2006 environmental directory. - containment berm

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2006 environmental directory.  -  containment berm
ABR Inc. --
Environmental Research and ServicesO.
Box 80410 * Fairbanks, AK 99708 Tel: 455-6777 Fax: 455-
Established in 6781: 1976 E-
Email: tdelong @ abrinc.
Website: www. abrinc.
CEO Services: services include environmental impact analysis, Wildlife and Fisheries, endangered species surveys, NEPA documents, vegetation restoration, ecological restoration, GIS services and Wetland mapping.
7911 King Street akulun
* AK 99518 Anchorage Tel: 569-5000 Fax: 569-
Established in 5005: 2002 E-
Mail: kharker @ acuren
Website: www. acuren.
Com AK staff: 120 executives: Kim Harker, who manages Dir.
Services: Material Engineering, non-destructive testing and integrity management in the oil and gas, electricity, mining, transportation and construction industries.
Alaska waste 6301 Redwood * Anchorage, AK 99518 Tel: 563-3717 Fax: 273-
Established in 2797: 1975 E-
Email: craigg @ akwaste
Com AK staff: 150 executives: senior management Craig gallsMgr.
Services: residential and commercial waste services.
US Marine Corps
/6000 Pacific Environment Street
* AK 99518 Anchorage Tel: 562-5420 Fax: 562-
Established in 5426: 2000 E-
Email: Alaska @ amarinecorp
Website: www. amarinecorp.
Com AK staff: 204 executives: Thomas Ulrich Services: specialized in marine construction projects, commercial diving, vessel support, crew ship Services, and vessel inspection and repair Services.
Operate your own work boat, Derek barge, flat barge, Crane, dive boat and crew boat throughout the Pacific Basin.
Analysis group of environmental laboratory company
Silverado Way 5761, AK 99518 Anchorage N * unit: 258-2155 Fax: 258-
Established in 6634: 1991 E-
Postage: erensch @ analyticagroup.
Website: www. analyticagroup.
Com AK staff: 18 executives: Dir Elizabeth renshi.
Business development, sales and marketing services: Full Set
Service environment testing laboratories in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juno.
Approved by AK state and Ministry of Environmental Protection.
Specializing in inorganic and inorganic chemistry, water quality monitoring of public drinking water, etc.
510 Anchorage Water and Soil Conservation Area
Suite 208 Anchorage. AK 99501-1949 Tel: 271-2424, ext. 110 Fax: 271-
Established in 4099: 1997 E-
Mail: aswcd @ aswcd
Website: www. aswcd.
Senior management of the organization: Greg Bell, president BC. Excavating Inc.
Chocolate Lp 2251
Anchorage, AK 99507 Tel: 344-4490 Fax: 344-
Founded in 4492: 1982 AK employees: 35 executives: Robert Haines of Pres.
Services: a wide range of remedial services. BGES Inc. 750 W. Second Ave.
Suite 104 Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 644-2900 Fax: 644-
Established in 2901: 2002 E-
Email: bgesrnb @ aol
Website: www. bgesinc.
AK employee: Robert Braunstein of Pres, the top 5 executives.
Service: Environmental Site Assessment, repair, ground-
Project management and licensing.
Inspection of lead and asbestos.
3312 Blue Sky Solution Co. , Ltd. Robin Street
* AK 99504 Anchorage Tel: 230-
Established in 4372: 2003 E-
Mail: info @ blueskiessolutions.
Website: www.
Blue Sky.
Main Service: an Alaska company focusing on geographic information systems (GIS)
Training and consultation on natural resource management. BNCI P. O.
AK 719 Bethel 99559 box Phone: 543-2124 Fax: 543-
2897 website: www. bnc-alaska.
Com top executive: C. Hoffman, Anatolia, project, etc.
/CEO Bowhead Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Arctic line 6700
AK 99518 Anchorage-1550 Tel: 800-909-3677 Fax: 206-957-
Established in 0679: 2001 E-
Mail: custsvc @ bowhead
Website: www. shopbowhead.
Jeff Guentzel, Com executive)Mgr.
Service: Supplier of spill-
Containment products, containment guards, dust pads, materials-
Handling equipment, fuel and water tanks, and leak kits.
Brice Environmental ServicesP. O.
