47 kitchen and food hacks that will change your life - aluminum food tray

by:Demi     2019-09-14
47 kitchen and food hacks that will change your life  -  aluminum food tray
OK, maybe these kitchen hacks won't change your life the way "I won the lottery" or "I just found out I'm pregnant.
Maybe you have seen some of these before.
But we got it mixed up a bit and covered a lot of areas here--
From pimping the fridge to the simplest four
The ingredients ice cream you will make (
No need to cook or fancy gadgets).
Do you have your own hackers?
Please let us know in the comments section. 1.
Slice the minced meat before freezing 100 waystop reparehamburger. blogspot.
ComYou can be closed at any time as needed without unfreezing the entire package. 2.
Reuse of kimchi brine with KitchnDrop chip
Cut the fresh cucumber into small pieces and put it into the remaining pickle salt water in the jar, store it in the refrigerator for a few days to make the crispy Quick kimchi. (
You can also eat other vegetables such as green beans, garlic, carrots or radishes by the way.
For best results, par-
Boil these vegetables before pickling to speed up the pickling process. )3.
Wet your fingers and remove the eggshells.
Fragments of the orggray shell in your cracked egg?
Pat your finger in the water before you pursue it.
The water is like a magnet and the shell sticks to your fingers without having to chase it in a bowl. 4.
Make the soft celery brittle on your skull.
Trim the top and bottom of celery (
If it's still connected, cut it off from the root)
Put the stem upright into a water tank or ice tank
Cold water to be renewedcrisp.
You can also store celery like this.
Ice-water tips are also available for tired broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, lettuce and spinach. 5.
Make crispy bacon without the US test kitchen and forget the cast iron skills.
Heavy-line baking tray
Tariff aluminum foil (
Or two layers of foil)
Already in 1-
Create a one-time bacon rack at intervals per inch.
Lifting the bacon can keep it away from grease and allow hot air to circulate around the bacon so that it can cook and potato chips evenly. 6.
Cut mushrooms with egg cutter (Or strawberry)cookthink. com7.
Use your micro-plane grater on burnt bitsself.
If the bottom of your cookie is a little scorched, brush the gr on one side of the scorched to buffer the evidence. 8.
Order out your butter. . .
It's better not to light in the kitchen.
When the recipe asks to "beat" with butter, such as crisp fruit or crumbs --
Covered casserole (
It adds richness and helps Browning)
, Place the frozen butter grate on a large hole in the flat-panel grinder to make even blocks that are easier to distribute. 9.
Seal the bagged food with MacGyver 'd plastic bottled food. com10.
Freywine multitasking with your vegetable peeler.
Make curls with cold butter or dark chocolate, sliced cheese
Thin, easy to Brown, peel off dandruff-
The outer layer of lemon and green rin skin (sans pith)
For the twist of the cocktail, or a root vegetable like European radish, carrot, beet or rutabagas cut a long strip to facilitate the production of vegetable fries. 11.
Measure the viscous component without being stuck.
When you measure thick and sticky ingredients like honey or peanut butter, spray your measuring cup with non-stick cooking spray and let the ingredients slide out. 12.
If your ice cream lasts long enough to burn the fridge, try trimming the ice cream container while you eat it.
The lid is still suitable for miniature containers, which reduces the amount of air that ice cream is exposed (
The culprit of the refrigerator burning). 13. Make a toad-in-the-hole burgerJ. Kenji López-
Alt/eat the eggs in the burger seriously. Duh. 14. Waffle-itize. . .
Eggs, Brownie, corn bread, potato pancakes, 'mores', carrot cake, cheese Square, tofu and glutinous rice.
Want more waffle recipes?
Come here for waffles. 15.
30 seconds. mom pulled your fridge.
Decorated with shelf paper, comut fits your refrigerator shelf.
Cleaning reward: If you cover the shelf with pressuren-
Seal the cling film and tear it off and replace it when the shelf is dirty. 16.
Avoid chasing delicious food in the kitchen. Never second-guess grain-to-
The proportion of water is good again.
