absorbent patent activity. - absorbent

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absorbent patent activity.  -  absorbent
Recently issued patents reflect the growth trend of ordinary ratherthan applications --
Specific patents; P&G, K-
C. move on, while the patent activity recorded in the weekly patent bulletin only reflects the possibility of the market and its future direction --
Of course, it is not the commercial nature of each patent authorization.
In fact, the number of patents related to non-woven and absorbent products has remained high for many years, which continues to bode well for the future of the industry.
In fact, the number of patents granted has declined in the past few years;
For example, in 1987, the non-woven industry reviewed 75 patents within six months.
This review only includes 62 patents issued in about a year.
However, although the total number of patents that were finally issued dropped by 59%, the total number of patents remains considerable compared to other industries.
Logically, at some point, the number of patents for absorbent products has to decline;
In fact, there are still so many patents appliedand received-
More important consideration.
This year's patent investigation also reflects an increasing trend towards a more general "absorbing items" or "disposing" of patents rather than applying --
Patents for specific "baby diapers" or "sanitary napkins.
The survey also does not include more than 10 patents issued for more general "non-woven" or "structures" that do not specifically refer to absorbent products, but may have applications in these areas.
Interestingly, most of these patents are for many
Layer or composite structure.
Among the manufacturers of absorbent products, Kimberly-
Clark, P & G in Dallas, Texas, and Cincinnati, OH, there are a few others though --
Including two Japanese companies.
This leading edge is approaching. The "Who" -
In this year's patent review, companies that reflect the vagaries of the patent scene of water-absorbing products are worse than companies that last year's individual companies participated in.
This year, Procter & Gamble, a one-time baby diaper maker for "Pampers" and "Luvs", took the lead in 11% patents and remained stable last year.
However, Kimberly, the manufacturer of "hug-
Clark won only 4% patents last year, but this year rebounded with nearly 10% patents, maintaining close ties with P & G.
Interestingly, most patents for both companies are generic "disposable diapers" or "absorbing products" patents with or without further descriptive features.
The only exception is an app
Specific adult incontinence patients are suing P & G.
Japanese manufacturer Uni-
Charm also owns nearly 10% patents;
Last year, the company also held the only patent review of training pants.
Kao, also located in Japan, has obtained 7% patents, which makes Japan a competitor with the most patents from countries outside the United States. S.
3 m, St. , manufacturer of Diapercomponent, also registered 7% patents
Paul, MN and personal products company in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
However, if chicopee, the sister company of the personal product (
Now Johnson & Johnson advanced materials company)
The number of personal products jumped to nearly 10%, including that.
The only European company on the list is molnlycke/Peaudouce, and 3% of the patents have been issued.
Interestingly, however, Hoechst AG in Frankfurt, Germany is known for its participation in the roofing and other industrial non-woven markets and has been granted a patent for "tampon and its manufacture.
Geographic segmentation
Compared with last year, 32% of patents were granted to companies or individuals outside the United States. S. -the U. S.
Has the highest percentage of patents, 73%.
Japan won second place by virtue of a patent issued to Uni
Charmand Gao, 16%.
Europe won third place with 7% patents;
Taiwan, Australia and South Africa have obtained 1% patents, respectively. The "What" -
For patents issued above, the vast majority of patents issued are aimed at ordinary absorbing items that may or may not include a variety of "fancy things.
"Specifically, 56% of patents fall into this category.
This can be broken down into 38% describing absorbing items or disposable clothing, and 18% describing some sort of disposable diaper.
To further break this down, 29% of the 56% products in this category in the "absorbing items" area describe simple absorbing products;
The other 71% describes a "absorbing product ". . .
Similarly, in the disposable diapers category, 27% of disposable diapers are patented/73% disposable diapers. . . (
Full list of all patents issued, see the side bar attached).
Of all the patents issued, less than 1% of the patents describe infant diaperconstruction;
The patent was issued to a person in Australia.
The performance of adult incontinence products is slightly better, 3% of patents are prosecuted, and 16% of patents for health protection products (
Of these 16%, 20% were cotton strips).
