7 summer pet problems solved - diaper absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-30
7 summer pet problems solved  -  diaper absorbent polymer
We all love our pets until they smell like skunk, or mess around on our new carpet, or get covered by fleas to go home.
Oh, let's face it.
We love them too.
But dealing with animals can bring about a unique set of questions because they can't answer questions and can't respond well to orders like "clean yourself up before you stop stinking!
Joey Green, author of "here to help", never be afraid.
Author of dozens of family remedy books such as "wash your hair with fresh cream" and Joey Green's "Encyclopedia of alternative use of brand products", Green also wrote a book for pet owners: joey Green's amazing pet therapy
This book is full of ways to solve all kinds of pet problems.
Now that summer is coming, we ask Green about the solution to his favorite summer pet problem. (
Remember, please follow the following pet first aid tips to help your pet cope with high temperatures when suffering from heatstroke. )1.
For pets and owners, there is nothing more irritating about FRAs than fleas.
But if your pet is infected, the last thing you want to do is turn to the toxic chemicals in the flea collar and the flea shampoo (
So try a natural solution for fleas).
Green's solution: Dawn liquid.
Normally, we don't recommend a cleaning product made of oil that may contain harsh cleaners, but Green says there's something unique in the ingredients of dawn, makes it very effective in killing fleas on pets.
"Using it on animals affected by the oil spill is mild enough, so it is unlikely to stimulate the skin of your dog or cat," he said . ".
"The other thing you have to do is kill the fleas in your house," he added, adding that the best tool is plain salt (
He likes Morton's brand).
"The salt dehydrate the fleas and kill them," he said, "but you have to leave it overnight and suck it dry the next day.
"No matter where your pet is, sprinkle salt --
On the bed, on the sofa, or on the carpet. 2.
Summer travel as this is the peak tourist season, you can take at least one trip with your cat or dog.
Therefore, additional stays are planned.
"If an animal is locked in a car, it moves and it will get the pet lost," said Green . ".
When nature calls, it is not only necessary to stop, but also to give the animals a chance to go out and run around, and reduce the loss of the car.
The other must be cold water (
Put a lot of ice cubes into the cooler and even separate food containers so they melt and your pet has icecold water)and toys.
"One way to make your pet really happy is to put some peanut butter in the toy," he said . ".
"It will take a few hours for the pet to try to get it out. "3.
"Gifts from neighboring animals" on your lawn, I had problems with some dogs nearby and I gave up my efforts to train my neighbors, "Green is talking about pet owners who don't pick up dogs after a long walk.
If you are a pet owner, remember to bring a plastic bag so as not to offend the owner while you are walking.
But, if you're a homeowner, Green suggests spreading chillies where dogs like.
[Dogs usually stick in the same place]on a lawn]
Because they do business, "he said.
"They are looking for this smell, so they don't like it when they smell the smell of the cayenne pepper and they go somewhere else.
"It will take weeks for this deterrent to be effective," he said.
You have to sprinkle some chili every day.
But you won't have any problems once it starts working.
The same method can also keep pets away from your garden and vegetable garden: mix two ounces of cayenne pepper with three ounces of mustard powder and five ounces of flour and spread the mixture where pets can easily dig. 4.
Skunks they smell bad any pet owners trying to go
The sprayed pet knows how difficult the process is.
I have tried it. and-
The real trick to wash your animal with tomato sauce, Green says it's good.
If you feel that you need more energy, pour the whole can on your pet, tomatoes, juice and everything with a normal can, tomato Ding.
If you're looking for something cheaper and cleaner, buy a few boxes of baking soda that absorbs the smell.
Make a thick paste with baking soda and warm water, apply it to your pet's fur and let it dry.
Then wash your hair as usual.
Another trick is to take out the bottle of Dawn wine.
Because skunk spray is an oil, it is very good for Dawn to remove oil from animals, so Dawn is a good tool in your pet Libraryskunking. 5.
Bad bathing habits are with all these skunk and there is a lot of mud and dirt in the summer and pets dig them in and get dirty.
If your dog has a tendency to bite you in the bathtub, Green suggests making a human muzzle with an old pair of pantyhose.
Cut a leg of the hose and stick it to the animal's mouth, but don't be so tight that he can't open his mouth a little.
Animals can breathe because the pantyhose is stretched, but the mouth is not wide enough to bite.
To make it easier for your pet to take a shower, apply a drop or two of olive oil on both eyes to prevent them from being stimulated by shampoo, place cotton balls in both ears and prevent water and shampoo from entering.
If your pet has put too much effort into making bath time worthwhile, try dry shampoo.
Flour, baking soda, oats, and corn starch absorb grease, dirt, and smell.
Just spill whatever you have on your pet's coat, rub it in and brush it clean. 6.
The best accident.
Accidents occur from time to time with trained pets, not just in the summer!
Green says the key to preventing accidents from destroying your carpets is to take care of them before they dry.
Two of Green's favorite tools to clean up liquid waste are disposable diapers and club soda.
"Bring diapers to the scene and press them down with books or heavy objects," he said . ". "The super-
The absorbent polymer in the diaper will suck out the liquid from the carpet before penetrating into the carpet liner.
"After that, the scene was doused with club soda.
"The bubble in the club soda will bubble the remaining liquid to the surface, and then you continue to suck it up with a diaper.
"Once you take out the liquid, spray it on the spot with white vinegar for deodorant. 7.
Like the rest of us, pets get sunburned, and like humans, intermittent sun exposure can cause skin cancer.
Instead of trying to cover up their nose, ears and belly (
Areas that are most prone to sunburn)
With questionable sunscreen chemicals, just put them in the hottest part of the day and draw curtains and curtains if they like to sit in sunny windows.
If your pet doesn't have afternoon frolicking in the yard, make sure you have enough shadow areas, green advice, put him in an old T-if your dog allows-
Shirt to protect his stomach
This article first appeared on Rodale Wellness.
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