an awesome beach towel - my best birthday pre-sent when i turned 30 - super absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-21
an awesome beach towel - my best birthday pre-sent when i turned 30  -  super absorbent material
For beach lovers like me, summer has officially arrived, and it is quite important to find a cool beach towel that is fully functional and looks great.
It wasn't long before I went through Pinterest and stumbled across some sponsored ads that I thought were impossible --
Beach towels that reject sand.
There's nothing worse on Earth than going to the beach to take the whole beach home. The post-
It is so annoying and impossible to clear the beach sand. So the anti-
Beach towels immediately caught my attention.
So I clicked on the ad that caused the GoBreezie site.
I'm glad to have so many cool prints to choose from.
It is learned from the introduction of the fabric that these towels are super absorbent and dry quickly and can be folded into small sizes.
This makes it convenient to take anywhere.
This is such a perfect beach towel which is incredible based on my experience as a beach tramp.
I have to try one myself.
To my surprise, the transportation was fast.
The towels also come with lovely backpacks. Prints are two-
So I don't think it will get dirty easily.
The size is perfect, but overall, lighter and more airy than traditional beach towels.
I tried it and didn't get wet like a blanket sitting on a dry beach.
It works very well.
When I finished, I shook it off and the sand fell off easily.
Can't wait to upgrade the towel test-
Meet the situation of water and sand.
Surprisingly, the towels were wet and the sand fell off easily.
This is my best birthday present ever! A quick note -
This is not the softest towel.
It's more like lying on a blanket, which I guess is made of innovative microfibers.
But it did a good job.
Very good for traveling.
The ability to dry quickly and compact, suitable for each bag, does not take up too much space.
I took it to our daily trip to swim and sunbathe.
I'm glad it did a quick job and didn't leave a disgusting smell in my backpack.
Fast Dry, sand proof, comfortable, that's what I want, the GoBreezie towel is the exact game changer on the beach towel.
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