Patents have also been issued for components of absorbent products including adhesive tape and adhesive.
Four specific categories
Paper urine film, tape, adhesive and high absorption parts
In total, almost 15% of patents were granted.
In the "other" category, a patent has been issued for the "non-woven fabric wiping immersion composition" and two patents have been issued for absorbent products used in the food transportation or packaging industry.
Below is a list of all patents included in this survey, there is no specific order5,143,774)
Thomas C. Leopold CancioRyle, Pai-
Wu Chuan, shareholder of Clopay
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed 9/1/89.
Method of preparing absorbent particles (5,171,237)John F. Poccia,Kevin J.
Ovans, Heinz Pieniak, the transferor to Huihao Co. , Ltd.
Federal Highway, Washington state. Filed 10/7/91.
High-absorption articles with relatively thin liquid absorption parts (5,141,794)Candido J.
Arroyo, an appointee at & t Bell Labs, Murray Hill, New Jersey. Filed 11/3/89.
Tape for foam
Backing water absorption products (5,128,187)StephenP.
Polski, a shareholder of Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Corporation, St. Paul, MN. Filed 12/11/90.
Hot construction adhesive for disposable soft products (5,149,741)Mark D.
Marion M. ALPA
Miles, the appointee of Findlay adhesiveInc. Wauwatosa, WI. Filed 9/20/91.
More disposable items
Adhesive for line construction (5,037,411)
David B. Malcolm, William.
The appointee of Bunnelle, H. B. Fuller Co. Wilmington. Filed 11/9/88.
Cohesive tape system (5,085,655)Roger H.
Carl Joseph, Gary A, March.
Avalon, assigned to Avery Denison. , Pasadena CA. Filed 7/19/90.
Transparent printed embossed film (5,133,707)Wallace S. Rogers, AlanJ.
Sipinen, a shareholder of Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Corporation, St. Paul, MN. Filed 7/26/90.
Low friction and high release coating for release band (5,080,973)Thanh V.
Nguyen, shareholder of Avery DenisonPasadena, California. Filed5/22/90.
Baby diapers with adjustable size (5,100,399)
Sue Jenson, Dana Pendley, Victoria, Australia. Filed 5/15/90.
Tampon and its manufacture (5,171,235)
Dirk Tez, Walter fester, the appointee of the Federal Reserve Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft. Rep. of Germany. Filed4/1/91.
The applicator of sanitary articles such as sanitary cotton strips. (5,135,475)
Assignee of Zhonggu long, Koizumi, Jiubao Zhengshu, Zhongdao Zhengshu, Takahashi Yansen, Yamamoto Tatsuya, Sakai Jihong and Kao, Tokyo Japan. Filed 8/14/91.
Ice food transport container with water and liquid absorption pad (5,135,787)Thomas I.
Assigned person of Bair, EI.
DuPont and the company,Wilmington DE. Filed 8/14/90.
Method of suction pad and construction of suction pad (5,055,332)John C.
Ronald R. RhodesAljoe, Berne F.
Cleaning peoplePak, Inc. ,St. Louis, MO.
Dry forming process of Orkelljunga, Switzerland. Filed 9/18/89.
Non-woven fabric wiping dipping ingredients (5,141,803)
David Pregozen, agent of Sterling Drug, Inc. , New York, NY. Filed 8/20/91.
Disposable wear pants (5,163,932)
Nomura Guangsen, Gaotian, Ono Guangfu, Ono mountain Sasaki, assigned to Uni-CharmCorp. , Ehime, Japan. Filed 10/23/91.
Reusable diapers and their construction methods (5,137,526)
FredricaCoates, Earlysville, VA. Filed 5/25/90.
Sanitary Napkins (5,133,705)
Hongwen psychologist, bomeibaba, AkiraSakurai, the flower King Company of the transferor. , Tokyo, Japan. Filed 5/22/91.
Sanitary napkin with connection system including partial hinge (5,125,918)
Wassim Seidy, MacNeil of the transferor-PPC, Inc. , Milltown, NJ. Filed 4/14/88.
Sanitary napkins with optional profile mechanism (5,127,911)
Eva bahaaf, CarbondaleFiled 5/1/89.
