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absorbent products in the u.k.  -  absorbent products
Over the past 12 months, there has been a lot of innovation and new product launches in the U. K.
Disposable goods business
All three simulation products in the business have launched trainer products to supplement sales, and wings and other shaping innovations have largely played a role in the women's health business.
However, the adult incontinence business is still very small due to the lack of exciting new products.
Let's take a closer look at the diaper and women's hygiene business.
The market valuation of disposable diapers in diapers market is 448 [pounds]
The annual market penetration rate reached 90%.
Brands account for 75% of sales, and P & G accounts for the entire market with 71% of sales.
Figure 1 shows the market share of diapers, excluding training pants products.
Market share is constantly changing. in the past three months, "Pampers" has occupied 73% of the entire market.
This is undoubtedly due to the consistency and quality of performance and sound marketing to a large extent, but this is also due to the retailer's use of Pampers as the "bottom line", Ie.
Sell it at a very low profit to attract customers.
The suggested retail price of Pampers apackage is 8. 99 [pounds]
And sell regularly at 6. 99. [pounds]
To compete with it, both Peaudouce and swlers offer offers such as "two prices and three" that have cut their promotional budget.
Judging from the range of products offered by leading manufacturers, P & G currently has two lines in the market, "stage" and "stage baby drying ".
"Phases is a leading product with a variety of sizes and boy/girl versions.
Baby Dry was launched earlier this year with only a larger size (midi and maxi)
And boy/girl configuration.
Baby drying is designed for a large amount of moisture, including night use and pressure humidity (
When the baby cries in one place)
And its price is the same as the stage.
To make things more complicated and stay ahead, P & G has just announced the launch of its third diaper product, "Pampers ultra-thin," which is expected to be put on shelves by the end of last month.
This has an improved absorption core and less block phase and dry baby.
P & G said the thickness of the product was 30% and the amount of material used was reduced by nearly 30%.
This means both the advantages of saving space on the shelves and the ecological advantages.
Just like baby drying, the ultra-thin only offers midi and maxi sizes and is expected to retail at the same price as the Pampers stage baby drying and Pampers stage carrying bag.
Pampers outstanding performance in the United StatesK.
Over the past four years, Peaudouce's share has fallen sharply.
Peaudouce is the daughter company of Molnlycke, who once had a 25% share in the United States. K. market;
It has now dropped to 7%.
Despite the introduction of a stage-type range called "step-by-step" that offers standing leg cuffs, a boy/girl version, and all the other features that Pampers offers.
Peaudouce has no choice but to continue upgrading its products and will produce a more compact version soon.
The new product will have an internal pair of pants.
Combined with a leak-proof system
Leaking leg cuffs and two special new "waist pockets "--
Next to the baby's belly, there's one in the back-
Form a "complete leak barrier.
New features are available in all sizes except for newborns.
Peaudouce is also dealing with the increasing pressure on shelf space and inventory.
This month, the company will launch heavilycompacted diapers, so that retailers will get 28% more products with a 13% reduction in shelf space.
Compaction technology means Peaudouce will change from portrait to landscape shape like Pampers, which will increase the utilization rate of shelving.
The shape of the landscape also improves portability.
Third player in the United StatesK.
The diaper market is a branch of finafu, Italy.
Finaf and P & G are trying to form joint ventures in Italy, where they are ranked first and second respectively;
However, the European Economic Community asked Finaf to strip itself from the package. K.
Before departure-
Advance for this adventure.
This is what rumoredthat Finaf is trying to swadlers, though swadlers ü. K.
This will not be confirmed or denied.
Now, 4% of people in the United States are using swaddled diapers. K. market.
It currently has a configuration for boys/girls, but the manufacturer has decided to switch back to products that are unisex and re-launch only at night/during the day.
18 months ago, swl launched a very successful premium night diaper, which currently accounts for 15% of its total sales.
Interestingly, the unit cost of 25 p makes "Togs night-
Time is the most expensive diaper in the United States. K.
The market, but that doesn't stop the high acceptance of moms getting frustrated with changing wet bedding and clothing in the morning.
According to the company's research, parents are skeptical about the value of boy/girl diapers, but recognize the value of the day --Time/Night-
Time strategy closely related to baby diaper changing needs.
The reason behind the new day and night strategy is thata trim, which requires high performance diapers during the day when babies usually change every three hours, but at night, when diapers need to last 12 hours, A large, very absorbent product is needed.
Swlers predicts that the retail industry will not only benefit from the reduction in shelf space (
Will cause both men and women)
Cash turnover has increased, but the new strategy will also allow consumers to get rid of brands with low/loss margins and improve the overall profitability of diaper fixtures.
It has a 3 million [pounds]
It is planned to carry out a national publicity campaign between November and April, and in [pounds]
Cashback promotions designed to link Togs Day-
Time and night purchase time and lock mom in the new range.
At present, its own brand occupies about 15% of the market share;
The best-selling product is "boots", a chemical diaper (
8% of the entire market).
