55 gallon barrel dry well - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
55 gallon barrel dry well  -  55 gallon drum
Part of my backyard became a river in the heavy rain.
Then the water came together from my house for less than 10 feet and finally entered my basement along the "path with minimal resistance.
After listening to the advice of several people, I decided to build a dry well.
The basic concept of a dry well is to collect and redirect underground rain water and allow it to filter to areas far away from buildings.
First I dug a trench of 1ft X 1ft and covered it with a separator fabric.
This fabric is not really needed, but my companion thought it would be more neat and tidy. . .
I'm sure the bugs will like it. . . .
There is a slight slope in this ditch (
4 feet per 1 inch).
Of course, the path of the ditch is far from the house, so the dry well is about 20 feet from the nearest wall.
I don't have a picture of this, but this is an important step: I drill 1/2 holes in the bucket every 10 inch m.
T 'hat's is about 6 holes in 5 rows per row.
I NO into the end of a barrel.
When all this is done, the barrel will be upside down and the bottom is up.
Then I dug a big hole 4ft in diameter, about 5ft deep.
I lined the whole with separate fabric.
This is useful: it prevents too much silt and dirt from mixing with gravel that may later clog the barrel.
Then I put 6 inch pieces of 1 inch gravel at the bottom of the hole.
I connect the end of the PVC pipe with the big hole near the "bottom" of the bucket.
The barrel will remain empty, thus allowing the excess water to gather in the bucket before it is dispersed across the gravel, and then SOILI places the bucket upside down and carefully fills the surrounding area with more gravel3/4inch).
Finally, I covered the bucket with gravel, covered the whole thing with separator fabric, and then added 4 inch of the soil, so this photo was taken two years after "Big Dig, the dry well has been working very well all the time.
I have a lot of dryers in my basement!
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