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10 things you can buy from cambridge's secret sri lankan supermarket - prickly pear

10 things you can buy from cambridge's secret sri lankan supermarket - prickly pear


10 things you can buy from cambridge\'s secret sri lankan supermarket  -  prickly pear
As we approach the end of the summer, many of you may be affected by the holiday blues.
It's September in a week, before we know Christmas is coming down the chimney.
But a secret Sri Lanken supermarket in the city is the perfect way to taste tropical cuisine.
The humble Londis on the green end Road is a well-known gold mine for Sri Lanka and southern Indian cuisine, and if you close your eyes you can almost imagine you on a beautiful beach.
South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes are dominated by fish, rice and spices.
Inspired by the Indonesian flavor, it comes with hot and sour sauce, pickles, samobols and dried fish.
So in the spirit of trying new things and catching the last point of the summer, we chose some ingredients and products for you to try, which is not too daunting.
This will hardly change your life, but if you are a fan of rice, then why bother buying the tedious little pot in the bagged product when you can have this huge 10 kg bag
It will last you for a while and only cost 7. 99.
It costs £ 14 to buy the same amount of goods at Tesco. 90.
So if you are a faithful rice eater, it makes a lot of sense. Ko-
Lee Bang noodles is essentially a healthier pot noodle designed to provide Indian taste to British taste buds.
According to Ko-
On Lee Bang Notta's Facebook page, this is the only instant noodles on the UK market made of rice bran oil, lowering cholesterol and being rich in vitamin E.
Not only is the taste delicious but also healthy.
There are four flavors for Bang noodles: Cheeky chicken green curry, feel good chicken, Ruby Murray Curry and delicious N spicy (pictured above. )
If you're like us, you don't know where to start making curry fish.
Especially not authentic, so if you really like prawn balti this weekend, take a simple route and visit the Londis on the green end road.
They have a variety of different curry sauces and spices to make your life easier and your curry is more delicious.
Of all kinds of food, the most important thing is, of course, a variety of delicious food.
Whatever you're doing, these are the foods that keep you going.
Whether traveling by coach or sitting on the couch watching TV, Londis has plenty of food to satisfy your hunger.
These include: a mix of Mumbai, jackfruit slices, wood chips, chips and Kerla (
Similar to Mumbai's Mix. )
So, if you are a delicious snack lover and a little tired of kettle fries, why not expand and accept the taste of South India and Sri Lanka.
The cassava chip is mentioned in the above section.
Deep-fried cassava flakes with coconut oil, marinated with salt, often seasoned with red chili powder, are considered one of the best cuisines in Sri Lanka and South India.
We think they are worth mentioning except that they are a very delicious non
Apart from potato chips, we really think you should try it.
This is not difficult to understand, in fact, coconut milk is very popular these days.
However, the Londis on the green end Road, formerly known as the Shans convenience store, has a wide variety of creamy tropical nectar for your purchase.
Whether you like curry or put it in a cake, coconut milk is a great choice if you are a little tired of "regular milk" or if you are lactose intolerant.
This is the product that really caught our attention.
Pineapple jam sounds delicious.
If your most comfortable food is toast jam then this is definitely something you can try.
If the tropical fruit of your choice is not prickly pear, then you can try mango jam.
Many people are already considering how to actually eat dry seafood.
Some people think it can be put into a fish cake, others think it is a snack.
Although they don't look very similar, you should never judge a book based on its cover.
These small fish are as edible as other fish, and the only difference is that they are preserved to ensure that they last longer to prevent microbial growth.
So, whatever you like, put these salted sea creatures in your fish cake, Curry, sandwich.
Just make sure you follow the instructions on the package, we may be a culinary genius, but we can't claim to be an expert in dry fish.
We know that most of the food in the international area is delicious, but these little beauties are both sweet and delicious. Banana fries (
The picture is salty)
It is said to be a good appetite for any Cuban. themed meal.
They are great to soak or just eat by themselves.
They are common in the supermarket world and can be bought from most stores, so keep your eyes open as they are really delicious snacks.
Not everything is edible!
IHG also offers other household items such as Amla hair oil.
This should make your hair thicker and more glossy as shown in the picture.
According to reports, Amla oil combined with Amla (
Indian currant)
Promote healthy long hair with a mixture of vegetable oil and mineral oil.
Regular applications clearly help to reduce bifurcation and slight hair loss.
So if you want to go on a tropical vacation and can't afford to go to Sri Lanka, don't be afraid because the Londis on the green end Road is here to provide you with a bunch of ingredients and products, make the daily diet more exciting.                                                                            

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