals with information defects.
7 million years ago, there was only 5000 people. you said we have been here for millions of years?
In such a long history, there must be some very lonely people with such a small population. Wow.
I don't even know where to start.
Must work from home. . . .
Yes, I think, "going to school at home" is deliberately spelled in the mannerYou number of King 2 at 19: 35, which should be 185,000.
An angel killed 185,000 people, more than Nagasaki and Hiroshima combined.
You just don't like it.
Is that how you ignore it?
The Bible is history.
Truth is truth.
One day the Earth will be completely burned. 2 Tim 3:10)
And it will be God who will burn it.
God is sovereign.
This means he can do it without asking anyone).
You don't like it because you are evil.
Do you understand? God is holy.
But don't turn off the lights because you don't like what you see. See?
As the creator and owner of everything that God can take away or kill the person he likes.
"I will bless the people I want to bless, curse the sudden whim I want to curse.
For all in this line: Christianity has nothing to do with proving its date, and it has nothing to do with refuting scientific theories.
Only when you insist on the literal meaning will the theory of evolution contradict the Christian faith
Wrong view of the ignorance of biblical studies.
Please do not speak for all Christians.
You make us more and more like chicken and less like a reputable representative of a very effective belief structure.
For others, like other aspects of human existence, usually, as a passionate Christian and scientific student, idiots are screaming the most, I can say, i'm sorry the people here took the time to post.
This should be a post from science and interested people, and people like Jerry here have ruined this.
Michael, please do not think that he represents all of us, and I despise all religions as intolerable and reckless, and I appreciate your more honest attitude, and applaud you for your agreed efforts. . .
I wrote a long article asking why people believe in God.
While this is not a place, I am trying to stir up a shit storm for pure entertainment and ut will provide an effective belief structure?
At the heart of Christianity, God incarnated as his son, so that he could become his own blood sacrifice and atone for the man he created!
I don't care what you literally mean by reading the Bible or what you literally mean by reading the Bible.
This is the core.
This is not a strange thing.
Effective belief structure?
What are you smoking?
The Bible is a document created by a person designed to control the unwashed crowd through their fear that if you do this action or do not do that, you will go to "hell.
Species Evolution identified through fossil remains is a cruel fact.
Not all the puzzles have been found yet, but, really, just stare at a skull of a capable person and you can clearly see the ongoing evolution.
Open your eyes and see.
The Bible does not say that God has created the human beings of today.
In the past 200 s, we have evidence of the evolution of human change.
We are higher than our ancestors, and our children are higher than the previous two generations.
Girls enter adolescence when they are much younger than ever before.
Whether you wish to recognize this or not, these are evolutionary changes within the species.
It's hard for me to understand why creatives are not amazed at the great genius of evolution.
On a planet that has been changing itself since the beginning, the climate is constantly changing, and the changes that occur between species to adapt to the changes on Earth are incredible and awesome.
The problem with creatives is that they are stuck in the idea of a human lineage or family tree, so they reject all the natural choices that happen around us.
Many scientists believe in a creation story and find it absolutely compatible with the great mysteries and wonders of evolution.
"" There is no saying in the Bible that God created today's human beings.
According to this book, this God created people according to his own image.
Then, according to this logic, such a God will be more like an ape. Like human beings.
In addition, I am very skeptical that "many scientists" believe in a story of creation.
It doesn't matter what the book says.
This book is written by human beings.
There may be God, or there may be no God, but the idea that the Bible is literally ridiculous.
Only those brainwashed by their parents will believe.
That's why people of different cultures believe that different versions of brainwashing gods live outside of time.
We just found clues on how God can accomplish his task. . .
There is no way to discount each other between "evolution" and "creativity.
In fact, they are well combined. . .
You know, time exists in our universe and may not exist in other universes, so these other universes are in M-
Theory always exists (
Like you said outside of time. .
So there are two different things.
Your God and other universes)
Exists outside of time, but you prove his existence with the idea that God exists outside of time, and then turn around and claim that he created these universes, which have always existed outside of time. Lunacy. Really?
I 've read a comic book about aliens coming down from space, and we're their offspring.
There are many theories in books.
Didn't Adam and Eve only have boys? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
So, unless they have sex with Mom, how do we give birth.
In fact, Genesis says they also have many other children.
Genesis 5: 4 the day after the birth of Adam Seth is 800;
He has other sons and daughters.
"Well, if the death was introduced after they were expelled from the garden, Seth should have been born after the expulsion, don't you think it was strange that he was still alive in 800?
The only recorded person who lived "so long" was only found in the Bible?
Can you accept it?
Not to mention incest. . .
If Adam and Eve were the only two created by God, when Cain killed able, he and his wife moved into a village. . . WHERE THE !