All supermarkets and chain stores in largerchemist have their own products, and hypermarkets usually store the brands of Pampers Togs or peauduce their own brands, and occasionally
"Major Suppliers of private label diapers in the United StatesK.
Paper and premium disposable items from Gibson Pindale.
Leading chain stores ask their private label suppliers to provide all the latest features such as standing leg cuffs.
Training pants biggest innovation big news in AmericaK.
One-time supplies market this year
Waiting for the release of the first training pants product.
British consumers have been a little confused about the choice of diapers, and they suddenly saw three new products on supermarket shelves ---"Huggies Pull-
Ups from Kimberly
Clark, P & G's "Pam filter" and Peaudouce's "up and down ". These state-of-the-
Art products use sophisticated elastic and sticky techniques to provide tight fit to prevent apants-
For example, the material of loading and unloading during potty training.
The price of Pampers sports shoes is 6. 99 [pounds]for 26 10-15 kg packs(unit cost 27p). Huggies Pull-
Ups retail at 26. 99 for 28 9-12 kg (unitcost 25 p)or 22 14+ kg (boy. )/15+ kg (girl)packs (unit cost 31 p).
The retail price of Up and Go products in peauduce is 6. 49 [pounds]for 22 12-16kg packs (unit cost 29. 5).
Compared with the price of toddler diperth, it shows that if compared on the basis of the current price reduction of 6, the price of Pampers sports shoes is 50% higher than that of Pampers. 99 [pounds];
Recommended price 8. 99 [pounds]
The premium is only 18%.
Among peauduce's products, the training pants have a 65% premiere.
A separate article is required to describe the composition of the product in detail.
The state-of-the-art stretch non-woven fabric, leg and waist elasticity and spray adhesive systems are used in large quantities for all three products, but very different methods are used.
Figures 2, 3 and 4 show the difference-the P&G and K-
C. The product looks like pants in flat layout, while the formation and use of 22 elastic lines in the waist of Peaudouce products makes it look more like a normal diaper when it comes out of the package.
Aesthetically speaking, the first prize is Hug LA.
Ups, as the second prize continues to rise, because the Pampers are not soft and have no appeal to the eyes.
All products are designed to tear easily when wet.
Full color printing on the back of nonwovencover for Pampers products, at K-
C and peauduce products.
There are no private label training products on the market so far, but at least one US companyK.
Private Label Manufacturers are scheduled to start production early next year.
General situation of women's health market in the United StatesK.
Women's health market is worth 0. 245 billion 【pounds]
In terms of retail prices and external sectors, this month has risen from 54% to about 60%.
The increase in the share of napkins in sanitary strips is due to improved reliability of wing products, which have been launched with P & G's "always" products since February 1992.
Always line available in normal and super versions with andno underpants
Protect the wings;
It quickly entered the napkin market until then, led by Kimberly
Clark, sansella and Johnson (Figures 5 and 6).
The biggest growth area in the sanitary napkin industry is ultra-thin wing products, which have replaced 30% of traditional rectangular sanitary napkins since the beginning of 1992.
The current traditional (non-ultra, non-winged)
Products account for 70% of the market, ultra-thin (
With and Without Wings)
The products are 19%, and the thick wing products are 11%.
It is these more expensive high-performance products that encourage women to move from tampon to full or partial protection and lead to a higher market share of external protection than internal protection.
The technical methods of the wings vary from company to company, and the positions and shapes of the wings vary (Figure 7). K-
C introduced "Kotex Curved" in different directions from competitors ". "This is a nonultranon-
A winged napkin with a thickness similar to the Always Plus.
Insert the elastic element along the side of the third part in the middle of the napkin so that it has the shape of the boat.
However, elasticity does not add much to performance, and the product does not seem to solve the side line problem like wings. The other K-
C product is normal thick napkin "simple" and its unique Kotexcentral protective strip is K-
C. all over the world.
This blue strap under the bedspread is designed to drain the liquid from the side along the center of the napkin.
Sancella continues to upgrade its products.
In last March, it launched an ultra-thin wing napkina with a "dry feel" cover.
Sancella also added a winged night napkin "good night in body shape" on September;
Studies have shown that this napkin reduces the leakage by half compared to regular napkins.
The Company believes that in the area of health protection, thick night napkins are needed, just as sw swadders have found a night niche in the diaper market.
Grocery and chemist chains have been keen to own their own wing-shaped napkins, although earlier patents were expected to prevent private label manufacturers from launching wing-shaped products, including Boots and Tesco
Tesco's products are made in Japan, and boots are made in the United States. S.
It's hard to imagine what's going to happen in the diaperand sanitary napkin business, but one thing is for sure --
Manufacturers will continue to stay ahead in this competitive market.
Claire Haddad is a long man.
Time consultants in the US disposable goods and absorbing products industryK. Ms.
Haddad, headquartered in inGodalming, USA.
K, is a frequent visitor to the non-woven industry.
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