- absorption of water

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  -  absorption of water
Released By Mark Prigg: EDT 15: 36 on February 7, 2014 | update: On February 8, 2014, EDT 06:31 scientists finally answered a great mystery in life --
Why are our fingers wrinkled in the shower?
German researchers have discovered the secret of skin elasticity and say it boils down to an expanded grid.
The team now says their research may bring new treatments for skin complaints and more effective artificial skin.
Two physicists, Professor Roland Rose of the University of tibingan and
Myfanwy Evans at Erlangen University reveals in the journal Body review express why skin has this extraordinary ability.
The outer layer of our skin absorbs moisture and expands to form ridges, but quickly returns to the old state when dry.
The expansion and absorption of water occurs in the outermost skin layer, which is composed of dead cells piled up in the layer like bricks.
These cells are filled with a silk network made of protein proteins.
The chains of these proteins lock each other to form a three-
The researchers found that the size grid-when the stock reaches out, it will increase the volume by five times.
Evans and Ross have shown how this structure can help skin cells expand and contract.
Like a spring, the more the filaments stretch, the greater the elastic energy, the team said.
They developed a model that describes how the energy of the system changes as the network spacing changes.
The researchers first calculated the silk's willingness to absorb water and found that this energy was reduced, which means that the structure tends to expand and absorb water.
But they believe that since the process is easy to reverse in real cells, some other forces have to take action to reverse the expansion of the system.
Inspired by the previous elastic measurement of the filament, they realized that the tension in the stretched filament could provide an offset force.
The interaction of these opposing forces ensures that the skin can only absorb a certain amount of water and move between two extreme states limited by the physical structure of the skin.
The researchers concluded that the geometry of the horny wire must be critical to the skin's response to water, as it keeps the system within an energy range that can simultaneously inhibit expansion.
Evans and Ross's research has helped to treat some skin diseases and create materials with skin prominent properties.
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