5 dumbest things on wall street: june 5 - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
5 dumbest things on wall street: june 5  -  absorption of water
Michael and I Michael Moore are enjoying the last laugh of GMGMGMQ)bankruptcy.
But we laughed at his plan to turn the car city into a central station.
Filmmaker and provoc Moore danced on GM's grave Monday. Stock Quote: GM)
He sent a letter to the reader expressing the "joy" of GM's collapse ".
His hometown is Flint, Michigan.
, Surrounded by "friends and family, they are full of anxiety about what will happen to them and the town," Moore raised the mood of gloating to 10 points, reveling in his once powerful nemesis-
Well, since he has accumulated quite a few collections now, his first nemesis-is now gone. (GMGMQ)
One might think that, given Moore's such an important role in starting his career, he will relax a little.
Twenty years ago, Moore became and starred in a documentary, Roger and me, in which he showed the negative effects of the time.
CEO Roger Smith has decided to close several of Flint's car factories.
Obviously, without Roger, there would be no Moore, and the world would never find the director's talent to dig the muck at Wal-Mart. Mart (WMT -Get Report)(
Stock Quote: WMT)
Trespass into Charlton Heston's property without being shot.
Nevertheless, Moore's impolite attitude towards his late colleague
The star is not the bone we picked with the director today.
No, the reason we put his Letters on our stupidest list is because he mistakenly planned to make a taxi in Detroit instead of a car.
In his letter Moore suggested that President Obama take the action that President Roosevelt took after the attack on Pearl Harbor and "tell the nation that we are in war, we must immediately transform our car factory into building public transport vehicles and alternative energy equipment.
"Let's hire unemployed people to build new high-speed lines across the country.
Chicago is in Detroit in less than two hours. Miami to D. C.
Less than seven hours.
Denver arrived in Dallas five and a half years later.
"This can be done now," Moore urged . ".
We don't know if the Denver/Dallas corridor is a popular market for travelers.
Moore did not provide statistics on the issue, so we can only assume that he does not have a clue either.
We're not sure if he heard of the government.
Amtrak's rail company is expected to lose $0. 476 billion in 2009.
As to whether Moore is a little aware that the bankruptcy of the railway due to overconstruction is the rule of the United States, not the exception of the civil war through Conrail, well, you have to jump up to the Michigan train to ask him
Better yet, by plane, it's faster and most likely cheaper. Dumb-o-
Meters: 95--
Hey Mike, even the toy maker Lionel train went bankrupt in 2004.
Tyson plays chicken, you know the dollar is weak when the company starts to settle its debt with chicken wings instead of dollars.
Tyson Foods (TSN -Get Report)(
Stock Quote: TSN)
Agreed to donate up to 1 last week.
The Illinois Food Bank received £ 7 million in chicken to resolve a lawsuit claiming that the company artificially exaggerated the retail weight of poultry.
Under an agreement approved by an Illinois judge, the world's largest meat producer has agreed to resolve the matter outside of court without having to admit any wrongdoing.
Eight years ago, two couples brought a suit from Hartford. An Arkansas man claimed that the "Ark" was Springdale.
During the period from 1997 to 2003, the company significantly increased poultry products through cold weather
The water immersion cooling process causes water under the skin and muscle tissue of birds to be absorbed and retained. (TSN -Get Report)
It sounds like Tyson has found a high-tech way instead of calling your bird on the scale with his thumb.
More complicated, however, is how Tyson sets the conversion rate between the Bucks and the birds to avoid litigation. (TSN -Get Report)
Tyson is creating a $2 million fund to resolve claims from individual class members.
But since only a few customers were able to prove that they bought the chicken a few years ago, the company agreed to donate unclaimed funds in the form of fresh poultry, which is expected to be about 1.
According to St. John Hoffman, 7 million.
Lawyer Louis of the plaintiff
Hoffman also said Tyson would raise his lawyer's fees by $750,000.
Dollar, not chicken leg.
Will be separated from the six law firms involved in the proceedings. (TSN -Get Report)
We say lawyers deserve every penny.
In fact, they beat Tyson in a high-stakes chicken game. (TSN -Get Report)Dumb-o-
Meters: 90--
At this rate, it will not take long for Colonel Sanders to replace Ben Franklin on the $100 bill.
Citigroup (TSN -Get Report)
Citigroup's (C -Get Report)
The new host in Washington must have trained very well.
The bank used to just flip and beg.
It's also welded now. Citigroup (Stock Quote: C)
According to The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, five former executives were told that it would not pay them tens of millions of dollars in promised severance pay to avoid a public and political backlash.
