an end to puddles? bizarre 'thirsty' concrete sucks up hundreds of gallons of water in less than a minute - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
an end to puddles? bizarre \'thirsty\' concrete sucks up hundreds of gallons of water in less than a minute  -  absorption of water
Concrete is rarely the most fascinating subject, but the "thirty" version of a strange material has turned it into something quite striking.
Topmix Permeable concrete is a kind of super concrete.
Absorb the surface covering, allowing water to penetrate through it, instead of sitting on it trying to fight the flood.
The video of the test materials in the parking lot shows that the concrete "drank" 880 gallons (4,000 litres)
In about a minute, most of the water disappeared almost as soon as it landed.
VideoTopmix permeable concrete scrolling down can absorb up to 880 gallons of water in about a minute.
Watching the water pour out of the truck and disappear to the ground, strangely fascinating (credit: Tarmac)
According to the tarmac, while helping to prevent surface water from flooding during the storm, concrete can also help roads or circulation paths become safer by preventing puddles that may pose risks, the development of concrete.
It works by having a permeable concrete layer at the top that allows water to flow through the matrix of relatively large pebbles into the bottom of the loose gravel below.
Drainage pipes incorporated into the rubble help increase the amount of water it can cope.
A statement from the company said that this will not only help solve mountain torrents in urban areas, but may also help to reduce heating on the tarmac in hot weather.
They said: Permeable concrete allows surface water to drain freely to the ground floor through the worn surface, and can act as a reservoir during the height drop.
During these periods, this feature helps to delay the discharge of surface water into waterways or drainage systems, reduce the risk of overwhelming systems and lead to flash floods.
During rising temperatures and heavy rainfall, the water stored in the system evaporates to produce a cooling effect that reduces the surface temperature.
The concept of permeable concrete has existed for nearly 60 years, for example, it is often used to pave the way to help drain the water.
However, the tarmac claims that its advances in compaction methods have now allowed it to be used as a top surface and able to withstand the use of the car.
It claims that penetrating concrete is ideal for large-area concrete where water can be a problem such as a parking lot or a driveway.
The company also said the system could help prevent puddles on bicycle lanes and sidewalks.
However, in areas that suffer from extreme cold, the concrete may be damaged by the freezing of the water below and cause surface buckles and cracks on it.
The tarmac says it has installed Topmix penetration concrete in the parking lot at High Wycombe and the Worksop Golf Course.
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