a close-up look at the f-35a, the air force's next-gen jet - highly absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-26
a close-up look at the f-35a, the air force\'s next-gen jet  -  highly absorbent material
The U. S.
Air Force announces first squadron 5
Generation fighter, F-
35A Lightning II, combat ready in early August.
This is a very advanced and powerful singleseat, single-
The engine fighter has advanced situational awareness, stealth, speed of about 1,200 mph and more-
It is designed to accomplish a series of tasks with only one plane. The next-
Gen jet was designed to hit the height
Defend targets anywhere on Earth and provide the United StatesS.
Military aircraft can fly to enemy space and attack with precise weapons remotely-
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The 388 fighter wing 34 Fighter Squadron at Hill Air Force Base in Utah is the first combat F-35A squadron.
In order to reach the initial operational capability milestone, the base needs at least 12 battles
Ready-made jets capable of global deployment for missions involving basic proximity
Air support, air interception and limited suppression and destruction of enemy air defense.
In the last few weeks of the test, I had the opportunity to visit and stay with the Chinese team and take a closer look at F-35A.
US Air Force 388 fighter wing fighter pilot Captain James Schmidt gave me a comprehensive and detailed overview as we walked around the plane.
What is the 5 th?
Invisible Generation? The F-
Traditional planes can't go anywhere.
Lockheed Martin
35 Lightning II is number 5-
A generation of stealth fighters that safely penetrate the area without enemy radar sight
Enhanced the degree of the fourth "invisible"
Generation cannot be realized. The F-
The advanced stealth capability of 35 is called a Very Low Observable (VLO)
Stealth is achieved by significantly reducing the progress of enemy aircraft and defense system detection.
"So F-
"Its stealth capabilities are so unique and effective," Schmidt said . ".
"It's just one thing that makes F-35 unique.
"From the beginning, stealth was built into the plane.
Schmidt broke some stealth when he was walking around on the plane.
"You will notice the shape of the plane.
"You will notice how the door is angled," he said . "
"You will notice the lining of the wing and how the engine is buried in the curved entrance.
All these things.
Special radar absorbing material placed on a jet
We call it RAM-
All of this gives jets the ability to avoid modern aircraft. day radars.
"When people ask where can we see this plane?
"I saw the version 2050 and above," Schmidt added . ".
"This is the jet we need to add F-22 and B-
We will also continue to work in today's competitive environment. ”Next-
Gen situational awareness revolves around F-there's a lot of hype35’s state-of-the-
The art helmet allows the pilot to look down and basically "see" through the plane to the ground below.
Schmidt explained the basic principles of distributed aperture system (DAS)
And how the aircraft interacts with the camera and helmet to achieve this effect.
"Cameras are everywhere on the plane.
This gives me 360 coverage . . . . . .
"The plane is looking for me outside," he said . ".
"The Jets took all these cameras and stitched them together, then superimposed the image on the sun visor of my helmet.
The camera was looking at that part of the space as I turned my head around, but it stitched them together, so when I looked around the plane it looked like a seamless picture.
"It's true that the pilot can see the ground.
"So I can look down and it will superimpose the photos taken by the camera on my sun visor," Schmidt confirmed . ". WeaponsThe F-
To meet specific needs, 35 s are tailored for each service.
For example, the Air Force needs a gun.
So how do planes carry weapons and keep them invisible?
Schmidt said: "This is the unique thing about guns and even weapons . . . . . . You can see that the arms bay door is closed . ".
"This allows us to remain invisible while fighting with weapons.
So we can carry missiles, we can carry bombs, all of which are hidden there, the door opens when we need to take the weapon or sue the target, the weapon leaves and the door closes again, keep us invisible. ”Cooling fireF-
35 s can reach 1,200 miles per hour.
This requires a very powerful engine.
The heat of this engine will be a sign that the opponent is trying to identify.
So F-
35 s keep invisible?
"In addition to radar absorbing materials, their F-35 [there is also]
"The Thermal reduction coating or signature reduction coating material on the exhaust or tail pipe," Schmidt explained . ".
"How do you set fire?
Lockheed Martin has found a way to cover it with a special coating that actually reduces the temperature of the rear exhaust, which helps us fight against the infrared threat or what is going to be launched
"FlyingSo what is this fifth flight like? generation jet?
Schmidt, an experienced pilot, said: "The flight and landing of this plane is very good.
Super easy to fly.
The engineers and designers of this aircraft want to make sure that we can focus on what really matters in terms of tactics.
He explained,
35A has advanced autopilot.
"So, if I want to, I can say, I want to fly at this height, at this speed, or I want you to get from this to this point, then I can take my hand off the controller and the plane will do as I ask. ”The F-
35A benefits from the technology developed for naval needs. "So when we land
Because of the Navy.
"We have a special feature called the proximity power compensator, what it will do when I am ready to land, and I will queue up in the final," Schmidt revealed . ".
"I pressed a button on the jet and the jet did whatever it needed to do to reach the perfect landing posture, so I flew the jet down.
The jet adds power, which reduces the power to change the spacing of the jet.
So when you land, you just need to light up a little bit and the plane lands and it's done.
Schmidt described how this technology is in F-
35 is different for pilots.
"I came from another slightly older platform," he said . ".
"It was amazing for me that they built a plane that allowed me to focus on the tactical side without having to worry about going to the fight or going home from the fight.
It's just about focusing on the important things.
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