AK 73520 firebank 99707 box Phone: 456-1955 Fax: 452-
Founded in 5018: 1991 AK employees: 6 executives: Sam Brice. Pres.
Service: soil remediation of heavy metals and small-
The range of weapons was expanded.
Bristol Environmental & Engineering Services111 W. 16 Ave.
Suite 301 Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 563-0013 Fax: 563-
Website of 6713: www. 1994bristol-companies.
Com AK employees: 69 executives: Joe Terrell, CEO Services: Environment: Remediation, demolition, waste management/disposal, hydrology, licensing and NEPA compliance;
Civil Engineering: water/wastewater, landfill sites, roads, designs, bulk fuels and pipelines;
Building/construction management, etc.
BW technology for Honeywell 3279 W
76013 Pioneer Avenue, Arlington, Texas Tel: 248-9226 Fax: 273-3708 E-
Mail: info @ bwtnet.
Website: www. gasmonitors.
Chief executive: Bryan Bates, chief operating officer Services: gas detection. CCI Inc. 111 W. 16th Ave.
, AK 401 Anchorage suite 99501 * Tel: 258-5755 Fax: 258-
Established in 5766: 1989 E-
Postage: kburke @ ccialaska.
Website: www. ccialaska.
Executive: Keith Burke, Presley.
/CEO Services: Remediation in Alaska, Site Recovery, oil spill response, asbestos reduction services, remote fuel systems and specialty coatings.
Central environmental Corporation311 N.
AK 99501 Tel: 561-Sitka * Anchorage0125 Fax: 561-
Established in 0178: 1984 E-Mail: cei@oei-alaska.
AK staff: 100 executives: Stuart Jacques, Presse.
Services: civil/environmental construction services are provided, including: Contaminated Soil Treatment, excavation and on-site repair, asbestos removal, lead removal, hazardous material removal, and treatment and removal.
301 W Mountain.
Northern lights Avenue.
Suite 601 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 278-2551 Fax: 257-
Established in 2000: 1969 E-
Email: tmacon @ ch2m
Website: www. ch2m.
AK employee: 60 executives: Dan Sterley, vice president/Alaska manager.
Services: soil and groundwater remediation, wetland assessment, air and water quality, NEPA, solid waste, RCRA waste, and treatment research and design.
General contractor license
11901 Commercial Avenue Clarus Technologies.
, AK 105 Eagle River Suite 99577 Tel: 694-4272 Fax: 694-
Website of 4271: www. 2007
Com AK staff: 10 executives: Cathy sting, vice president: pollution site research, monitoring, licensing, cultural and historical resource investigation, regulatory compliance, remediation design, remediation oversight, project management environment and OSHA training, environmental infrastructure and natural resources. Colville Inc.
AK 340012 pladhoe Bay 99734 bags * Tel: 659-3198 Fax: 659-
Established in 3190: 1985E-
Mail: Message @ colvilleinc.
Website: www. colvilleinc.
AK staff: 49 executives: Mark helmex of Pres.
/CEO service: sales of fuel and oil.
Solid Waste Services.
Sales of industrial supplies (
Brooks mountains
The plane refuel.
Cook Bay leak prevention and responseP. O.
Box 7314 * Nikiski, AK 99635 Tel: 776-5129 Fax: 776-
Established in 2190: 1990 E-
Email: dlentsch @ cispri.
Org AK staff: 17 executives: Gen. Doug LentschMgr.
Service: oil supply
Provide leak response services to member companies in the greater Cook entrance area.
Register in USAS. Coast Guard,(OSRO)and ADEC (PRAC).
Management ServicesP. O.
AK 232821 Anchorage 99523-2821 Tel: 345-8032 Fax: 345-
Established in 8034: 1990 E-
Email Address: Alaska.
Website: www. cys.
AK staff: 20 executives: Lee en q, Pres.
Service: focus on compliance and facility operation.
From the issuance and tracking of containers to the features of regulated and non-regulated containers
Controlled Waste
Experts in underground stores, above-
Ground storage tanks and oil-
Water separator, etc.
Dat/Em system for international 8240 Sandwood PI.
Suite 101 Anchorage, AK 99507-3122 Tel: 522-3681 Fax: 522-
Established in 3688: 1987 E-
Mail: swilster @ datem
Website: www. datem.
