absorbent hydrofiber and calcium alginate foam dressings - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
absorbent hydrofiber and calcium alginate foam dressings  -  absorbent
A water fiber dressing is made up of a substance that is very absorbent, which is called sodium carbon cellulose (CMC).
When you go out and buy these dressings, they can be bought with sheets or ropes.
There are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties in the material.
This is located in the areas of carbon oxygen and cellulose.
CMC Limited the seepage to the center of the fiber and could not be treated biologically.
The way this works is that the GP is bound by carbon-cellulose on the surface of the cell.
This allows for the absorption and isolation of inflammatory cells, especially neutrophils.
This helps speed up the re
Upper leather
The advantage of this dressing is that it provides a moisture-balanced environment.
This actually helps to slow down the level of self-dissolution and to control the seepage to a large extent because the dressing has the gel properties of the dressing core.
In a study for chronic venous ulcer, CMC dressings were better used than gauze.
The chance of healing has increased by 130% and there is a chance of healing within 18 weeks.
It also shows that medical expenses are reduced due to the fact that care and physician fees are not required, which is part of the dressing change.
Water fiber dressing is suitable for people with moderate to severe secretions.
These can also be used with a large amount of surface bacterial burden.
However, these dressings are not the first choice for dry wounds or for wounds with little fluid leakage.
The water fiber dressing has good fiber strength and can be filled into the sinus loosely. They are non-
Adhesive, need to have tape or secondary dressing to keep them in place.
On the other hand, algae calcium dressing is made of kelp and consists of algae calcium polysaccharide.
These dressings have the concept of sodium.
Calcium ion exchange between wound seepage fluid and dressing.
This interaction of ions and ooze produces a moisture-
Retention of properties and potential for self-dissolution removal.
This makes these dressings a candidate for moderate drainage of wounds.
The physical properties of the dressing are determined by the different composition of mannuonic and galuonic acid units.
In addition, the increase in the concentration of galuronic acid promoted the fiber strength, and the high content of mannuronic acid promoted the gel.
This helps to pack the seasoning for sale more easily.
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