Sanitary Napkins (5,129,893)
Agneta Thoren, the assignee of Molnlycke AB, Gothenburg, Sweden. Filed 12/19/86.
Sanitary napkins with composite covers (5,135,521)Thomas J.
Deborah J. lucelli
Shareholders of Parr, McNeil PPC, Inc. , Milltown, NJ. Filed1/16/90.
Intermittent Batwing adhesive system for sanitary napkins (5,133,704)
Bruce Wheeler, McNeil's agent. PPC, Inc.
New Brunswick, New Jersey. Filed11/2/90.
Female sanitary napkins (5,169,394)Lai D.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Filed 8/27/91.
Sanitary Napkins (5,092,860)
Raymond Pigneul, transferor toKaysersberg, SA, Kaiser Bell, France. Filed 12/7/90.
Water absorption strips (5,126,201)
Japan's island city, Abe, Kobayashi, shareholders of Gao's company. , Tokyo Japan. Filed 12/28/89.
Water absorption strips (5,069,677)
The transferor of Gao Wang company, Joi Kang Hong. , Tokyo Japan. Filed 3/12/90.
Disposable clothing (5,171,239)
Longguang Igaue, Katsuhide, Hongdian village, Sasaki, Uni-of the transferor-Charm Corp. , Ehime,Japan. Filed 11/27/91.
Water-absorbing insert (5,160,331)Ralph H.
Arthur B. Forrest.
Finkelstein, transfer of products to future generations, St. Paul, MN. Filed12/2/91.
Structure of absorbent fiber (5,128,193)Sheryl J.
Anapol, Hien VNguyen, assignee of New Brunswick chicope, New Jersey. Filed 9/4/91.
Recyclable non-woven fabric (5,143,779)David D.
Henry S. Newkirk
Transfer to fiber web North America
Simpsonville, SC. Filed 12/23/88.
Water absorption structure (5,149,335)Stanley R.
Anthony J Schroeder
Wisneski, a shareholder of KimberlyClark Corp. ,Neenah WI. Filed 2/23/90.
Water absorption products with anti-pressure expansion capacity (5,147,343)Stanley R.
Kimberly enberger, a shareholder of KimberlyClark Corp. , Neenah, WI. Filed 4/10/89.
Disposable clothing with breathable leg cuffs (5,085,654)Kenneth B.
Buell, the appointee of P & G.
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed4/22/91.
Disposable absorbing items with a combination of mechanical and bonded fastener systems and with reserve tape used to improve disposability (5,108,384)David J. K.
Goullait, shareholder of P & GOh, Cincinnati. Filed 9/11/90.
Absorption and buffering products and their manufacturing (5,149,332)Richard R.
Richard C Walton
George E Walton
Robert Wen.
Assigned to Richard R.
Walton, Boston, MA. Filed 12/8/86.
Polymer Network composition for absorbing articles (5,149,333)Philip A.
Sasse, shareholders of KimberlyClark Corp. , Neenah, WI. Filed3/27/92.
Package and selfcontaining On-
Demand, high water absorption composite material (5,135,792)John D.
Hogan, assigned by Assoc, Beth Israel Hospital. , Inc.
Ma submitted 5/25/90 in Boston.
Suction plate for body fluid absorption clothing (5,154,714)
Nomura Qingsen, Gaotian, Junji Xinyuan, Zhutian Xiu, Tian Ji Guangzhi, assignee of the UniversityCharm Corp. , Ehime, Japan. Filed1/29/91.
The method of fixing the absorbent item with a buckle and the absorbent item on the adjacent garment (5,154,715)Thomas P.
To Kimberly's partner, van Eden. Clark Corp. , Neenah, WI. Filed 7/26/91.
Water absorbing structure with multiple canals (5,151,091)Frank S.
William B. G.
Mattingly, shareholder of McNeil PPC, Inc. , Milltown,NJ. Filed 2/21/91.
Water absorption items containing cross-linked polymer between particles (5,149,334)Frank H.
Charles J. LarmanBerg, Donald C.
Luo, agent of P & G
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed 4/2/90.
