5 ways to encourage impulse purchases - super absorbent fabric

by:Demi     2019-08-25
5 ways to encourage impulse purchases  -  super absorbent fabric
I just bought six square sponge fabrics for $20. . . away happy -
The "victim" of impulse ". . .
He took part in one of the big performances and came over. . . booth.
I even knew that I had just bought six square sponge fabrics for $20 and then walked away happily --
The "victim" of impulse buying ".
I took part in a big show and walked past a demo booth.
I even knew it was coming.
About 50% of people carry two bright yellow cylinders. things.
When we went to the conference center, I told Tim (my other half)
"There was a person with a microphone doing a demo there.
He made people very excited and they thought they had to buy these things. They over-
Pay and never use them.
"I'm a little smug about this.
I know things like this, so I won't give in. Yeah, right.
This guy is good.
Great, I came up with five ideas to increase sales from impulse purchases.
Next time you evaluate
Semester sales and marketing strategies, thinking and applying these five impulse buying lessons. . .
Impulse buying Lesson 1: show an impressive relevant feature.
If the product is chocolate, you don't need this for sale at the retail checkout counter.
Humanity took over everything.
People need some encouragement when you sell an unrecognizable cylinder.
You will never know to look at them, but these things are shammies that are very absorbed.
They can suck 8-
Take out 10 ounces of soda from your carpet, which impressed you.
When the demonstrators mentioned that they could dry a sweater in three hours, I was fascinated.
It doesn't matter. our family has two oil spills a year. I don't have any sweaters that are "lying flat and drying.
This ability to "live in the present" is one of the keys to successful impulse buying presentations.
Of course, the sales staff have a lot to do with this.
However, repeating an incredibly engaging feature is also key.
Think about any commercial or "Billy Meis" product.
There is always a "amazing! " feature -
Cook in a few minutes, remove stains immediately, easily pull dings from the car, etc.
2. try "timing is correct ".
Quite coincidentally, the day before I hit a yellow cylinder, a leak occurred in my house once every six months.
I was thinking, "If I had these yesterday, we wouldn't be stacking books in the middle of the living room floor now.
"By chance, he had a connection to some of the top things --of-mind for me.
Fortunately, you don't have to rely on coincidence.
At any time, there are usually six or eight popular "themes" that you can contact ".
Better yet, your target audience may have their own unique interests.
On the Internet, you can "timely" by associating complementary products or services ".
For example, if someone is working on the display, they may need the ink cartridge of the printer.
Displaying or highlighting the cartridge on the screen and the display may stimulate the purchase impulse. Better yet -
This is not possible unless you have order history or details --
Show them the exact cartridges they need.
3. make it easy.
It turns out that this cylindrical thing is only $20.
There were no chaotic changes, no stops to fill in the order, and no multiple currencies.
When people took out $20 from their pockets, the demonstrators took them and handed over the Shami in one action.
On the Internet, you can make things simple in two ways.
Order delivery.
Make the order process as simple as possible.
Amazon's "Fast
Clicking on the "link is a great example of making ordering easy.
Impulse buyers simply click the Buy from Amazon button to order directly from the pop-upup window.
You can see how it works in the left column under the Amazon shortcut menu
Click on "example": easy delivery is another way to encourage impulse buying on the Internet.
A digital project that can be downloaded immediately is an example.
Fast delivery for physical
Overnight, day or local shop pick-up -
Sales can be increased.
: 4 give an attractive discount.
A roll of three shamm is $21 but that person is dealing with sales tax which makes it even $20 (
But wait, there's more! ).
Because he's going to vote three more-
No extra charge.
We nodded and agreed.
We reached an agreement.
Sales tax exemption plus three exemptions.
The way the discount is presented may make the transaction sound attractive, or it may be "not such a transaction ".
Which one sounds better? . . . 1)
"Buy one, buy half.
"Or" buy two and get a 25% discount. " 2)"3 for $5. 00" OR "$1. 67 each. " 3)
"40% off" or "$12 off ". 00 each. " (
Let's say $20. )
Another way to encourage impulse buying is to give discounts by bundling sales.
Propose to reduce the price of the second related item (
As shown in example 1 above. ).
On the Internet, I have seen this done with books.
If you have also purchased the item in question, some booksellers offer you an opportunity to save on shipping and/or book prices.
5: "keep up with the pace of neighbors.
"Instead of putting Shami in the bag, the demonstrators rolled them into a cylinder.
In this way, people at the show will see others take them around and wonder what they missed.
The same concept can be applied to the Internet.
I have seen this information on the order, check out and product screens: "Other people who buy 'x' also buy 'Y '".
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All rights reserved.
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