Blow Up Your fresh herbs.
It is almost impossible to eat apples.
When your digital thermometer battery runs out on a steak night. . . Life Hack21.
Ice cream with 4 ingredients (
Bonus: One of them is wine! )Food 5222.
Scrape the skin of ginger off with grapefruit peel because the vegetable peeler is unable to reach all these knotted corners and gaps. 23.
If you can't defrost in water then defrost the meat on the aluminum rack (
Or the fastest way)
According to Serious Eats, aluminum is an excellent thermal conductor that shortens the thaw time by about 30%-much faster than ceramic or plastic cutting boards. 24.
1 oil: 5 water spray bottles = DIY cooking spray food. com25.
Whether you are packing a picnic or shipping perishable groceries from the store to your home, ice packs are the key to keeping the goods refrigerated during the hot summer months.
If you have taken it out of a restaurant warehouse or a full ice pack
Ice bags are too big for your cooler, see this tutorial to learn how to make DIY ice bags (
Solid or gel ice bags)
Wipe with soap or alcohol. 26.
Cut 34 cakes from the 10 "round cake cycle, how hard is it to cut the round cake into a uniform wedge cake that does not crack?
It's hard to justify printing out this genius chart, which can slice round cakes of all sizes in a clever way.
Cut a circle in the middle of the 10 "cake, cut around the circle, and each time produce a uniform, solid slice. 27.
Squeezing spinach with a sushi pad or potato ricerNanny spoonox Stock and then using a filter to pick up the thawed spinach barrel or screw it out with a paper towel is confusing and less effective.
You can easily remove excess moisture from unfrozen spinach by rolling it into a sushi pad lined with paper towels, or gently squishing it in potatoes.
This trick comes in handy when you make some simple spinach lasagna, spinach dip, tofu Saag, Greek spinach and lamb chops pie, and other recipes for frozen spinach that need to be thawed and drained. 28.
Depending on the level of humidity and how well the container is sealed, testing your baking powder and baking soda should keep them active for up to 18 months.
Not sure how long your container has been around?
Learn through this simple test if your baking powder or baking soda is still active. 29.
Save $200 and vacuum
Seal food storage bags with stravan Oregon cotton suck out excess air with a straw with a zippertop bag.
Taking the air out of the storage bag can better protect the food and help it last longer.
Note: If you seal a bag of raw meat, you may not want to use this trick. 30.
The simplest way to butter corn (
Because it's too hard? )
If old corn is butter
The old-fashioned way is too confusing, after you take out the cooked corn, put the spoon-cut, salt-free butter directly into the hot water. (
1 tablespoon less corn per spike. )
The melted butter will float on top of the pan and you can dip the corn in the butter with a pair of pliers and rotate. 31.
If you ever cursed a roll of cheap sticks, then two professional tips for handling plastic packaging-to-
Everything is plastic wrap, find out how to tame the unruly plastic wrap and make it stick to all the right places. 32.
Because you 've been looking for food in the wrong way, just as you think you're a hot thing in the kitchen, someone shows up and breaks your fragile culinary self.
Like this very obvious "trick.
"If you 've been killing citrus with a micro-plane, raise your hand, or move citrus back and forth instead of zester. 33.
Make potato chips in a microwave because you have tasted that horrible chocolatecake-in-the-
Either way, the microwave recipe is sponge-like and sucks every time, you think the microwave is used to recreate it
Heat coffee, melted butter and popcorn. . . period. Guess what?
This tutorial on making potato chips in the microwave will make up for that stupid cake of rubber. "34. Pre-
Before tasting the ice cream, scoop a scoop or slice first, have you gone so far in your life serving the rocks?
Standard wrist hard ice creamtunnel-inducing scoop-by-scoop way?
Why don't you realize you can? and should)
Slice or pre
Scoop the softened ice cream into the muffin jar and re-joinfreeze it?
You obviously don't eat enough ice cream.
Changed now. 35.