Company staff: 13 executives: JefferyYates, Gen. Mgr.
Service: Developer of photographic measurement software, specializing in 3d stereo vision and feature data collection software.
The service and installation of certified technicians, analytical instruments are also provided.
DOWL engineer and Alaska test lab 4040 B St
* AK 99503 Anchorage Tel: 562-2000 Fax: 563-
Established in 3953: 1962 E-
Email: khansen @ dowl
Website: www. dowl.
AK staff: 160 executives: Stewart G.
Sports Services: NEPA documents, definition and licensing of institutional scope and public participation.
Environmental research and analysis include: Wetland demarcation, vegetation mapping, Eagle Nest Monitoring, environmental assessment and hazardous and toxic waste removal services.
Eagle Enterprise Co. , Ltd. 700 W.
International Airport Road, Bldg.
AK 99518 Anchorage B * Tel: 562-2331 Fax: 562-
Established in 6955: 1972 E-
Postage: Battier @ eaglesafety.
Website: www. eaglesafety.
Net AK employee: Shane Langland Eagle shopises Inc.
Services: authorized service facilities for lumidor, Scott and RAE systems;
Bacrach and Sierra monitor.
Sales and Leasing of natural gas
Detection devices and PIDs.
S. Coast Guard and FAA life raft service station.
Industrial safety equipment.
Eco & environment840 K St.
, AK 100 Anchorage suite 99501 * Tel: 257-5000 Fax: 257-
Established in 5007: 1973 E-Email: jgill @ ene
Website: www. ene.
Senior management: James D. Gill, Mgr.
Services: environmental consulting and environmental engineering design services for industry and government.
Committed to sustainable development through responsible environmental management. EHS-Alaska Inc.
11901 Commercial Avenue, Suite 208.
* AK Eagle River 99577 Tel: 694-1383 Fax: 694-
Established in 1382: 1986 E-Email: ehsak @ ehs-alaska.
Website: www. ehs-alaska.
Com AK staff: 8 executives: Robert French, sports services: hazardous removal design, workplace health and safety, employee training and construction monitoring.
Staff include professional engineers working on safety control, removal and disposal of hazardous chemical and physical reagents present in living and working environments, industrial health experts and environmental experts.
Alaska Jade Company800 E. Ship Creek Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 258-1558 Fax: 258-
Established in 3049: 1994 E-
Postage: blakeh @ emeraldnw.
Website: www. emeraldnw.
AK staff: 50 executives: Pres Hillis, Pres.
Service: Full Service
Environmental hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, transportation and disposal services;
Handling of dangerous goods/oil leakage accidents; oil recycling;
Polluted water treatment;
Water tank cleaning.
Offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Palmer and Kenai. ENSR 1835 S. Bragaw St.
Suite 490 Anchorage, AK 99508-3439 Tel: 561-5700 Fax: 273-
Established in 4555: 1977 E-
Postage: chumphrey @ ensr. aecom.
Website: www. ensr. aecom.
Com AK staff: 20 executives: Chris Humphrey Services: a variety of environmental and energy development Services including environmental compliance, planning and licensing, on-site assessment and integrated on-site closure. Entrix Inc. 1600 A St.
, AK 304 Anchorage suite 99507 * Tel: 563-0438 Fax: 563-
Established in 0439: 1984 E-
Mail: mnagy @ entrix
Website: www. entrix.
AK employee: Mike Nagy of Dir, 6 executives. Services: Full-
Service, National environmental consulting company, providing professional and technical services by more than 270 environmental impact assessment environmental professionals (NEPA);
Environmental planning, licensing and compliance;
Environmental Science and Engineering
Risk assessment, management and communication; and more.
Environmental compliance consultancy
5610 Silveredo Way, Suite-
1 * Anchorage, AK 99518 Tel: 644-0428 Fax: 677-
Established in 9328: 1999 E-
Mail: rod @ eccalaska
Website: www. eccalaska.
Executive: Mark Rhodes, President.
Service: Full Set
The service environment company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and comprehensive environmental solutions.
Specialized in hazardous waste management, environmental assessment and remediation, natural resources, mold reduction and emergency spill response cleaning, etc.