Where did she come from?
Where did the villagers come from?
Then Adam and Eve were created by God, and they bred to have children. Then what?
How does a bloodline without close relatives breed and no pollution disappear from there?
Is Adam sleeping with his daughter?
Is Eve with her son?
Is the son sleeping with his daughter?
Is it a combination?
What race is Adam and Eve?
Where are they?
If so, how did Asians, blacks, etc come?
I believe the Bible explains this. . .
Aliens, I mean, Angels mate with humans, half of them.
Known as the breed of Nephilim, or whatever its spelling is.
Anyway, the story is nonsense.
But I think according to the Bible, aliens I mean Angels don't have the equipment they need to complete this task!
I agree, too. this is nonsense.
Where did the dinosaurs fall from?
I think I'm a little confused. Hey Mr. Lewis. . . . .
Speak well!
If I meet a perfect manmade diamond (
Made in a few hours)
I am unable to distinguish from diamonds that are naturally present, and I will determine the date of the Diamond based on the time it takes for me to understand it to occur.
I was totally wrong.
For years, no one has believed that the life of killer whales is over 60 years old.
We recently found a 90-year-old killer whale.
It seems that the whale is 60 years old when checking the teeth.
Obviously, over a certain age, the teeth will stop aging.
Many of these mistakes have been made in science.
This is a typical case of logical limits.
Scientific observation of something, it fills the gap according to other observations, and then makes a valid guess.
This works in many cases, but not all.
The key to the past is not necessarily the present.
Many factors are relative.
Your argument is plausible.
Just because you don't understand the carbon age doesn't mean it's a mystery. (Carefully)
Look at the content I posted.
I have no concerns about carbon dating technology.
Thank you, but it's enough once.
If you see a diamond and think it's been thousands of years old, you're an idiot.
Every ninth grade student knows that we can make artificial diamonds.
I understand your point.
I have heard it countless times: simple observation is not enough.
Not everything can be collected by the facts at hand. You're correct.
But no one ever said it.
Yes, science may be wrong.
That is why it continues to change.
The difference between faith and science is that science is not afraid of making mistakes, because when we find ourselves wrong, we just change our minds.
Christians have not changed their minds for more than 2000 years.
However, it is good to try it.
This is the assumption.
Of course we can't be the perfect person. made diamond. Even a 9th-
Grader understands this.
I just mean the limit of logic (
Like anyone with logic).
Obviously, you have logic.
However, there are many illogical statements in this thread.
When science made its statement (not guesses)
The stars give us life. this is not science.
Thanks for clarification.
Your argument, however, is still plausible.
So, logic can't tell us everything. Granted. So?
Does this mean that we have abandoned the science that logic can prove?
Does that mean everything we know is wrong?
Does this mean that it makes no sense to try to infer every bit of knowledge we can infer because there may be some information missing?
Einstein said: "The more we know, the more we know.
"Simply throw away all the science we have, and the science we don't have will make us idiots.
Most importantly, the correctness of science has nothing to do with the correctness of superstition and magical thinking.
It's been a while since I read such a good review.
John did a good job.
John, you're introducing the role of Struman.
You're suggesting something I haven't said.
Are you saying John is me?
I can only hope that I can express my thoughts in words like him.
If you think he did that, then you and the idiot. @stemcell What?
Yes, I'm talking to John.
But you're confusing me anyway.
In addition to the position of the Scarecrow and the argument that I have never made out of my desire to continue the debate --
John and I agreed here. @stemcell What?
Yes, I'm talking to John.
But you're confusing me anyway.
In addition to the position of the Scarecrow and the argument that I have never made out of my desire to continue the debate --
John and I agreed here. . .
I agree, things may not look the same.
The same argument, however, applies to the claim that the universe was created last Tuesday and is entirely our false memory/history.
There is no way to refute this.
In fact, that's why it's not an effective scientific hypothesis.
Similarly, the idea of God creating the universe (
Ideas I personally share);
There is no way to refute this, which is why it is not scientific.
Now, I can freely admit that the universe was probably created last Tuesday.
But at some point, you have to accept the possibilities and give up the ones that can't make a testable prediction.
@ Michael put it well
There is a logical way of explaining in terms of false memory/history.
For example, if the universe is entangled
What we observe at the speed of light does happen (
Delay camera).
This is reflected in the last paragraph, Jonah.
Human beings do not have the ability to do certain things, and do not have certain knowledge, which is not impossible.
Today is impossible for us. it may be tomorrow.
Then, as you have pointed out, we must have faith in the divine nature of God.
I am an atheist and if you believe that God created the universe, the burden of proof is on you, not on the contrary. . .
You prove the existence of God, it's your stupid idea. . .
