5 inventions you won't believe came from war - super absorbent paper

by:Demi     2019-08-31
5 inventions you won\'t believe came from war  -  super absorbent paper
If everyone agrees with one thing, it is that war is terrible.
Nothing kills emotions faster than the bloody, painful death of a political agenda that you may not even fully understand.
But you can't deny that the armed conflict has given us something very good, like a major improvement in everything from rockets to microwaves.
Oh, and this thing.
5 Female pads and tampons (World War I)
The biggest problem with war is that it tends to leave holes in people, thus encouraging blood to walk where it shouldn't be.
Especially during the First World War, the number of casualties increased dramatically.
Especially when the shortage of cotton makes the dying soldiers feel neck pain.
At that time, Kimberly-
Clark, a paper company, realized that in addition to making the pulp into paper, you can do more with the pulp.
In fact, if you have prepared the right combination of pulp, you can get a absorbent material that is five times higher than cotton, but the production cost is much lower. Kimberly-
Clark said the names of them and the allies, just like white on rice.
Guess who else is in selucton like white on rice?
Their lady has a full-time nurse. days.
It turned out that these super absorbent bandages worked as well as disposable sanitary napkins, something that was not readily available to women at the time.
At that time, most women were forced to use a rag, sponge or a during their menstrual period.
So once the war is over, Kimberly
Clark has a lot of blood bandages on his hands, and no one's blood can be absorbed.
Until someone remembers that, unlike the war, menstruation does not end soon, and those nurses like to use bandages during menstruation.
Through a quick re
Actually, Kimbery-
Clark packaged cellucotton as a women's sanitary product and was hailed as a savior for women around the world. 4Twinkies (World War II)
Eating a cream cake will let the world know that you are not very interested in yourself. respect.
Maybe because under "due date" the hostess just printed "LOL ".
Or maybe it's because you ate something called "twie" and you're not five years old --years old.
We're not judging.
This is a typing-
Handed over, there are flashing marks everywhere on the space bar.
Why should we thank Hitler?
In the 1930 s, a strawberry shortcake was invented for the hostess.
A yellow sponge cake stuffed with strawberries.
Because the strawberry is only a few months a year, they finally changed it and replaced it with bananas.
People are not crazy about them.
But the second world war began.
The government began to ration goods so they could be used against the Nazis.
Bananas are one of them because you obviously can't stop the blitz without bananas.
Perhaps by littering the peel on the battlefield, Wehrmacht will slip on them in high spirits.
Duva and the hostess obviously screwed up for whatever reason.
No strawberries, no bananas.
They only ate stupid empty yellow cakes.
Dewar finally decided to screw it up, throw the fruit out completely, and spray some cheap cream stuffing in it.
What else will he do?
People are crazy about it.
The explosive growth of sales, the birth of modern Twinkie.
A bunch of classic toys (World War II)
A problem was being studied by naval engineers in 1943.
The exquisite equipment on the battleship was knocked down in this way in the high seas.
So when you know what James is fiddling with the springs to support the recording machine or something?
He dropped a spring.
Not sitting there like punk, but a very small spring --like manner.
James knew that there was nothing that the kids liked more than the metal that was rolled around, and he thought he might have invented the greatest toy in the world.
Within two years, James found the perfect metal for his toy ideas, and got a $500 loan to build his first batch of toys, which he sold in his first batch.
A few years later, James may still be troubled by his failure to really protect the safety of the battleship equipment, and he gave up everything and ran away. Go figure.
When the snicki was accidentally discovered, the government invested a lot of research money.
In 1943, the shortage of rubber during the war was very serious, and the government asked private companies to make a synthetic rubber replacement.
GE scientists have put together every chemical they can think of, hoping it can make rubber --like.
It turns out that a sticky mixture has surprising properties: it bounces and stretches, does not stick together and only melts at very high temperatures.
Until someone pointed out that even if you copy the newspaper completely, you can't make tires with the extension of wet gum.
Replacing the rubber is so useless that GE is trying to send the rubber to scientists around the world, hoping someone can come up with a way to do something about the rubber.
In the end, a toy maker mentioned that little kids will almost play with whatever damn thing you give them.
He thought, he might as well try to put these things in small eggs and promote them through fancy catalogues.
The rest is history.
Pink plastic eggs are $2 cheaper in history.
And finally Walter Fred Morrison.
Like most other college students in their 1930 s, Fred spent a lot of time throwing things around friesby's pie plate.
But he didn't understand aerodynamics until he joined the Air Force, and he didn't realize that he was in those pan-
Throw session.
So, Fred learned the basics of aerodynamics from the air force and made a better prototype of the flying pan with no pie crust on it.
He replaced tin with plastic.
He named his work "Pluto Platter" and eventually renamed it "flying disk" and continues to provide hardcore jumping power for extreme College students around the world. Month pepper (The Civil War)
If you think you're about to hear that Tabasco sauce was originally brewed as a cannon lubricant or some kind of chemical weapon, relax.
The civil war gave us Tabasco in a more roundabout way.
Edmund mclenney is a self.
Made man is the kind of person who works 12 hours a day on piracy and becomes a famous banker in New Orleans, just as the American Civil War broke out and destroyed everything he worked so hard to achieve.
As soon as the Allied soldiers invaded his town, macronny fled with his family to his wife's home, in a place called Avery Island, this place is actually not an island at all unless you think Salt Hill is a big island.
"McIlhenny helped start a new life running a family salt mine, which is actually a good business.
During the war, the Avery Island salt mine provided salt for the Southern Union, and before he knew it, mclini had stood up!
That said, he had to flee again before the joint forces launched an attack on his salt mine.
This time, they went to Texas, where the maclinnis wisely stayed until the end of the war.
When cats are not there, federal soldiers will plunder your plantation and burn your crops on the ground, as the McIlhenny family found when they came back.
Everything was destroyed, Yankee.
Style, the only crops that thrive in gray and salty soil are some pepper plants. . .
Tabasco from Mexico()
Thanks to the war, the peppers were almost the only thing McIlhenny prepared for him in 1868.
So, he mixed them up with some Avery Island salt, vinegar, other peppers and wham! .
He bottled his mixture with some old perfume bottles and started shipping to grocery stores across the country.
Two years later, he got a patent and the McIlhenny family has been running the Tabasco brand since then.
1 nylon stockings (World War II)
If you haven't figured it out yet, there is a way for war to devour resources.
It's bad enough when you can't eat salty bananas for breakfast every morning, but when you can't buy some silk for your pantyhose, it's hell.
This is exactly what happened to American women when Japan decided that Americans were not on the right side of World War II.
Remember, this is.
Women wear clothes all day, but they want to cover their gams.
Specifically, it is covered with silk.
So when Japan cut off the west from their silk, American women.
When women had to work hard for the war, they invested money to catch the last silk pantyhose.
Silk is so important.
Good news and bad news are available to American ladies.
The good news is that, back in 1935, DuPont hired the smartest chemists today to study synthetic polymers to replace the silk they knew they would not be able to get once the Japanese relationship deteriorated, what they think is.
Nylon is stronger than silk and it is great to cover bare legs.
The bad news is, oh yes, the effort of the war really needs all the nylon parachutes and body armor in the United States.
So the ladies bought the nylon hose for about two weeks and then they bought it.
But at the end of the war, three different companies were producing versions of nylon and improved on the original basis until they could mix nylon with cotton fibers to make it easy to clean, no.
More importantly, take out those sexy pantyhose.
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