Environmental Management206 E. Fireweed Ln.
, AK 201 Anchorage suite 99503 * Tel: 272-8852 Fax: 272-
Established in 4159: 1988 E-
Email: Ibethel @ emi-alaska.
Website: www. emi-alaska.
AK staff: 9 executives: Larry BethelMgr.
Service: Full Set
Services environmental engineering, health and safety consulting and training companies including asbestosControl training. F. R. O. G. Inc.
No. 6736 Rosewood Street
Anchorage, AK 99518 Tel: 344-8623 Fax: 522-
Established in 8623: 1974 E-Mail: samw@gci.
Net AK staff: 20 executives: Lucky Ivey, Pres.
Services: activities include leak response, preparation and education, leak prevention, OSHA compliance training and workplace safety.
Geographic Engineer Company4951 Eagle St.
* AK 99503 Anchorage-7432 Tel: 561-3478 Fax: 561-
Established in 5123: 1994 E-
Postage: anchor @ geoengineers.
Website: www. geoengineers.
Com AK staff: 8 executives: Scott Widness, main service: Professional Consulting Engineers and geological scholars who provide solutions for underground environments.
Recent services include identification and evaluation of contaminated sites, hydrogeology, remediation design, solid waste and regulatory compliance.
Alaska Geographic CorporationP. O. Box 11-
1155: * Anchorage, AK 99511 Tel: 240-8190 Fax: 929-
Established in 5762: 2002 E-
Mail: info @ geoteklaska.
Website: www. geotekalaska.
Com AK staff: Top 5 executives: Chris Nettles.
Services: Environmental Site Assessment, geophysical survey, geotechnical services, sampling of soil and groundwater, monitoring of well site installation, on-site screening services and bio-remediation injection.
Gaud United1750 Abbott Rd.
Suite 200 Anchorage, AK 99507 Tel: 344-6001 Fax: 344-
Website of 6011: www. 1980golder.
AK staff: 20 executives: Bob Dugan, manager. Alaska Ops.
Services: Geotechnical and environmental engineering, development of groundwater resources, site investigation and restoration.
Hart Claude
2600 Cordoba Street
, AK 110 Anchorage suite 99503 * Tel: 276-7475 Fax: 276-
Established in 2104: 1972 E-Mail: bruce.
Order @ hartcrooner.
Website: www. hartcrowser.
AK staff: 12 executives: Bruce Ream, AK operations manager.
Service: National Park AdministrationS.
US Coast Guard, GSA and Alaska Highway
Regular contracts for environmental services, regulatory assistance and licensing, natural and cultural resource management, remediation and hazardous building materials assessment, ADOT and PF, and environmental services. HCG Inc.
Dr. Minnesota, Dba Hoefler consulting group 3401
Suite 300 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 563-2137 Fax: 563-
Website of 2164: www. 1995hoeflernet.
AK employee: Former executive Brian Hoefler, Pres.
Service: environmental consultation. HDR Alaska Inc. 2525 C St.
Suite 305 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 644-2000 Fax: 644-
Established in 2022: 1979 E-Mail: jeannie. Woodring @ hdrinc.
Website: www. hdrinc.
Com AK employees: 110 executives: Duane Hippe Services: rich environmental experience including biological assessment, licensing, wetland demarcation, water quality, aquatic resources, fisheries analysis, public participation, planning,of-
Preparation of environmental documents, on-site assessment, etc.
Anchorage, Nelson Road, 6228, AK 99518 Tel: 562-8100 Fax: 562-
Established in 8900: 1997 E-Mail: hmh-ehaas@alaska.
Website: www. hmhconsulting.
Org AK staff: 7 executives: Erik Haas services: Air quality licensing, monitoring, testing emissions-
Professional training in industrial air conditioning, control design
Quality compliance assessment.
For Inuit service the company
4720 Commercial Park Avenue, Suite G-
40 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 563-2732 Fax: 563-
Established in 2742: 1997 E-
Postage: tpeterson @ Inuit services.
Website: www. Berlin.
Executive: Gail R. Schubert, Pres.
Jacob Engineering 4300 Street
Suite 600 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 751-3410 Fax: 563-
Website of 3320: www. 1993jacobs.