@ Marr Funny, I said this to atheists 20 years ago.
Christians should have all the magic of Jesus.
They can heal the dead with the power of faith.
That's what the Bible says.
This can be tested and Christians always fail the test.
Even Jesus could not recover his limbs.
Call me back when this changes.
In fact, atheism is the most natural thing. . .
Religion is taught by parents. . .
Your idea is religion. . . You prove it. . .
Saying that I prove that God does not exist is as stupid as I prove that unicorns do not exist because I do not believe in unicorns. . .
In fact, my parents don't believe in God. you are a hypocrite XO @ Matt.
God taught me about himself.
Go back now.
@ Matt is like everyone else mentioned in this forum. . .
Thomas Jefferson considered the meteorite to be a story of an old woman because the rock could not fall from the sky.
He had never seen a fallen man, nor had he ever seen a trusted witness, and he was wrong.
You are right, sir, that may not exist and cannot be proved.
God = meteorite
We cannot deny what does not exist.
If you want to believe all the Jesus nonsense, then you may want to read the passages in the Bible and quote the words of Jesus, who says that he will come back before some of his followers see death.
To clarify, he spoke directly to the people of his time.
He said he would come back within their generation.
Considering that Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet, Jesus' lies also deny the myth of Islam as much as Christianity.
There are many contradictions between the Bible and the Quran, and they completely destroy these religions from within in their own words.
Therefore, we can infer that the gods of Christianity and Muslims do not exist.
How about Jewish God? Old testament. . .
Ten Commandments.
Let's see, Moses got the Ten Commandments, and they were destroyed.
It is said that God promised that he would write the same commandments.
What does this so-called God do?
Write down a different set of precepts.
The Jewish God also lied and denied the God.
As you can see, it is not difficult to completely debunk the three most popular religions in a few words, which are taken directly from religious texts outlining these entire belief systems.
By the way, the Bible is not the whole Bible.
If you do read the book, you will find that it references other books of the Bible.
The only problem is that the books are not included in the Bible.
What does this mean?
Because the Bible is not complete, everyone who believes in the Bible is doomed to fail because they never get complete information.
Welcome to reality.
OK, here's the question: when we clone a person, I assume that most Christians, Muslims, etc, this may be in the coming decades. . .
There's no problem killing people like this. Why?
Because the cloned individual has never been bred.
Sperm and eggs do not merge)
Therefore, this person will never be "created ". . .
Oh, another thing about the big bang and the whole God creating everything. . . Who created God?
If God was not createde.
"He's been there all the time," and maybe the reality hasn't been created and has been there all the time. . .
Maybe reality has the unique ability to create itself spontaneously, maybe it has not started.
Perhaps it has all the wonderful qualities of God, minus the full perception and/or care of man. . .
Just some food worth thinking about. . .
Some of you are clearly starving.
God cloned Eve on Adam's rib and put him into deep sleep.
We already demonstrated it in the lab.
We are just not honest with ourselves intellectually.
We say things are impossible because they are possible for us.
When they are possible, we will pretend to be silly.
Time does not exist outside L x W x H.
Time does not exist without space.
We have proved the possibility of eternity.
This is where God lives.
He has always existed, and we cannot see him in our physical senses.
Science claims that things are from scratch.
I think from our point of view, people will describe it like this.
: Hebrews 11:3 "We understand with faith that the universe is formed under the command of God, so what we see (
Physical universe of Earth, sun, moon and stars)
Not made of visible things.
"@ Vintage274 you're implying something I haven't said.
Obviously, I made a hypothetical argument about the diamond post.
For those of you who can't come up with assumptions from context, I debate the use of the word hypothesis.
Your comment on the teeth is wrong.
Over the age of 60, the composition of the teeth will not change much.
I believe this will be taken into account in future age determination studies.
I don't think the technology will be completely abandoned (
Mainly reliable).
I'm sure they will decide on the technology for a better age.
As for the rest of your writing. . . stray man.
I did not suggest any comments.
You call this reality, and you are only immersed in illusion. Get a hobby.
XO, science has shown that pigs can fly under their own strength and therefore have no God. (
You may not see how ridiculous this is for your argument. /sigh)Wow.
Your argument is scientifically wrong and frightening.
Artificial diamonds are easily distinguished by experts and natural diamonds.
Because you don't know how to do this, it doesn't negate the existence of science.
Science does not pay attention to something and immediately comes to a conclusion and calls it a fact.
Because it is believed that whales live to the age of 60 does not deny its existence.
Science is reliable.
It is observed that according to scientific knowledge, the life of whales is at least 60 years old or an average of 60 years old.
If the observation shows that the whale actually lives to 90 years old, the time of the whale will be extended.
Adding knowledge to previous knowledge is all about science.
