actor jason priestley seriously hurt in crash - oil absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-28
actor jason priestley seriously hurt in crash  -  oil absorbent material
Actor Jason pristley crashed a car into the head.
Hit the wall today on the Kentucky Highway at nearly 180 miles an hour, with a broken back, a head injury, and a serious condition.
Priestley, a former star of the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210, "was flown to the Chandler Medical Center of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, fracture of the mid-back spine, injury to head closure, fracture of both feet, henry Bock, medical director of the Indy Racing Alliance, said.
Priestley wore a respirator to keep him calm, but he was able to breathe on his own and be vigilant, Bock said.
"At this time, there is no indication of any other injury to the head [
Except concussion. ," Bock said.
His vital signs are stable. . . .
He opened his eyes wide.
He looked around and followed the orders.
"Bock said there was no sign of paralysis and Priestley's test could last until the evening.
He will not guess how long it will take for his recovery.
The 32-year-old pristley collapsed from the second round in the final game of the Kentucky 100 series.
"He was sideways, then corrected the mistake and then off track," said former Indy 500 champion Arie Luyendyk, his son Jr.
, Compete with Priestley in the competition series.
"He turned the wall right, and his first impact was basically the head --
"Said Luyendyk.
"I saw it from the roof.
What I'm thinking is that it's really a big blow to him that could hurt him.
'Priestley seems to be driven by oil, 'says Luyendyk.
"Dry", which is an absorbing material, has been laid on a part of the track about 10 minutes ago to absorb the oil of another car.
Fred Nation, vice president of IRL, said all drivers were warned to avoid this.
The actor from British Columbia became a TV star on Fox's Beverly Hills, 90210, which lasted from 1990 to 2000.
He has been nominated for two Golden Globes and has produced and directed several documentaries, TV series, cable network specials and music videos.
His films include the eyes of onlookers, the calendar girl, and Love and Death on Long Island.
Priestley started the California rally in 1991 and won his first race in the middle.
Sports Car Course in Ohio 1998.
Last season he was a radio analyst at the IRL series, and this year he joined the Kelly Team of the new Infiniti Pro Series, developing circuits for cars similar to IRL cars but smaller and less functional.
He won second place in Saturday's qualifying match, and Priestley said confidence was key to the game.
"With these cars, most of the time it's just going to be able to keep your feet inside and understand that cars will actually keep the roads open," he said . ".
"I think in many ways, most oval drivers just put their faith in higher power at some point, and they will actually do it around the corner.
"Priestley had a crash before.
In April, he crashed a Steamboat in a game in Miami.
On 1995, he hit a ditch at a Michelin-starred SCCA Pro rally in Olympia, Washington.
But recovered to finish the game.
Last year, he completed an alcohol counseling program and was ordered to participate after he did not dispute the light crime drunk driving charge caused by a car accident in Hollywood Hills in December 1999.
The accident destroyed Priestley's Porsche and injured a friend's arm.
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