AK staff: 60 executives: Terry haykira, Alaska operations manager.
Services: engineering design, procurement, construction and operation, environmental assessment, design and remediation services, civil and transportation works in the petrochemical industry.
Kinnetic Laboratories Inc. 1102 W. Seventh Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 276-6178 Fax: 278-
Established in 6881: 1972 E-
Email: kinnetic @ Alaska
Net AK staff: 6 executives: Mark Savoie, vice president of environmental consulting and oceans;
Marine monitoring of biological, chemical, physical and toxicology parameters;
Database design and management;
And support is allowed for NPDES.
Alaska Institute of Research 110176th Ave.
, AK 99518 Anchorage Suite B * Tel: 562-3339 Fax: 562-
Established in 7223: 1974 E-
Email: Alaska @ lgl
Website: www. lgl.
AK employee: 20 executives: Michael Link, vice president of Alaska operations.
Services: ecological research and consultation on land, sea and fresh-
Water environment.
MACTEC Engineering consulting 601 E. 57th Ave.
* AK 99518 Anchorage Tel: 563-8102 Fax: 561-
Established in 4574: 1969 E-
Mail: jeditsworth @ mactec
Website: www. mactec.
Ceo: Paul Ramert, PE/Alaska Ops. Mgr.
Services: site survey and assessment, remediation and recovery, remediation design, NEPA environmental assessment and environmental impact statement, planning and licensing, wetland demarcation, biological survey and GIS mapping.
Michael Baker, Jr. Inc. 1400 W. Benson Blvd.
Suite 200 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 273-1600 Fax: 273-
Website of 1699: www. 1942mbakercorp.
Executive: Jeff Baker, Alaska operations manager ).
Services: hydrological assessment and survey, geographic technical survey, license support and NEPA documentation services. Michael L.
Foster United
13135 old Glen Highway.
, AK 210 Eagle River Suite 99577 Tel: 696-6200 Fax: 696-
Founded in 6202: 1998 AK employees: 20 executives: Michael L. Foster, P. E.
Main services: environmental licensing, design, remediation and the operation and maintenance of remediation systems.
Emergency response service.
Litigation Support. MWH 1835 S. Bragaw St.
, AK 350 Anchorage suite 99512 * Tel: 248-8883 Fax: 248-
Established in 8884: 1977 E-Mail: brett.
Jokela @ mwhglobal
Website: www. mwh. global.
AK staff: 30 executives: Brett jokayla, AK regional manager.
Services: water, wastewater, environmental remediation, licensing and electricity.
New Horizon Telecom
901 industrial method payable * Palmer, AK 99645 Tel: 761-6000 Fax: 761-
Established in 6001: 1978 E-
Mail: Message @ nhtiusa.
Website: www. nhtiusa.
Senior management: John S.
CEO Lee services: services include project management of remediation design, investigation, sampling, pollution demarcation and environmental remediation.
2400 Environmental & engineering consultant, University Road Nott.
* AK 99709 Fairbanks Tel: 452-5688 Fax: 452-
Established in 5694: 1979 E-
Mail: Message @ nortechengr.
Website: www. nortechengr.
Com AK employees: 14 executives: John Harqesheimer Services: a professional health, safety and environmental consulting company that provides professional Services in environmental, engineering, industrial health and health safety in Alaska. North Wind Inc. 235 E. Eighth Ave. , Suite 210.
* AK 99501 Anchorage Tel: 277-5488 Fax: 277-
Established in 5422: 1997 E-
Postage: jgillespie @ nwindenv.
Website: www. nwindenv.
AK staff: 14 executives: Joy Gillespie, operations manager.
Service: Female
A small environmental consulting and construction company registered in Alaska.
Certified as 8 by the Small Business Administration (a)contractor.
Environmental remediation, assessment and investigation;
Construction management;
Repair system operation and maintenance, etc.
Ecological Services North 3373 mountainside road.
Deming, Washington 98244 Tel: 360-592-4267 Fax: 360-592-
Established in 4267: 1987 E-
Email: jmortimer @ northerners
Com AK staff: 2 executives: John Moser services: fish and aquatic habitat survey for The Pogo and DonlinCreek mine project.
Fish Research and mitigation planning for the BradleyLake and Mahoney Lake hydro projects.