The affected executives include Michael Klein.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Citigroup's investment bank and former head of operations and technology, Kevin ketsingh. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)
Klein and Kessinger have already earned more than half of the $100 million promised by Citigroup when it left last year.
But company officials have recently decided not to save the rest of their cash, but rather to wait for the political climate to cool. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)
Citigroup has received $50 billion in taxpayers
And American capital. S.
The government will soon have a third common stock of the company.
Company officials reportedly told the Treasury that they planned to squeeze executives out of severance pay without government officials asking.
S. Congress denounced the TARP recipients AIG (AIG -Get Report)(
Stock Quote: AIG)
Bank of America (BAC -Get Report)(
Stock Offer: BAC)
Earlier this year, huge payments were made for departing executives. Wow!
Citigroup is afraid to provoke Congress and not even deliver a contract.
Talking about the "house "-
Destroy the company! (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)
But seriously, while these former Citigroup big names may not deserve such outrageous settlements given Citi's bad state, we will be even more disgusted to see Citi's new management style.
Going to Washington for fear of public reaction is impossible to run a company, or even a quasi-company.
Government business like Citi
If President Obama says he doesn't want to do banking (
Or, in terms of that, the car and insurance business)
Then Citi CEO Pandit should at least believe his words and make his own decision. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)
Continue now, Citigroup.
What a good boy! Dumb-o-
Meters: 85--
Stop the pimping!
Do your job well. .
The battle of Biogen (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)
2000 presidential election this week's Biogen Idec (BIIB -Get Report)(
Stock Offer: BIIB)board vote.
Carl Icahn declared his victory in the shareholder vote, and he did it himself.
On Wednesday, Biogen's board of directors selected directors, ostensibly bringing radical investors closer to controlling the biotech company.
Icahn, who did not attend, announced that his list won two seats and that of the four he nominated, he won 13 seatsmember board.
Icahn has long been critical of the company's management practices, especially in terms of executive compensation. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)(BIIB -Get Report)
Biogen, however, told Carl to let it cool.
The company said it was still counting votes and could not confirm when the count was completed.
Biogen's stock has fallen about 15% over the past year, dragged down by the problem with its multiple-hardened drug, Tysabri.
But this is only a small part of the company's annual general meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
When the chairman of the company unexpectedly asked to suspend the lawsuit in order to give more voting time to shareholders, the real madness began.
He extended the voting deadline from 9 to 9. m. until 2 p. m.
To the great chagrin of Icahn's colleagues, they shouted on the floor and expressed their discontent. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)(BIIB -Get Report)
Immediately after learning about the management's obstruction strategy, Icahn issued a prepared statement saying: "Shareholders should ask the board of directors to ultimately act in their interests, not just try to contact (sic)themselves.
In order to keep the vote open, there is absolutely no reason to suspend the meeting for several hours.
Don't let them get away with hijacking the election.
After the meeting resumed at two o'clock P. M. m.
The meeting adjourned promptly without final results. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)(BIIB -Get Report)
"We have count.
We counted it.
We think we have arrived . "
Two hours after the meeting.
It's best to wait until victory, Carl.
We have seen the story of Chad before. (TSN -Get Report)(C -Get Report)(AIG -Get Report)(BAC -Get Report)(BIIB -Get Report)Dumb-o-
Meters: 75--
Icahn beat Bigan?
Beat Icahn by Bigan?
Dewey beat Truman? Stay tuned. .
Fantasy Football stupid NFL players not only want to get paid for their performance on the pitch, but also want to get paid online.
This is what we call dream football. Yahoo! (YHOO)(
Stock Quote: YHOO)
A lawsuit against the NFL Players Association on Monday claimed that it should not be forced to pay royalties and use player statistics and photos in its online fantasy football match.
According to the Internet giant's complaint, a licensing arm of the player League has threatened to sue Yahoo if it doesn't provide the information.
Why does Yahoo not want to show itself to players?
It's very simple because the information is already public. (YHOO)
It makes a lot of sense for us.
Fantasy football players who watch games for free on TV don't need NFL stars to help them score.
They just need them to score.
And Yahoo!
There is no offensive line to protect them from lawsuits from NFL players, they do have the First Amendment and there are some very strong precedents.
NFL players lost to CBS Interactive in April, and Major League Baseball Players Association and Major League Baseball Senior Media lost similar cases in 2007. (YHOO)
After further examination, we can only believe that the court will make a ruling in favor of Yahoo!
If NFL players take legal actionSorry guys.
It is the fourth longest. Time to punt. (YHOO)Dumb-o-
Meters: 70--
The grill must have been greedy.
NFL fans have been fired by high fares.
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