agrichemicals can pose huge risks - hazmat spill kit

by:Demi     2019-09-15
agrichemicals can pose huge risks  -  hazmat spill kit
Safe on-
Farm use of agricultural chemicals is not just an application process --
There are some of the biggest dangers in storage methods.
Dean Bowden is a growing safety coach and a former spray contractor. He said that people now know much better about danger, but many farms still have old ones.
"It has improved a lot in the past 10 years.
In order for farmers to enter the course of planting safety, great efforts have been made.
GrowSafe is huge in the gardening industry and the approved processing procedure course attracts many farmers as it is a requirement before farmers buy some chemicals. " On-
Farm chemical uses include wrenches, pour-
Agriculture, pesticides, fertilizers and dairy farmers will also store and disinfect their milk shed equipment using acid and alkali.
He said Fonterra dairy farmers are audited when using animal products, so the chemicals are kept away from dairy farms.
A government request.
State-owned enterprises that provide global food safety and biosafety services to the food and primary production sectors also inspect dairy farms.
"However, other types of farms are not part of a temporary visit, and some of them may not be as serious about where and how chemicals are stored.
"In busy farms, agricultural chemicals are usually stacked in convenient places and are generally not locked up or stored away from other dangerous places such as fuel and fertilizers.
Flammable chemicals are at great risk.
"To be portable, there is also a risk of pouring chemicals into smaller containers," Dean said.
"I have seen chemicals in milk bottles, soft drink bottles and old oil containers.
"Dean said the most serious accidental misuse he had ever seen was that 150 substitute cows were wet by a downpour --on.
"I believe some farmers feel a bit overdone to have to store chemicals in locked sheds and keep them away from others --
Farm chemicals such as fuel and fertilizer.
For example, they will use a pump shed because it is lockable and has electricity, but that means they store chemicals where they use water
This is very common.
"It is also common to find stored chemicals in sheds with no required safety signs and will not be tied up to accommodate any spills.
Any shed for storing agricultural chemicals requires proper signage.
This includes the Hazchem sign and the no smoking sign.
Each sign has its own story.
Hazchem 2WE, for example, told the fire brigade to use the nozzle (that's the 2)or dry powder.
W said wearing a respirator and E said it was considering withdrawing from the area.
"I do worry that there is a lot of chemicals and fertilizer on the property that the local fire brigade does not know.
Every farmer storing chemicals should let the local fire brigade know what they have and where the chemicals are on the farm.
This is required by law.
"For agricultural storage less than 100L, farmers should have a leak kit and emergency plan on the exterior wall of the shed.
If it exceeds 100L, there are different rules for the tracked substances that store more than 100L.
Farmers should create a list of chemicals and their codes and display the maximum number by category, even if partially used.
This total must go to the nearest fire station. "Old-
School farmers tend to ignore the requirements for protective clothing and equipment such as goggles and masks, but the younger generation is more serious, Dean said.
"I also have a concern that chemicals are often stored in-
Farm with easy access.
Farmers should remember that tourists and family members on vacation may not understand the dangers as their own children do.
"Dean's concern was shared by Chris Johnson, a demanding field technician from Mosgiel, who personally handled a lot about
Farm audit for meat companies.
Chris said: "We always emphasize the importance of properly storing agricultural and animal health products, which must be stored separately.
Using pesticides on the farm is not as bad as before.
Of course, the new generation of farmers has improved this over the past 10 years. 20 years.
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