Northern Land Use ResearchP. O.
Box 83990 Fairbanks, AK 99708 Tel: 474-9684 Fax: 474-
Established in 8370: 1991 E-
Mail: nlur @ northernlanduse.
Website: www. In the north.
Com AK employees: 6 executives: Peter Bowers, vice president of services: services include assessing historical and archaeological sites and directing the development of the project through licensing procedures. NTL Alaska Inc.
Fairbanks 3536 international route, AK 99701 Tel: 452-6852 Fax: 452-
Established in 6853: 2003 E-
Mail: mrp @ ntlalaska
Website: www. ntlalaska.
AK staff: 3 executives: Michael Pollen, Pres.
Service: training and consulting services for Alaska water and wastewater system operators.
Water system Hygiene Survey, corrosion research, test testing services, trouble shooting and consumer confidence reporting.
Oasis Environment825 W. Eighth Ave.
, AK 200 Anchorage suite 99501 * Tel: 258-4880 Fax: 258-
Established in 4033: 1995 E-
Email: Rita @ oasisenviro
Website: www. oasisenviro.
Company executive: Max Schwenne, Pres.
Services: services include the development and implementation of licensing, on-site assessment and risk assessment, remediation and environmental management systems. PENCO--
Pacific Environment/Ocean6000 A St.
* AK 99518 Anchorage Tel: 562-5420 Fax: 562-
Established in 5426: 1991 E-
Email: rick @ amarinecorp
Website: www. penco.
Org AK employee: 30 executives: Tom Ulrich Services: API certification.
The above inspector-ground, bulk-
Fuel tanks and pipes. Hazmat/oil-
Leak response and cleanup, training and environmental recovery.
Reduce asbestos and lead.
Commercial diving service.
1503 W Alaska. 33rd Ave.
* AK 99503 Anchorage Tel: 258-2420 Fax: 258-
Established in 2419: 1978 E-
Postage: dave @ polarconsult.
Website: www. polarconsult.
Net AK employees: 8 executives: Dave Ausman services, vice president: provision of environmental, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering services, on-site assessment/remediation and fuel-
System Design and check.
Certified with UST and API 653. PSC-
Philip Services1813 E. First Ave.
Suite 101 Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 272-9007 Fax: 272-
Website of 6805: www. 1973pscnow.
Executive: Thomas G. Mark employee: 12Poliquin, Gen. Mgr.
Services: Environmental Services: Cleaning and disposal.
PSI environment and instrument 1611 EFirst Ave.
* AK 99501 Anchorage Tel: 272-8010 Fax: 272-
Established in 9005: 1999 E-
Postage: info @ psienv.
Website: www. psienv.
Executive: Amy Mahler, Member Services: SBA-certified 8(a)
WBE, moa dbe, Alaska DBE/DOT state.
Sales, Service and leasing of environmental equipment, waste management and operation and maintenance are provided locally.
Construction of Light Civilization and clean up the environment.
R & M Consultants
9101 Dr. pioneer
* AK 99507 Anchorage Tel: 522-1707 Fax: 522-
Established in 3403: 1969 E-
Mail: mail @ rmconsult
Website: www. rmconsult.
Executive: James W.
Wayne Rooney, PE/Pres
/CEO Services: civil, structural and geotechnical, surveying, Earth science, material testing, special inspection, building management and environmental services.
137 Galena Valdez, AK 99686 diving services Tel: 835-4375 Fax: 835-
Established in 5996: 1977 E-
Email: alaska w @ alaska
Net AK staff: 4 executives: Rick Wade repair science & engineering 911 WEighth Ave.
Suite 100 Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 278-1023 Fax: 277-
Established in 5718: 1955 AK employees: 7 services: Civil and Environmental Engineering: on-site assessment, expertise, Wastewater Engineering, remediation system design, storage pollution prevention plan, leak Prevention control and container measurement plans as well as wetland development.
Services: civil engineering and environmental consulting.
Environmental compliance, remediation, waste management, on-site infrastructure and recovery. Ridolfi Inc.
1011 West Street
Suite 1011 Seattle, Washington, Tel: 998104-206682-7294 Fax: 206-682-
Established in 5008: 1996 E-
Mail: info @ ridolfi
Website: www. ridolfi.
