a few companies clean up supplying oil cleanup gear - water absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-08-27
a few companies clean up supplying oil cleanup gear  -  water absorbent pads
Philip Matas was awakened at 2: 30 A. M. m.
Got an unusual business call on Saturday.
Someone would like to order 100 rain suits, 100 safety helmets, 24 pairs of rubber boots and 20 eye wash bottles ---
They want them to be delivered to Long Beach in a double apartment.
Although the time is not long, Mamatas, president of Century safety instruments supply company
At Orange, he was not surprised by the phone when he heard who the customer was.
Southwest VECO.
Long Beach company hired by BP
Clean up the huge oil spill on Huntington Beach
Since BP asked VECO last Friday to help clean up the oil spill, VECO has purchased $850,000 worth of supplies and equipment from around 20 Southern California companies for beach mopping
Sharon Hagelstrom, a VECO spokesman, said the operation had begun.
Century Security got a big part of that business--
Exactly $71,000. -
Various equipment including loudspeaker and lifeguard.
While the oil spill is a tragedy for the Orange County coastline, a small highlight is that it brings a lot of business to some companies in Southern California.
Ma Matas said the leak "almost doubled my business this month ".
"But I don't want this to happen here or anywhere.
I live less than a mile from the beach.
"Only 4 of the 23 vendors hired by VECO are Orange County companies.
The rest is located somewhere else in Long Beach or Los Angeles County.
Bill Cates, purchasing director at VECO, said his company relies mainly on Los Angeles County, which has done business with it in the past.
"We are based in Long Beach, so we do a lot of business in Long Beach," Cates said . ".
"When you call the supplier in the middle of the night, they expect cash.
It would be great if you have established credit with these suppliers.
"In addition to the helmet and boots, VECO has purchased many other supplies to clean up the oil: 125,000 plastic garbage bags, 58,500 water suction pads, 45,000 rain suits, 13,500 rubber gloves, 240 flashlights, there are 20 portable light poles and 16 mobile phones.
Hagelstrom said that, in addition to the cost of all these devices, VECO costs about $200,000 a day to cover the cost of cleaning up personnel.
VECO was also the main contractor for last year's disastrous Exxon.
Valdez oil spillup in Alaska.
Since Monday morning, vendors have called VECO a lot to provide their services. -
Cates says leave the phone number where you can get in touch at night.
Mamatas and Mike Luzzi, general manager of Century safety, said they took turns shipping supplies to the coastline
Starting at 6 in the morningm. to 9 p. m. last Wednesday.
VECO uses cheap vinyl and rubber rain gear to protect cleaning personnel from toxic oil, Luzzi said.
"It's a smart and cost-
"This is an effective way of doing things," he said . "
While VECO orders more equipment every day, VECO says most of the supply has been purchased.
For the sake of Century safety, the leak was clearly a windfall.
The company has supplied more than 8,700 sets of rain-proof clothing, 4,000 goggles, 1,000 safety helmets and 2,000 pairs of gloves.
What is needed to deal with overflow items: quantity of garbage bags: 125,000 water suction pad: 58,500 rain protection set: 45,000 boom (in feet)
: 20,000 rubber gloves: 13,500 boots: 4,400 goggles: 2,000 safety helmet: 1,500 rake: 725 shovel: 400 flashlight: 240 first aid kit: 60 water coolers: 60 light standard: 20 mobile phones: 16 cars: 16 pickup trucks: 6 vans: 6 front-
Last loader: 5 security guards: 4 buses: 3 Agricultural tractors-
Trailer: 2 boats and trailers: 1 generator: 1
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