absorbent clay key to clean farms - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
absorbent clay key to clean farms  -  absorbent
A mining group says New Zealand should do more to take advantage of the contaminated "alchemist dream"
Soak the clay to clean the dairy farm.
According to the New Zealand Mineral Industry Association,
It has an open crystal structure that is superabsorbent -
It can be used to absorb nitrogen and phosphate from dairy farms that pollute streams and lakes.
This mineral is used to absorb oil spills and absorb barbecue fat and stadium turf at Westpac Stadium in Wellington and Waikato Stadium.
Doug Gordon, chief executive of the association, said encouraging the development of "green minerals" could change public perception of the industry.
Capture Farm runoff in zeolite-
If it is a pasture with lace, it can save the growth of water and grass.
"You have the dream of an alchemist to turn the muck into gold.
"Crown Research scientist Scion has transformed this mineral into a bond that attracts phosphorus and other contaminated nutrients entering the waterway.
Removing excess phosphorus and other nutrients in the water can reduce unwanted algae reproduction.
Related mineral bentonite can also remove contaminants from waste from paper mills and freeze plants.
"Due to the lack of investment from a government and market perspective, these minerals are rarely explored or developed in New Zealand," he said . ".
Indirect benefits from local and foreign investments in "green minerals" include increasing tourism and restoring water quality and habitat for endangered species.
"It's stupid not to discuss this further," Gordon said . ".
The Modified zeolite has a broad commercial application prospect.
Potential uses include water storage systems in lake treatment, irrigation reservoirs, home and commercial fish ponds and aquariums, farm dams and sinks, golf course ponds, nurseries and other irrigation equipment. Rotorua-
Scion, based in Scion, began studying zeolite in 2004 and, two years later, worked with Tokoroa's Blue Pacific minerals to develop a technology based on mineral water absorption properties.
A trial was conducted on Lake Okaro, a small nutrient
Rich Lake, south of Rotorua, has used a pilot project since 2006.
Dave Hill, managing director of Blue Pacific, said the company agreed to mine about 100,000 tons a year, but about half of it.
With 24 full-time employees, the company has grown strongly over the past 10 years.
Most of the zeolite is used as a fat absorber for barbecues, a grease absorber for spills, a powder that can absorb toxins from the food in stock, and for sports lawns, including golf courses.
One barrier that is widely used in dairy farms, he said, is the need to drill it into the ranch or install it into the trenches ditch, which is expensive.
"This is a question of pragmatic business reasons.
You can load the zeolite with nitrogen fertilizer, which helps to cover the cost of the product entering the ground.
There are about 40 minerals in the "super Beaker", which is called zeolite.
* Common in volcanic rocks.
* There are many unique open crystal structures on the surface.
* This provides a huge surface area for chemical exchange and absorption.
* Animal waste can be bundled in this layer and protected waterways.
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