Com AK staff: 1 executive: calcallie Ridolfi.
Rockwell Engineering & Construction Services
2375 University Avenue, South.
* AK 99709 Fairbanks Tel: 457-7625 Fax: 457-
Established in 7620: 1995 E-
Email: rockwellcorp @ acsalaska
Website: www. rockwellengr.
AK staff: 8 executives: Mark L
Professional civil engineering and environmental services.
The staff includes a registered civil engineer, a geological scientist and a natural resources scientist.
Customers include individual Alaska people, commercial/industrial enterprises, contractors, military and government agencies, etc.
SGS Environmental Services200 W. Potter Dr.
AK 99518 Anchorage-1605 Tel: 562-2343 Fax: 562-
Established in 0119: 1964 E-Mail: charles. homestead@sgs.
Website: www. us. sgs.
Ceo: Charles Homestead Services: Full Service
Alaskasince 1964 in the service environment test.
The Alaska branch has branches in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Hawaii.
Part of SGS Group.
Areas of expertise include: federal clean-up project, mining/oilfield support, and water/wastewater analysis.
Shannon and Wilson2355 Hill Rd.
* AK 99709 Fairbanks-5326 Tel: 479-0600 Fax: 479-
Established in 5691: 1974 E-
Mail: cma @ shanwili
Website: www. shannonwilson.
Ceo: Rohn Abbott, PE. /Sr.
Services: geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, testing of building materials.
International company of SLR camera.
4601 Commercial Park Avenue
Suite K42 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 222-1112 Fax: 222-
Website of 1113: www. 2001. slrcorp.
AK staff: 22 executives: Andrew Dimitrio, manager of Alaska.
Soil Treatment Company207 E.
Northern lights Avenue. , Suite 103-
AK 99503 Anchorage Tel: 274-3000 Fax: 274-
Established in 9295: 1990 E-
Postage: spialaska @ aol.
AK staff: 13 executives: CEO e Sharpe, CEO Services: Dedicated to crude oil, bunker fuel C and diesel-
Contaminated soil using ADECapproved and -
Allowed heating device.
Solar Environmental Services7401 Meadow St.
Anchorage, AK 99507 Tel: 349-7705 Fax: 349-
Established in 7944: 1991 E-
Email: sesenville, Alaska
Website: www. alaska.
Staff: 8 executives: Grace O. Torrijos, Pres.
Service: testing, engineering, indoor air-
Quality Monitoring;
And asbestos, lead (pb)
Harmful substances, mold and bacteria.
International Petroleum Corporation of AmericaO.
AK 93009 Anchorage 99509 box Phone: 561-6033 Fax: 561-
Established in 4504: 1992 E-
Email: spillshield @ ak
Website: www. spillshield.
Com AK employee: 2 too execution: Chris damage. Pres.
Service: smartash incinerator, water washer, water-portable safety cover, adsorption material supplier
More than 150 unique environments and leaks-
Responsive product. St.
George Tarnak
4000 old suward highway.
Suite 101 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 272-9886 Fax: 272-
Website of 9855: www. 1972stgeorgetanaq.
Com AK employees: 10 executives: Iliador philemmonof, a temporary CEO services company: specialized in land assessment and environmental surveys, commodity distribution, logistics and on-site operations support. Steigers Corp.
310 Street, Suite 200 Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 264-6715 Fax: 264-
Established in 6716: 2004 E-
Mail: wdsteigers @ steigers
Website: www. steigers.
Senior management: William D.
Chairman/CEO service: a complete
The service environment consulting company provides a wide range of project management, licensing and environmental compliance for industrial projects.
Specialized in managing large and complex environmental projects.
Suulutaaq LLC 8726 Dr. Corbin
Anchorage, AK 99507 Tel: 336-8726 Fax: 522-
Established in 2786: 2004 E-
Mail: gpoynor @ suulutaaq.
Website: www. suulutaaq.
Greg Poynor, COO services: Heavy Duty Civil, Environmental and Marine buildings. Tribal 8(a)-owned.
Taiga Ventures 2700 S. Cushman St.
AK 99701 Tel: 452-Fairbanks6631 Fax: 451-
Established in 8632: 1979 E-
Email: taiga @ taigaventures.