It never denies the original fact.
The facts are produced by continuous observation and careful measurement.
Science does not see something happening or call it a fact.
That's why this article, which is rarely mentioned in posts, has a wide variety of theories about new skeletal findings.
In order to reach an accurate conclusion, more discoveries are needed in anthropology.
Your thoughts on what science is doing are very disturbing.
They show a lack of scientific understanding, but you seem to believe that you know what you're talking about.
@ Vintage274 you're suggesting something I haven't said
Obviously, I made a hypothetical argument about the diamond post.
For those of you who can't come up with assumptions from context, I debate the use of the word hypothesis.
Your comment on the teeth is wrong.
Over the age of 60, the composition of the teeth will not change much.
I believe this will be taken into account in future age determination studies.
I don't think the technology will be completely abandoned (
Mainly reliable).
I'm sure they will decide on the technology for a better age.
As for the rest of your writing. . . stray man.
I did not suggest any comments. . .
Vin, XO seems to be a pro.
He pointed out that science looked forward to the missing links and fragmentary evidence from the beginning.
He said you can't judge things from appearance and premonition.
Thomas Jefferson considered the meteorite to be a story of an old woman because the rock could not fall from the sky.
He had never seen a fallen man, nor had he ever seen a trusted witness, and he was wrong.
Thank you, Bible clown.
Yes, I'm a science major.
There's a lot of good science out there and a lot of bad science).
I know you and I both know that it is difficult for people to exclude the belief system from explanation.
@ Stemcell if you have the ability to distinguish, we agree with each other.
In addition to the part that John is taking out of context, and the new arguments that have been made out of the desire to continue the discussion. Oh, sorry. No problem, sir.
I think the difference is that now that we know that teeth are not an effective indicator of age, we will look for another way to get the data of the killer whale.
We now know that they can live to be 90.
Progress in knowledge.
You can't deny, or deny 2 2 = 4.
Calculus is an elegant form of approximation, but it is enough to design aircraft and rockets.
Science may not be perfect, but it tries to be perfect, which is not always the case for those fundamentalists who refuse to assume, if it does not agree with their view of the world. . @Paul Well put!
If you meet a perfect man
This only means that humans have once again overcome nature in their own games. No naturally-
The diamond is perfect.
If you ever look at perfection naturally"occurring blue-
Under the jeweler's microscope, you will see a lot of flaws.
Even under a low magnification, the strain mode unique to opening the polarizers and natural diamonds pops up.
More will appear when UV is turned on.
This is how Gemologists can identify natural diamonds from much lower value HPHT and CVD species.
I saw the "perfect" CVD diamond under the microscope.
This is the first clue they made manually.
Turn on the UV and eliminate all doubts: there will be a fluorescence in the CVD variety;
Natural Diamonds rarely emit fluorescence.
How can evolution happen since God created the world before 8000?
He was just hanging out outside our solar system, where we couldn't find him in heaven, and when everyone quarreled over which version of him was correct, he laughed.
Oh, the dinosaurs are not true either.
In fact, the Bible places the earth above 5000, and frankly you need all the evidence of God's existence. The BIBLE.
These facts are too bad! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
The Bible does not have any facts, except that it is dotted with names of various possible people and places to prove its authenticity.
If someone writes "there is a huge purple dragon in New York", some fools will believe even if the rest of the statement is a lie, because New York does exist. Really?
How did you "calculate" the number?
Based on the Bible?
In fact, the Bible is full of mistakes.
Translated and "edited" by the religious forces of the time to meet their own needs.
Because it says it's true, you believe it's true.
Is there any other document in the world that can convince you of the truth of this argument?
I bet it's not yet, because you 've been told that you believe it is.
A good job that changes reality to meet your expectations.
You might as well replace the Bible with Lord of the Rings, for it has a variety of meanings.
If you believe 2nd Paul, "one day is 1000 and 1000 is one day ".
Since God created the sun one day after the creation of plant life, there was no photosynthesis in 1000, so there were no survivors until the next planting after 1000.
You have to forgive me for the outbreak of free thought, but I learned more about facts in science class than in Sunday school class.
Creative Science puts forward more whole in the concept of evolution.
The beauty of @ Ike science is that as our understanding of the world continues to expand, science is constantly changing and evolving.
When a new theory comes along
Gravity, Relativity
It was carefully checked and tested.
If it is found that it best describes the natural forces it deals with, it becomes an accepted theory until a better one emerges. .
Therefore, unlike static religions that still have the same understanding of the world before 2000, science is a growing process (pun intended)
Man is a species.
Unfortunately, every serious scientific discussion was hijacked by religious madmen.
We are rapidly becoming a nation of ignorant and proud people.
As far as I'm
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