Disposable clothing with refastable tape system (5,147,347)Yung-
Huang Xiang, Dave.
Ruth A. solens
Paul rachappel
Kimberly, III, assignee of KimberlyClark Corp. , Neenah, WI. Filed1/17/91.
Absorbent articles with dynamic elastic waist features with elastic bending hinges (5,151,092)Kenneth B. Buell,Sandra H.
Apparently, Danielia T Falconet, the cleaning company of the transferor.
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed 8/22/91.
One-time absorbing items with core spacers (5,171,236)KimberlyA. Dreier, M.
Procfreeland, the appointee of Procter & GambleCo.
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed 12/20/91.
Water suction pad with fiber finish (5,171,238)Richard E.
Kajander, designee of Transzonic companyOh, Cleveland. Filed 3/16/89.
Disposable urine and stool waste container products (5,167,654)Ching-Yun M.
Yang, the appointee of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Filed1/12/90.
Multi-layer absorption core for absorbing articles (5,134,007)George S.
Bruce H. Reising
Sandra H. BergmanClear, Susan E.
Lorandor Gomez Gunn
San Diego, partner of P & GOh, Cincinnati. Filed 5/1/91.
Spiral sweat absorption pad (5,104,396)John A. Oatley, DavidG.
Levi and South Africa. Filed 1/25/89.
Efficient absorption supplies for incontinence management (5,147,345)Gerald A. Young, Gary D.
Lavin, Gregory W. Taylor, assignorsto, P & G.
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed 8/12/91.
Urine loss pad (5,074,855)Robert F.
Jay A Rosen Briis
George R. lecker
Green, appointee of advanced surgical interventionFiled 1/10/91.
Disposable diapers (5,069,678)
Shanben Zhengguang, the trip to Mucun Ji, Fujioka liangjiu, Shanben Hongji, Shanben Zhengguang, and the transfer of people-Charm Corp. , Ehime, Japan. Filed 9/27/90.
Disposable diapers (5,061,261)
Migaku Suzuki, a monthly girl, Juncong, TakeshiKudo, Kazuaki Dasi trade Zhuzhou, Uni-Charm Corp. , Ehime, Japan. Filed5/25/90.
Disposable diapers (5,114,420)
Xiuming Gaojing, Tian si Guangzhi, Beigang, etc. are transferred to Uni-Charm Corp. , Ehime, Japan. Filed2/20/90.
Disposable diapers using an improved hook and loop fastener system (5,053,028)Anthony J. Zoia, Roland R.
Donde L. micchley
William L. prachko
Lee E. Melby
Wood, Susan K. nestard, John.
Miller, partner in Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, St. Paul, MN. Filed10/10/89.
Disposable diapers, absorbent articles and thermoplastic sheet materials with improved adhesive adhesion (5,084,039)Leopoldo V.
Thomas R. CancioRyle, Robert J. Tomany, Pai-
Wu Chuan, shareholder of ClopayCorp
Oh, Cincinnati. Filed 6/7/89.
Disposable diapers with Tab fasteners (5,133,706)
Robert Dixon of maryarmouthFiled 5/5/89. Tearable Anti-
Wet structure (5,137,525)Jacob A.
Glassman in Miami Beach, Florida. Filed 11/29/90.
Diapers with disposable chassis assemblies and reusable elastic belts, which are retained movable by said Chassis Assemblies (5,135,522)Anne M.
Patrick R. Kruger
God, Kimberly's appointee. Clark Corp. , Neenah,WI. Filed 11/7/91.
High absorption, leakage
Waterproof breathable diapers (5,114,418)
HarryLevy, Hollis Mountain, New YorkFiled 12/10/90.
Disposable Diaper anchor hook fastener part with thermoplastic material (5,100,400)Kirit C.
Bernard D. Modi
Campbell is a shareholder in toMinnesota mining manufacturing. , St. Paul, MN. Filed 11/17/89.
Disposable diapers with crotch elasticity and side seal coating (5,100,398)
Andre Le Roy, Yves Velz, agent of the French Lindsay Peaudouce. Filed 7/27/88.
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