Website: www. taigaventures.
Com AK staff: 10 executives: Mike Tolbert Services: all supplies required to work remotely.
Provide logistics support (
Portable Camps, food and vehicles)
Environmental clean-up across the state. Full-
Fast service including well, water monitoring pipeline and supply.
2551 Dr. susidner, Teli Co. , Ltd.
AK 99517 Anchorage-1148 Tel: 248-8055 Fax: 248-
Established in 8054: 1997 E-
Postage: special @ acsalaska.
Net AK staff: 1 executive: Scott Erdmann services: environmental compliance and corrective-action progams.
American testing company
Official analysis of 2000 W in Beixi.
International Airport Road, Suite A-
10 Anchorage, AK 99502 Tel: 563-9200 Fax: 563-
Established in 9210: 2002 E-
Mail: mpriebe @ ncalabs
Website: www. ncalabs.
AK staff: 7 executives: Reg Michael Priebe. Accts. Mgr.
Services: local environment analysis tests that provide a full range of services and network support and services.
Xiao Group Co. , Ltd. 2000 W.
International Airport Road, Suite C-
1 Anchorage, AK 99502 Tel: 243-6300 Fax: 243-
Established in 6301: 2002 E-Mail: laura. noland@shawgrp.
Website: www. shawgrp.
Com AK staff: 85 executives: Laura Noland, director of the office.
Service: Vertical
Integrated provider of technical, engineering, consulting, procurement, pipeline manufacturing, construction and maintenance services for government and private
Customers in energy, chemicals, environment and infrastructure markets.
Three parameters plus Company9896 E.
Colony mode Palmer, AK 99645 Tel: 746-1500 Fax: 746-
Founded in 1501: 1992 AK employees: 4 executives: Cheryl Moody, professional wetland scientist services: Wetland science and regulatory assistance.
Environment 401 W.
International Airport Road
Suite 35, AK 99518 Anchorage, tel: 770-9041 Fax: 770-9046 E-
Mail: tttenviro @ gci
Website: www. tttenviro.
Executive: Deborah Tompkins, owner's service: One-
Stop sources for rental, sale and sampling of environmental instruments.
On-site screening, water sampling, water meter, air monitor, soil sampling, personal protective equipment, various on-site supplies, etc. Women-
Small businesses.
Unitech, Alaska 2130Dimond Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99507 Tel: 349-5142 Fax: 349-
Established in 2733: 1984 E-
Mail: unitech, Alaska
Ceo: Debbie Holly service: oil dealer
Leakage and danger
Industrial supplies and equipment. URS Corp.
2700 ganbell Street.
, AK 200 Anchorage suite 99503 * Tel: 562-3366 Fax: 562-
Established in 1297: 1956 E-
Postage: laura_desmond @ urscorp.
Website: www. urscorp.
AK staff: 70 executives: Pat coollahan, vice president/manager.
Alaska operations services: Alaska Operations is headquartered in Anchorage and has branches in Fairbanks and Homer.
Services include expanded capabilities in NEPA document preparation and compliance, licensing, engineering design, construction management and hazardous waste disposal. USKH Inc. 2515 A St.
* AK 99503 Anchorage Tel: 276-4245 Fax: 258-
Established in 4653: 1972 E-
Email: jhanson @ uskh
Website: www. uskh.
AK staff: 130 executives: Julian Hansen, environmental manager.
Services: NEPA documentation, regulatory licensing, hydrology, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and wetland demarcation.
Waste Management 1400 Benson Avenue.
Suite 130 Anchorage, AK 99503 Tel: 425-825-2004 Fax: 866-693-
Established in 8443: 1969 E-
Email: mholzschuh @ wm.
Website: www. wm.
Senior executive: Michael Holzschuh, senior executiveProject Mgr.
Services: hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, project management, complete logistical oversight, complete United StatesS.
And Canada's performance, rail transport, excessivethe-
Road transport, sea and turnkey services.
White environmental consultancy731 I St.
Suite 201 Anchorage, AK 99501 Tel: 258-8661 Fax: 258-
Established in 8662: 1996 E-
Email: matt @ wecgnv
Website: www. Our lab.
Company executive: Matt White, Pres.
Service: asbestos and lead consultation, laboratory work.
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