an idea as solid as a brick to manage plastic | kochi news - times of india - water absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-21
an idea as solid as a brick to manage plastic | kochi news - times of india  -  water absorbent
KOCHI: a group of engineering graduates who recently graduated from Thrikkakara school of model engineering have come up with an innovative solution for managing plastic wasteplastic bricks.
Inspired by Ahmed Khan's plastic Road and the story of plastic bricks made in Ivory Coast and Uganda, the team launched their own unique products that can be made from locally available raw materials.
"When we made the first prototype, we took it to the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cochin for quality and strength testing.
The bricks have passed all the recommended tests.
"Compression strength test, water absorption test, bending test," said team member Kevin Jacob . ".
Cusat's Civil Engineering Department has certified the product.
"This is a mixture of plastic waste collected from Karukutty grama panchayat and surrounding areas and some local ingredients," said Manyu J Varma . ".
The method followed when making bricks and the ingredients used make them stronger, less absorbent and more durable than ordinary bricks.
Most of them have entered the IT industry with high salaries.
But their desire for innovation drives them to resign.
No matter how much money they have saved, they have invested in the business.
"We have these bricks ready.
The test will be completed from January to February.
"Now, we are building a small factory in Karukutty's backyard to make more bricks," Kevin said . ".
Of the 60 million tons of garbage produced in India each year, in Kerala alone, 6,000 tons of garbage are produced every day.
Gao Zhi, known as the National Waste Capital, is the largest contributor, generating about 45,000 metric tons of waste per year.
"We can make 2,500 bricks from five tons of plastic waste produced by Kochi every day," he said . ".
These paving bricks can be used to make sidewalks, pave the way, and maybe there will be some improvements in the future, or even to build houses, young people say.
Innovation is no stranger to this group. they won the honor of creating smart fans during their college years --regulator, 'i-
Fan, hybrid train, early detection project of Parkinson's disease, etc.
The rest of the team are Safin Nazel, abhith D, Edwin Basil James, maynon Bagya Lakshmi, Arjun
There is also a medical student.
Kevin was elected to MIT (MIT)
More rigorous training in innovation and startup.
He was selected from outstanding applicants including students, professionals, entrepreneurs and inventors from all over the world.
Travel and visa fees for this training camp will be sponsored by KSIDC, which will help young start-ups grow through seed funding.
"We dream of a machine that eats plastic all day and distributes all kinds of building bricks," Julian said in the project . ".
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