9 everyday tile myths busted - super absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-21
9 everyday tile myths busted  -  super absorbent material
Choose the right tile in one of the most important aspects of a home building or renovation project.
Because it helps to set up the look and feel of the House, homeowners should carefully consider the best tile solution on the market that helps create the desired atmosphere.
But with too many options, potential buyers are spoiled while considering factors such as design, color, fit and finish.
On top of that, there are many market myths around the tiles that may confuse homeowners when they get a final call.
That's why we decided to break the nine most popular myths about tile design so you can make the right choice.
Myth 1: marble tiles are not suitable for wet areas. Marble is a highly absorbent material due to its soft stone texture.
If the marble floor is properly sealed during installation, it can also survive well in wet places, such as the kitchen.
However, be careful when using lotions, oils, and hair colors as they cause staining on the marble surface.
When choosing the right tile, you must remember the installation method and purpose.
Myth 2: gray tiles look dull and there are too many home decor options to keep you creative, Gray is no longer the dull color previously thought.
In fact, this color brings an attractive look to the home space. RAK Ceramics (
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One of the world's largest lifestyle solutions providers, with a wide variety of shades to choose from and choose the right one for your family.
Myth 3: The surface of the tile is usually very cold. It is often thought that if you reduce the temperature of the air conditioner in the room, the floor will also get cold.
The truth is that the tile floor can maintain a gentle temperature and fill the warm and welcoming atmosphere around your home.
Myth 4: porcelain is a weak solution for the floor, and porcelain is one of the most durable tiles on the market.
Exquisite porcelain is named after China, the country of origin. it is one of the hardest ceramic products and can be used anywhere.
Myth 5: grouting cleaning is the most laborious task of all time, and this task may become a little mundane if you let it sit for too long.
Surprisingly, the role of ordinary hot water.
If you are looking for ways to make it easier for you, here are some useful tips.
Myth 6: The tiles are too expensive. the opposite is true.
While there are expensive options, most floor solutions like marble, slate and ceramics are affordable.
Myth 7: The tiles do not add flavor to the atmosphere and are very boring. The floor of your house is one of the main design statements and one of the reliable ways to create the ideal atmosphere.
Therefore, the design of wall tiles that mimic the effect of cement, wood, stone or metal surfaces is not boring.
Myth 8: tiles do not require any type of maintenance or care and need to be maintained and maintained.
A well-sealed floor may require less maintenance, but it will certainly require your attention from time to time.
Myth 9: This is not an eco-friendly option when deciding how green the tile solution is, and what people need to look for is more than just the source.
RAK Ceramics is committed to the development of eco-ceramics.
Because it recycles natural raw materials to help protect natural resource-friendly products.
While many people are very concerned about the furniture, appliances, interior decoration and other decorations of their home and office space, the tiles and floors are not getting that much attention.
It's not hard to guess that the poor floor stands out like a stain on the beautiful landscape.
That's why at RAK Ceramics, the floor is at the heart of every design idea.
The brand will focus on providing customers with a pleasant experience on the floor demand side.
In fact, customers can also consult what brands buy so they can overcome the confusion surrounding the common myths in the home design market.
COM/INDIA overcome these everyday myths about tiles and choose the best for your home, office and business space.
Statement: This article is made by the Spotlight team of The Times internet on behalf of RAK Ceramics.
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