11 unusual uses for diapers - absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-21
11 unusual uses for diapers  -  absorbent polymer
Do you need flowers?
Do they need to continue watering?
Are you worried about overflow during shipping?
Almost every day.
* Sprinkle some sodium propylene in the water that holds flowers and make a gel.
Your flowers will still receive all the sweet juicy moisture.
Just no confusion.
Or you can get a bouquet in a diaper, but this way can spoil any point you're trying to make by giving these flowers to a special person.
* Or just an occasional day after a dance, wedding, funeral, and forgotten anniversary.
Some houses were covered with flames during the wildfire
Flame retardant gel made from the same material as disposable diapers.
The flame retardant gel is made of sodium polypropylene, which absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water.
The gel consists of a pile of small bubbles filled with water and wrapped in the polymer shell.
Compared to ordinary bubbles made up of bubbles, the shell forms a thermal barrier that requires more thermal energy to break.
You can make your own gel by removing sodium propylene from disposable diapers.
Dip the diaper in the water and wrap it around the object that needs protection, a small fire-proof item in your home.
In order to find enough diapers to protect your entire house, it is impractical to do a pampering raid.
You 'd better follow the local fire department's advice on cleaning brushes from your neighborhood, but it's good to know that you can keep your Mint
If it's a diaper, the conditional action number is safe. (
Thank you so much Goodhart for providing inspiration for this project in his review article on "how to make a $20 ice bag for $2. )
You're a big kid now.
See what you can do.
You even wear big kids pants.
The problem of youth no longer exists.
You have new, bigkid problems.
Like death, taxes and extreme humidity.
Whether it's an interview, a first date, or reaching out on the bus to get your handle, it's important to keep it fresh.
But it may be difficult.
Once you apply the antisweat/deodorant of your choice in the morning, that's it.
Today, the fate of your underarm has been irrevocably established. Or has it?
If you have diapers, you have the chance to improve any unexpected sweating.
No matter what your sweat glands decide to secrete, the absorption capacity of sodium polypropylene will be blurred.
Some diapers are scented, so they even make your pit smell as fresh as the baby's bottom.
So imagine: you go to the interview by bus on your first date.
Your armpits are like the opening ceremony by Beverly Hills.
You can feel the sweat on your skin and soak it in your shirt.
You carefully remove a scented diaper from your bag, wipe those pits with Dow's chemical magic, and then you go back to the game.
The appointment went well and the interview went well and you don't have to be the stinking guy on the bus.
Thanks to diapers.
* And other places.
All in all, diapers are good at absorbing a lot of nasty things that are disturbing.
Next time you spill a whole bowl of cereal, milk and other stuff onto your lime China try to clean up the mess with a diaper.
You need to expand it in such a way as to present an absorbent, anal --
The side of the overflow facing the diaper.
Just wipe/spoon with a diaper and throw the whole mess into the trash can.
If you are on the go, use the hook and loop label on the side of the diaper to keep it sealed.
Then, you can carry your mess with you before you find the right trash can.
Sodium propylene in diapers is used to absorb liquid.
In the "diaper & Tissue" celebrity death contest, diapers are clearly the most popular.
They will play their pants clean in the game.
Don't change to diapers completely, this can be quite expensiveinefficient.
* Pampers baby. Brawny man.
There is a problem with the soil in your garden: it does not add superabsorbent polymers, and delivers more water to the roots of plants than normal soil.
Remedy the situation with a small amount of sodium propylene.
Has been proved by science (
Is there any other way? )
Increase the biomass and yield of wheat plants *.
Just keep everything not completely dry, otherwise the soil conditioner may end up sucking water out of your plants.
See 20 volumes of Soil Use and Management in phase 2004 for more information. Or this link.
To make your diaper work in the garden, cut the diaper open and take the sodium propylene out.
You can apply it directly to the soil, or if you want to be a little more conservative, you can wrap the polymer in the cheese cloth for an absorption effect, instead of letting sodium propylene accumulate all over your dirt.
Or bury the wet diaper.
* This may also apply to other plants.
I see a primary school science expo project in production. . .
If you have a child wearing a disposable diaper, you may be afraid to accidentally get one of them into the laundry room.
Some interesting results can be achieved by washing diapers.
That is to say, put a layer of white sodium propylene on your fresh food
Clean the scivvies.
You can make effective use of immersion sodium propylene by making your own fake snow.
Just add some water to sodium propylene.
You may not get enough to practice against moguls (
Snow bumps, Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch ))
, But it did an interesting lab experiment when teaching/learning polymer.
Unless you want to explain how you use diapers to make fake snow, don't pour the mud in the sewer, because a confused plumber needs to clear your pipe.
You won't be the weirdest person in the pipeline, but at some point you'll be mentioned as a relative of a plumber while eating.
No plumber-
Client Permissions.
Handle your fake snow with a trash can. (
Although I suspect that with proper chemical knowledge, you can completely destroy the ionic bond and turn sodium propylene into something that will not block the water plant by chemical methods. )
* To eliminate this problem, run the load again with salt instead of detergent.
It breaks the ion balance and helps you clean up without needing to unplug every damp diaper fluff.
When the flood was about to come, people began shoveling sand into the bag and building temporary flood protection banks to keep the rising water level.
Shoveling sand into Sacks is a hard job.
Sand does not swell too much when absorbing water.
But throw some sodium propylene in the bag and you have an apartmentpackable, self-
Inflatable flood prevention bag, only the flood itself can be expanded to full waterblocking size.
Even a bag of diapers requires a considerable amount of diapers (
Anyone who has seen the news footage of someone crazy full of bags knows that it takes a lot of bags to transfer ornery torrent)
As a result, diapers may not be the best option when a powerful Mississippi or naughty Nile begins to spill over the bank.
But if you're scared by the perfect storm and the nearby gutters, they might give you a start.
Or especially striking bathing.
Or a nasty neighbor who has his downpipe in your basement. (
You can see an example of a retail version here.
You can DIY more by buying bulk bags and sodium propylene. )Oh no!
You borrowed pride and prejudice from a friend, lit some candles, took a shower for yourself, and quickly threw the novel into your lavender --
Scented bath waterBook: ruined.
Friendship: tension.
Relax and soak: suddenly there is a lot of pressure.
Unless you have diapers on your hands.
In this case, you can save two of the three.
Just turn on the diaper and insert it between the wet pages and let sodium polypropylene drop off your delicious fall treat slur.
Close the book around the diaper, support the book from the sun, run the fan, and wait.
Some notes: If your book has a smooth page, you need to isolate each individual page to prevent getting stucktogether pages.
The National Archives and Records Administration Preservation Program says you have 48 hours to take action to prevent mold and mildew.
They did not mention the technique either.
This leads me to believe it's small in size, but it will work for smaller spills.
Another great project for structures. . .
Crazy diaper prank from Kipkay is not very useful but more fun. Check it out.
If you watch the video, you will get two pranks for one price.
A prank is to heat a candy stick in a diaper with a microwave and then eat sticky stuff in public.
The other uses sodium propylene crystals (
Or urinating crystals like Kipkay said)
When someone does not look, solidify their water.
It takes about 20 seconds to completely gel.
If you do this in a restaurant, let the waiter know that they should not throw the mess into the sink.
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