15 clever ways to use coffee filters for more than just java - highly absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-26
15 clever ways to use coffee filters for more than just java  -  highly absorbent material
Even if you 've put your filter aside and walked the pod coffee machine path, there are still dozens of ways to use your remaining coffee filter.
Coffee filters are very cheap, have strong absorption, have folds in shape and are useful in the kitchen, in the garden and around the house. 1.
A simple segmented bowl or three coffee filters can easily turn a larger bowl into a snack tray or segmented dish. 2.
Tea bag/filter this is closer to their original intention than anything else, but the coffee filter is an excellent tea filter.
Place a simple one on the top of the cup and fix it with a rubber band.
Put loose tea in the filter and pour hot water into the cup. Voilà!
A perfect cup of tea.
If you feel cunning, you can also make DIY tea bags with ropes. 3.
If you have a small disposable snack bowl at home, then food and snacks look like endless repetition.
About a penny a piece, using coffee filters from time to time as a neat snack bowl is more frugal and better for the environment than a disposable plate.
They are also great for picnics and other activities. the-go meals. 4.
Greasy food instead of paper towels, use a highly absorbent coffee filter to arrange the plates where you place cooked bacon, fried chicken, or any other food rich in feces.
For a cleaner, healthier dish, it absorbs excess grease and fat. 5.
The splash shield in the microwave shape makes them stay stationary when placed upside down, so keep some coffee filters in the microwave oven in order to be used as a splash shield when microwave heats food.
You will save paper towels in the process. 6.
Whether your cupcake pad is running out or yours is like high-
The collar look of the Fold filter, the result will be the same: Eyes-catching. 7.
No matter how hard you try, the drip trap sometimes leaks double the oillidded bottles.
Use one or two coffee filters as aprons for oil bottles to avoid the dreaded greasy bottle scene. (
Paper towels can also be used. )8.
The coffee filter is cotton.
Free of charge, so they are perfect for cleaning your laptop or tablet screen, smartphone, TV, mirror and anything else at home. 9.
The pot line arranges the bottom of the pot with a coffee filter to keep the dirt in and let the water out. 10.
The Popsicle sticks your child's popsicle together through the center of the coffee filter, saying no to the sticky fingers.
It will catch all the inevitable drops of water. (
Cupcake pads and paper cups are also OK. )11.
Delicate porcelain places delicate plates and bowls between each bowl and comes with a coffee filter.
They won't add any bulk goods, but are strong enough to protect your fine china from scratches.
Keep in mind that you can use four or five coffee filters to form a very thick layer if you need additional protection. 12.
The original coffee filter was made from a suction tray and the modern coffee filter is still suitable for this task.
Cut some and hide it in your wallet and use it as a facial toner when your light turns fullGlossy face.
For more fun beauty DIY projects, learn how to make your own makeup remover wipes at home. 13.
DIY dryer sheets/fabric cushions put some coffee filters in a Mason jar filled with a cup of vinegar and about 10 drops of essential oil.
When you wash your clothes, unscrew one and add it to each dryer load for fresh static-free clothing.
It turns out that you can also use the coffee filter (
Vinegar, water, conditioner)
You can also make your own fabric softener.
Happiness is the most important thing. 14.
Because coffee filters should let coffee pass through them, they are porous and excellent filters for other liquids.
Use them to filter out the precipitation in wine or fat from the soup.
Check out Yumiverse for more illustrated guides to realign the use of coffee filters. 15.
Children's handmade coffee filters are cheap and translucent and already have a nice shape, so they are perfect for children to make by hand.
Read on and learn how to tie
Dyed coffee filters flowers, beautiful snowflakes, coffee filters butterflies and flowers.
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