If you just need to sprinkle a bit of ground cheese in the recipe, Grate cheese like champCHOWIt can be overdone, but if you work hard enough to get cheddar from the tortillas barand-
This super cheeseeasy, time-
Tips for grilles cheese will make it less troublesome. 36.
Re-use your green juice pulp when you make "green juice"-a full
Vegetable mixture-you can use a large amount of crushed pulp spit out by the juicer, not just compost.
Although this clever tip does not apply to citrus or fruit
Based on juice leftovers, this is a genius idea to prevent waste and make the most of your product. 37.
Cut a bell pepper like the boss. Have you been cutting the top and bottom of the bell pepper and getting stuck with the odd round pieces that aren't quite like dice?
Cutting a bell pepper in this way will produce less waste and better Julianne. 38. Speed-
Ripe bananas in 5 minutes.
You want banana bread, you want it now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. NOW.
But all you have is a group. green, un-ripe bananas.
Bake these bananas for 5 to 7 minutes with 350-
Oven and-look! – quick-
Ripe, completely sweet and sticky bananas. 39.
When your cork disintegrates, remove the wine cork shrapnel with the strawberry wine spectrum and leave a layer of debris at the top of the bottle (or glass)
Pull the pieces out with a straw.
Insert the straw into the bottle and place the end on the cork.
Cover the other end of the straw with your fingers to create a vacuum and remove the cork floats. 40.
Start a kitchen herbal garden in a recycled egg roll. You 've seen countless different, clever ways to reuse cardboard egg boxes (
DIY bird feeder, compost waste, packaging material)
But this recycling method creates a gift that allows your kitchen garden to continue growing herbal seedlings. 41.
Making fun chocolate molds with brown candy Baker DuluthIf crafts shop candy molds is a bit too hard-shaped, teddy-
Bear serious or cookie-
According to your taste, try this cunning trick of making a completely unique chocolate mold with normal objects.
Brown sugar makes a rustic, purposeful, imperfect finished product, and flour also makes an interesting mold medium. 42.
Try the most cunning hairof-the-
The next hangover dog cure is to order a Bloody Mary or have a beer the next morning after a night of drinking, which can be a bit for your next hangover
If you only need a little bit of stuff, you can take this innocent hair off. of-the-
Breakfast in the morning is twice as good as dog care.
Relax with only one tablespoon of wine inside. 43.
Most of us use the pairing knife to get the fully ripe strawberry top lop down, but you can push the stems and cores out with straw.
This method can keep strawberries intact and reduce waste. 44.
With hangers, recipe holder chowold-school rack-
The style cookbook book holder takes up too much valuable counter space in some kitchens.
The two clips on the pants hanger are the perfect size for storing magazines, printed recipes, and small recipes.
Just hang the hanger from any cabinet knob or shelf in the kitchen. 45.
Make your icing sugar look like a fudge with a paper towel, forget about special tools or sticky, unforgivable fudge.
If you want satin
Smooth surface on the cake, find out how to frost it onto the fudge
Perfect with the cheapest kitchen items: paper towels 46.
Learn how many gas propane tank manufacturers are in your grill these days will figure out how to install standard meters on all cylinders so you know how much propane you have left.
Before that, there is a way to calculate this amount, so you will know if you have enough gas to cook a quick steak dinner or feed a burger to a small army. 47.
Dig cherries with chopsticks and don't eat this pain if you 've ever fought cherries --
Gadget, you know: plug a ripe fat cherry into the suitcase and often scratch the meat.
This method uses chopsticks and bottles to keep the whole operation clean and the imperfections of the fruitfree.
Colleen Rush is a food and travel writer who mainly eats, drinks, cooks and writes in New Orleans. . .
Other places.
She is the author of the mortal Food Guide (
Broadway Books, 2006)
, Co-author of "Low & Low: Mastering barbecue art in 5 easy lessons (
Running News 2009)
Upcoming "low slow 2: Art of barbecue, flue-cured tobacco and basic curing "(
Running News 2015).
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