absorbent meat pads suppliers, absorbent pads for food packaging manufacturers, absorbent fruit pads wholesale
absorbent meat pads suppliers, absorbent pads for food packaging manufacturers, absorbent fruit pads wholesale

Top Quality & Eco-friendly Abrosbent Food Pad

Demi's absorbent food pad is achieved through its specially developed microporous surface allowing air to circulate whilst absorbing excess juices, moisture and oil into its cellulosic absorbent core. Soft and spongy protection reducing sweating and bruising to the food whilst maintaining great product presentation.


1. FDA & Food contact test certified.
2. Competitive price. We are the manufacturer of it’s raw material including super absorbent polymer (water absorbent material ) and plastic film which assure our advantage of cost competition.
3. Alternative selections. we have difference type of equipments for different absorbent pads, we makes alternative products in sizes, form of appearance and performance to meet difference needs.
4. We have rich experience in difference application of absorbent pad in cold chain logistics and fresh food preservation that provide professional and flexible services.


If you're interested in these absorbent food pad, please inquiry now, we will email you our product E-catalog and provide you with custom service, and get you discount factory directly price.            

Contact us to ask free samples and get E-catalog as soon as you can.

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