2nd oil containment box reaches gulf seafloor - oil containment

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2nd oil containment box reaches gulf seafloor  -  oil containment
The second smaller container has reached the bottom of the sea, but it has not yet been placed on a blow-out well that emits millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, a British oil official said.
BP spokesman Bill Savin said Wednesday that,
Late Tuesday, a crane was dropped from the deck of the Viking Sea God, and tons of boxes reached the bottom of the sea overnight.
But the box, known as the "Top Hat", has not yet been placed in the well, because engineers want to make sure everything is properly connected.
Officials wanted to avoid the same cold, muddy build-up, which prevented them from trying to use a much larger box weighing 100 tons for the first time.
The box will be connected to the ship on the surface through a pipe. within-a-
Pipe when it is lowered.
The crew plan to pump water with heated water and methanol so that the ice does not pile up.
Trump awarded D-
The Sky public land border arrest concerns the cat's doom partner, Coast Guard sergeant connitterrell, said it was an oil spill from the bottom of the sea at about 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
Savin said the undersea robot will put the box on the blowout well by Thursday.
In three weeks, the explosion has already pumped at least 4 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
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BP also plans to make an improvement in the technology it plans to try to prevent oil from spewing from sinking rigs.
BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said on Wednesday that engineers hope to connect the second pipeline to the end of the pipeline that should be pumped from the sea floor before the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig sank last month
The pipe will remove the oil funnel collected in the original pipe, called the riser.
Suttles said it may arrive on Wednesday and will be available by Thursday or Friday.
Wildlife officials in the state of Luis Anna said Wednesday that the tar ball was washed ashore at the south gate of the southeast end of the state, another sign of the growing oil spill.
The swamp area is the main water area for shrimp and other seafood.
In an attempt to contain the latest developments in the massive oil spill, the political patience of BP executives is disappearing.
Wednesday's new disclosure reveals a series of complex
Problems with offshore equipment failures and procedures in oil rig explosions and massive leaks are still polluting the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, threatening industrial and wildlife off the coast and ashore.
These disclosures are described in internal company documents, which are marked as confidential but provided to the House committee by the oil well operator bp plc and the manufacturer of safety devices.
Congressional investigators released them.
Lamar McKay, a senior manager at BP, warned lawmakers that "it is inappropriate to reach any conclusion before all facts are known.
"But these documents determine the most conclusive evidence of a series of catastrophic events that have led to the deterioration of the explosion and leakage so far, A series of failures are more reminiscent of the loss of the Challenger shuttle than the wreckage of Exxon Valdez.
Like the 1986 Challenger disaster, the investigation into the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is likely to suggest that complex and seemingly trouble-proof technical systems went wrong because they ignored the problem of interacting in unexpected ways.
In the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident, a captain rammed his boat into a reef in Prince William Bay, Alaska, leaking about 11 million barrels of oil.
An explosion on the BP rig killed 11 people in April 20.
Since then, nearly 4 million barrels of oil have been spewing out of a well-broken 5,000 feet m underwater pipe 40 miles off the coast of Luis Anna, threatening sensitive ecological swamps and wetlands and the region's
Congressional investigators revealed on Wednesday that a key security system for BP oil, the blowout preventer --
The rig in the Gulf of Mexico has had a hydraulic leak and a battery failure, which may prevent it from working as designed.
They say BP's documents and other documents also show that conflicting pipeline pressure tests should warn people on the rig that poor pipeline integrity can cause explosive methane gas to leak into the well.
"In at least two tests conducted hours before the explosion, significant pressure differences were observed," the representative said . ".
D-Henry wiksmanCalif.
At a hearing about the rig's fire and oil spill, he cited documents his commission had received from BP.
When asked about the test, Steven Newman, president of Transocean, who owns the rig, and Lamar McKay, president of BP America, told the commission that the stress reading was worrying.
"They said something that shouldn't have happened in the drill," Newman said . ".
Mackay said the issue was "vital" to investigating the cause of the accident ".
Three weeks later, the explosion of the oil well triggered a massive oil spill.
But the important elements of the problem are beginning to surface, Mr wiksman said.
Our question is much more than the answer, "obviously, before the accident, there was a problem with the blowout preventer and before the explosion, almost at a time when the process of injecting cement into the well is successful, there is confusion in order to meet future production and temporarily close it.
In other developments on Wednesday: The White House asked Congress to raise the liability limit for BP to compensate for damage to the oil spill, exceeding the current law's $75 million ceiling.
It also wants oil companies to pay more to the federal oil spill cleanup fund.
Lamar McKay, president of BP, said that despite the federal cap, the company would pay for any legitimate claims for damages other than the cost of cleaning up.
The Minerals Management Office told a government investigation team in Kenner, Los Angeles.
The inspection of the deep water drilling platform only had "a few minor problems ". " Gov.
Charlie Crist on Wednesday asked BP to pay nearly $35 million for an emergency advertising campaign to assure the world that Florida's beaches and coastal waters are not contaminated with oil spills.
The House hearing on the oil spill is the third hearing this week that executives of BP and two other companies have been questioned by lawmakers.
The Commission produced a document from BP providing the most detailed information to date on what caused and could have caused the explosion and leakage of the Deepwater Horizon rig
Deep water waters 40 miles off the coast of Luis Anna and why the equipment designed to stop the leak did not complete the work.
Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich.
He said there were at least "four major problems" with the blowout preventer"or BOP -
Including evidence that it has a major hydraulic leak and should activate so-
Called a "dead man" trigger.
The 2001 report from Transocean, who manufactured the BOP equipment, shows that there may be as many as 260 failure possibilities in the equipment, said Stupak, chairman of the panel's subcommittee of inquiry, this should be the final guarantee to prevent the blowout by suppressing and sealing the gushing well.
"How is a device with 260 failure modes considered a fault-safe? " asked Stupak.
Stupak said that when an underwater remote control vehicle attempted to start the device of the blowout preventer, which was designed to impact the pipe and seal the pipe, the hydraulic pressure was found in the emergency power components of the unit
Stupak quoted BP's documents as saying that when the dye was injected, "it showed a large leak in a loose fitting . ".
He said officials from Cameron, the company that made the blowout preventer, told the commission that the leak was believed not to have been caused by a blowout because the rest of the accessories in the system were tight.
Stupak also questioned why the BOP was modified.
Transocean executive Newman told the commission that, in fact, at the request of BP and with the approval of the mineral management services, the BOP had been modified in 2005.
Stupak said the Commission was informed that one of the ram drivers for the BOP had been changed, so it could be used for routine testing and was no longer designed to start in an emergency.
He said BP "spent a day trying to use this after the oil spill. . .
No longer configured as useless test ram for emergency use ".
At this week's Senate and House hearings, executives at companies involved tried to shift responsibility to another.
BP cited the failure of the blowout preventer owned by Transocean, which in turn raised questions about the cementing process performed by BP sub-contractor Harry Burton.
At Tuesday's and House hearings, Timothy probbert, a senior executive at the company, said that in addition to the installation of the final cement cap, its work had been completed, and it was done according to the BP drilling plan.
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