alternatives to toilet paper - which paper towel is the most absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-04
alternatives to toilet paper  -  which paper towel is the most absorbent
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There are actually a lot of alternatives to toilet paper.
Some are quite disgusting, but some are actually quite hygienic.
Many people reading this may wonder why anyone in the world needs a replacement for toilet paper.
For those of you who want to know why, you may be surprised to know that many countries in the world do not use it at all.
Also, when there is nothing available at all, you may be stuck somewhere, perhaps in your own home.
For those of you looking at a toilet paper replacement, you have a lot of options.
Paper towels: as a legitimate toilet paper replacement, this will work in a pinch, but it is usually not a good idea to use it in your own home.
Paper towels are usually much thicker, so it doesn't break down very quickly.
It may cause problems with the septic tank system or it may cause plug blockage.
When it causes a blockage, the piston usually handles this toilet paper replacement, but it is better to use the tissue only as a last resort.
Warning: White works fine, but the Brown industrial paper towels are very rough and not working very well.
Facial tissue: this is one of the most common alternatives to toilet paper.
I must admit that I have used it many times myself.
The old Kleenex box would be nice if there was no TP at home and no time to wait.
Like paper towels, they don't break down very quickly and cause blockages occasionally.
Still, you can use them without worrying as long as you just use them occasionally.
Most importantly, you will find them with lotions and scents, so you can even find decorations other than toilet paper at home. The O-
So the ring is beautiful.
Napkins: these are a bit rough on the chassis, but they work if you don't have a better, softer idea.
Like many others already mentioned, they don't break it down very well, but they can use it in a pinch.
Don't use these for long periods of time, otherwise you may have problems, not just the septic system in your home.
Standard Paper: Ouch.
This will be very rough in your most sensitive area.
I think it will work when you don't have any other viable options.
I would definitely not recommend flushing it, otherwise there may be some issues with the septic system in your home.
If you use too much, you may not be able to sit on any hard surface for a while.
Fancy bidet: this becomes a viable alternative to toilet paper only if you are lucky enough to travel or have a bidet at home.
It is very popular in some countries.
Basically, it's a sink that cleans up the black hole and keeps your personal pipes clean and tidy.
Plastic bags: Oh man, I can only imagine the confusion that would be brought to you by replacing toilet paper with plastic bags.
They are not absorbed at all and should never be flushed.
I think it might work in the forest or somewhere else, but I think there are some better alternatives to replacing toilet paper.
This may work if you don't have any other options, but it will be disgusting.
The use of leaves, ferns: Many hunters or avid outdoor enthusiasts have to replace toilet paper with one or two leaves in the woods.
Although they don't work well at all, they are definitely better than doing nothing.
It's better not to use those things that have dried up, otherwise you will have more confusion than before when they are crushed.
You also want to make sure there are no wood ticks or spiders on it.
It's no fun to tick down.
In addition, many uninformed victims used poison ivy or poison oak trees.
Even in the worst case, you will feel itching and pain if you use the wrong plant.
It is a good alternative to toilet paper when outdoors, but you 'd better be careful.
Clothes or rags: I think socks can be used as one of many alternatives to toilet paper.
I guess the clothes you use are either thoroughly washed or thrown away.
I think diapers can be cleaned and reused, so I think your socks are OK too.
I think I 'd rather throw it away.
I don't recommend wearing shirt sleeves, especially if this is your only shirt.
I can imagine that some kind of button or snapshot can bring some serious pain to your most sensitive area, so you should be careful.
If you use a rag, don't use a rag with cleaning products on it, and don't use a rag in a garage covered with oil and WD
Otherwise you may feel real pain.
Your hand: this will solve the nail biting habits you hate. . hopefully.
It can be incredibly disgusting, but it's something to do in many parts of the world.
If it is the right hand, I suggest using the left hand and vice versa.
Make sure there is enough soap and water nearby.
Hopefully you didn't have lunch while reading this, otherwise the garbage might come out of the attic instead of coming out of the basement.
New underwear: if there is no viable alternative to toilet paper in your area, you may just want to set aside a few dollars for new underwear or bleach.
If you have to use this option, it is better to avoid the public area before you go home.
A nice shower: it may be a legal alternative to toilet paper if you have a chance to shower.
Wash a nice, long, hot and soap shower to get your chassis cleaned up properly.
Since you will sit in your own Diluted poop, bathing may not be your choice.
The next time you find yourself without toilet paper, you would like to have some good alternatives to use.
You need to pinch one when you're in a pinch, and you need to think with your toes.
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